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Dr. Who, also known as Dr. Hu, is the main antagonist in the 1966 American/Japanese animated TV series The King Kong Show, and its 1967 Japanese film adaptation King Kong Escapes. He is a mad scientist who desires to capture King Kong for his own evil schemes.

He was voiced by the late John Drainie in the cartoon. In the film, he was portrayed by the late Hideyo Amamato, who was later dubbed in the English version by the late Paul Frees.


The King Kong Show

Dr. Who is the most recurring antagonist of the show. He is a dwarf, bald, big-brained, and bespectacled mad scientist who wants to capture King Kong to serve his manipulative, blasphemous, and diabolical plans. He often uses giant robots or monsters to fight King Kong, notably Mechani-Kong. Doctor Who tries to destroy Susan Bond by freezing her heart and by sending snakes to stop her. Doctor Who takes Susan's watch and makes a clock snake to defeat and stop Susan. Doctor Who finds Susan and threatens to whip her. Susan starts to try to run away but the evil doctor finds her and starts to whip her.

King Kong Escapes

In King Kong Escapes, Dr. Who is very different from his cartoon counterpart, as he's not dwarf nor bald nor bespectacled. He also seems to be even more sadistic and cruel, as seen when he kills an old man for no apparent reasons.

As in the cartoon, he is the creator of Mechani-Kong, although he has just created him to dig for Element X from the Arctic underground. He was offered the position by Madame Piranha of an anonymous Asian country seeking Element X to build nuclear weapons, although Who plans to use the Element X himself so he could take over the world. After his robot has been damaged by Element X's radiation, he captures the real King Kong and then kidnaps Susan Watson, the only person who can control the giant ape. However, the radiation undoes King Kong's brainwashing. Who forces Carl Nelson and his crew to help him communicate with Kong, torturing them in a freezing chamber when they refuse. However, this angers Kong enough to break through the base and escape, swimming to Tokyo, with both Mechani-Kong and Dr. Hu in hot pursuit.

Controlling the robot from his ship, Dr. Who has Mechani-Kong kidnap Susan and threatens to drop her to her death from the Tokyo Tower if Kong did not return to his ship. Kong refuses and scales up the tower to battle his mechanical counterpart. Mechani-Kong drops Susan, but Kong catches her and places her safety on a platform before battling Mechani-Kong. On Who's ship, Piranha turns against the doctor, resulting in him shooting her for her treachery. But Piranha pulls out wires before she dies, causing Mechani-Kong to short-circuit and fall from the tower to its destruction. After defeating the robot, Kong attacks Dr. Who's ship and destroys it when Who tries to escape. Inside, Dr. Who is crushed by falling debris and is soon killed as the ship finally floods and sinks.

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