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If I can't be happy, nobody can!
~ Dr. Zalost

Dr. Zalost is the main antagonist of the episode "The Tower of Dr. Zalost", the Season 2 finale of the Cartoon Network show Courage the Cowardly Dog.

He was voiced by Paul Schoeffler.


Dr. Zalost is a depressed scientist whose goal in life was to make everyone as miserable as he was. In order for this to happen, he created bombs that, when a person is hit, they would instantly become unhappy. However, his proposal for his plan was laughed at.

When he started firing his bombs at the citizens of the American town of No-Where, he was given money in order for him to stop his attack upon No-Where. Still not satisfied, he continued his attack on the citizens. This even effected Muriel Bagge. Zalost had an assistant, an anthropomorphic rat named Rat. Their relationship was rather complicated, and it's shown that Zalost was more abusive in their relationship. For example, he was angry with him for not giving him a proper hug.

When Courage discovered that the antidote to the bombs was Muriel's Happy Plums, he snuck into Zalost's tower, with the help from Eustace who disguised himself as a pizza deliveryman. Zalost then entered a hangman game with Courage, while he was tied up with one of the bombs facing him. Courage won, and Zalost was enraged. He soon sent his henchman Rat after him. Courage gives him some of Muriel's plums, and he is converted into a weeping infant. He then added the Happy Plums into the bomb mix, and it created new bombs that cured everyone, including Muriel. The result of the bombs being created destroyed Zalost's Tower, however.

He later arrived at the Bagge house, and saw some of the Happy Plums on the table. He ate some, and was converted into a more happier scientist, and he then immediately reconciled with his henchman Rat.





  • The name "Zalost" is a Serbian word meaning "sorrow". The series' creator, John R. Dilworth, developed Zalost's character while being in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • For some reason, Dr. Zalost has green skin, purple hair, a swollen cranium, and both arms on the same side of his body.
  • Dr. Zalost is one of the few villains in Courage the Cowardly Dog to reform.
  • It is unknown why Dr. Zalost would put mechanical legs on his tower when the wheels at the bottom cause it to move. It's possible he needs the legs to steer the tower.


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