There can be only one intelligent species on this world, and that species is Taz! These creatures must be destroyed!
~ Zarius telling his beliefs to Weema.

Dr. Zarius is the main antagonist of the 2001 trilogy of Looney Tunes webtoons known as Planet of the Taz. He is the tyrannical ruler of a Tasmanian devil-filled Earth.

He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche. who is also known for voicing Lrrr and Morbo.


Dr. Zarius is the leader of an alternate Earth ruled by Tasmanian devils. Once his army found Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, he and his colleague Weema, studied their behavior. Once he saw them speak, he argued to Weema about his beliefs shortly before the two left.

As Daffy and Porky attempted to leave while in a cave, Zarius arrived and boasted how dominant the Tasmanian devils are, causing Daffy to yell and the cave to crumble. Later, Weema reformed because of his deeds, to his dismay.

Once Weema repaired Daffy's ship, Dr. Zarius brought his army as an attempt to destroy the ship, which didn't work since it went off before he could say "fire", which made him turn to ash.


Dr. Zarius is a highly arrogant scientist and believes that the Tasmanian devils are the superior life form.


Dr. Zarius has orange hair, medical equipment and is able to carry a red book with him.


  • "Impossible, Weema. Disgusting beasts."
  • "They're trying to bite us."
  • "The beast spoke!"
  • "There can be only one intelligent species on this world, and that species is Taz! These creatures must be destroyed!"
  • "Hello, Bright One. Idiot Eyes."
  • "Over time, Tasmanian devils have evolved into this planet's dominant life form. And now, we have found this ancient weapon, so powerful, so sophisticated, it'll clean out your bagpipes!"
  • "Idiot eyes!"
  • "Destroy them!"
  • "Ready, aim... fire."


  • Dr. Zarius is a homage to Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.
  • Zarius' voice is based on that of famous actor Sean Connery.


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