Dr. Venom's Aides, sometimes known as "Venom's Aides", are a group of villains from the MSX game Nemesis 2 and it's remake Nemesis '90 Kai. They are associates of Dr. Venom, and much like him are survivors from the Wreek race, following him on his plans to attack Gradius. When Venom starts his coup, he gives each of them a Warship, but they are all defeated by James Burton, dying along with their ships.


  • Colonel Overkill: Boss of stage 1. Pilots the Riot Warship.
  • Colonel Anthrax: Boss of stage 2. Pilots the Lizard Core.
  • General Judas Priest: Boss of stage 3. Pilots the Misfit Warship.
  • Colonel Motor Head: Boss of stage 4. Pilots the Mayhem Warship.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Testament: Boss of stage 5. Pilots the LASER Core.
  • Colonel Total Death: Boss of stage 6. Pilots the Abandon Warship.


  • Aside from Total Death, all of the aides are named after heavy metal bands.
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