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Dr. Victor Mott is the secondary antagonist in the 1992 thriller film The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. He is a perverted gynecologist/obstetrician who is married to the main antagonist, Peyton Flanders.

He was portrayed by John de Lancie, who also played Q in the Star Trek franchise, and Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Though only appearing for a short time, Dr. Mott has an important role. When Claire Bartel, a pregnant woman with asthma arrives for a checkup with the doctor, he has her lie down and tells her that they'll begin with the breast exam to check for any problems. He manages to get the nurse to leave the room in order to be alone with Claire. However, the "exam" is really just a way for Mott to feel up Claire. He moves down to her legs and begins sexually molesting her. Once the appointment is over, Claire gets home and tells her husband, Michael what happened. Michael suggests they file a complaint in order to prevent the same thing from happening to other women.

The complaint goes on the news, and the newscaster reveals that several other women have claimed to have also been molested by the doctor. Dr. Mott was watching the news on his television; instead of facing the consequences of his actions and being arrested by the police, he picks up a gun from his desk and shoots himself. 

His death would be one of the primary things that drives Mrs. Mott to exact revenge on Claire and her family.

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