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Dr. Zemu is from the combat video game Twisted Metal: Head-On.


Dr. Zemu was responsible for creating cybernetic limbs for a man named Axel. Axel eventually managed to break free from his contraption but lost his hands in the process.

Dr. Zemu learned about Axel's freedom before creating robotic hands and feet. Dr. Zemu found Axel and forced the new robotic modification onto him.

Years later, Dr. Zemu appeared in the Twisted Metal contest when Axel was the victor. Dr. Zemu pressured Axel to give him the wish for winning Twisted Metal.

He began by using a remote to control Axel's robotic modifications. He used the remote to electrocute Axel as well. Unfortunately for Axel, he was electrocuted while trying to wish for peace. As a result, Axel accidentally wished for pizza. Calypso misinterpreted the wish and granted a large pizza instead of Axel's actual wish. Dr. Zemu laughed evilly before asking for a slice of the pizza.


  • Dr. Zemu is one of three doctors in the Twisted Metal series. The other doctors are Dr. Rhoemer and Dr. Hatch.


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