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Dr. Wongburger

Dr. Wongburger

You're a madman, Wongburger!
~ Frylock to Dr. Wongburger.

Dr. Wongburger (also known as Mr. Wongburger in his first appearance) is a recurring antagonist, serving as the primary antagonist in all his appearances on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is consistently portrayed with spectacles, which (apart from the shape of his mouth) is the only constant visual motif of the character.

He was voiced by Tommy Blacha.



Mr. Wongburger uses the restaurant Wong Burger with it's Rip-N-Win contest with a 33% chance of men getting their dicks ripped off so he can assemble the Dick Ship 2000 and return to Dick Planet. He has Rice Mascots of the restaurant brand with sharp hooks and long necklaces made out of dicks hunt down men who have won the "tonight, you will get your dick ripped off" prize after the men do a binding contract that enables the procedure. He was confronted by Frylock claiming that he has an advanced dick-ree in Dicknology. Frylock told Mr. Wongburger to call someone to pick him up instead of making a ship out of dicks. However, he left a press conference and flew on his Dick Ship and crashed into the headquarters of Wong Burger, which is made of dicks.

The Creature from the Plaque Lagoon

After being a dick with balls of rage, Dr. Wongburger had years of painful surgery and became a giant tooth named Chatterman. He took the identity of The Creature from Plaque Lagoon and stole teeth from several people so he can construct a Tooth Ship and return to his enamel condo on Tooth Planet. The toothless Aqua Teens encountered Wongburger and the latter explained how he became a tooth and gave the Aqua Teens their teeth.

Hands on a Hamburger

Dr. Wongburger had another identity crisis. He believed that he is a giant cheeseburger and became one. At the abandoned Wong Burger, it became Star Burger and had a contest on people holding their hands on him the longest and win a trip to Hamburger Planet. Master Shake won and got strapped into Wongburger with onion rings.


  • Due to his numerous appearances in the series and various physical forms, Wongburger bears a striking similarity to recurring character MC Pee Pants.
  • He is smart enough to commit identity theft.
  • He is voiced by Tommy Blacha who voiced William Murderface and Dr. Rockso of another adult swim series Metalocalypse.

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