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Zin in Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest.

Tom and Jerry have a relaxing day at the beach until Jonny Quest, Hadji and Bandit arrive. They have to help stop an evil cat army from stealing Dr. Benton Quest's newest invention for him.

Dr. Zin, after Tin, Pan & Alley failed to capture Johnny Quest, furiously berates him and tells him that the new plan is now for them to steal the Q Sphere for good.

Dr. Zin, after him, insists that some of his agents kidnap Johnny and Harlie in order to force Dr. Quest into his evil plan.

He treats Tin, Pan and Alley very badly throughout the movie. Zin's plan is to use the Q Sphere to destroy the United States of America and get the President to give him a mushroom pizza. He even makes fun of Quest for his college years.

In this film, Dr. Zin believes Tom is Dr. Quest's secret weapon, but only because when Tom is terrified of Bandit (without realizing it) he makes lightning-fast loops.

Dr. Zin eventually escapes but in a horrible way.

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