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Dr. Albert Wily is the main antagonist of the 1994 cartoon series Mega Man, which was produced by Ruby-Spears.

He was voiced by Scott McNeil.

Role in the series

Wily was originally Dr. Light's assistant. When they created a faulty robot prototype, Light told Wily to get rid of the plans for the industrial robots. Wily stole the plans, however, and he used them to create Proto Man.

A few months later, Wily and Proto Man laid siege on Light's laboratory, and they stole his robots. He succeeded in reprogramming Cut Man, Guts Man, and Ice Man, but Rock and Roll managed to escape. Rock was eventually modified and he became Mega Man.


Wily is a man obsessed with world domination and with proving himself as being better than Light. Many of his plans in the television series had the potential of being devastating or world-threatening. For example, he was willing to send the Moon out of its orbit just so that he could be the supreme ruler over the few survivors. He was also willing to destroy whole cities with earthquakes if they didn't obey him. Even so, he is still portrayed in a comedic light, being shown as an incompetent over-the-top mad scientist.


  • He has a German accent.

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