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Dr. Zomboss rules them all.
~ The description of Dr. Zomboss in the Almanac entry.
Edgar George Zomboss achieved his Doctorate in Thanatology in only two years. Quickly mastering thanatological technology, he built his fearsome Zombot and set about establishing absolute dominance over his local subdivision.
~ Dr. Zomboss' Almanac entry.
Fools! Lackwits! Did you think that that you... you, with your small but admittedly tasty-looking brains, could stop me, the master of all zombies? Then by all means, give it a try.
~ Dr. Zomboss

Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, better known as simply Dr. Zomboss or just Zomboss, is the main antagonist of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He's the genius ruler of the undead and the arch-nemesis of Crazy Dave and the plants.

He was voiced by various actors, including Russell Brand, who also voiced Creek from Trolls and Dr. Nefario from the Despicable Me franchise.


Throughout the series, Dr. Zomboss has multiple appearances. In first game, he is as tall as a basic zombie with a big brain on his head, wears a white lab coat with black pants. Meanwhile, in Plants vs Zombies 2, he is a zombie who appears to be very short, similar siz to the imp. He has a big brain on his head. He wears different white uniform but with buttons as details on it and has black pants (while white pants in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2) that can tell he is a scientist. Unlike other zombies, he wears two shoes.

In the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series, he wears black gloves and what appears to be a voice translator machine on his chest.


Unlike most zombies, who are unintelligent and mindless, Dr. Zomboss is an intelligent and evil being who can construct several powerful machines and deploy a mass array of zombies to thwart Crazy Dave, the players, and their botanical arsenal. He has an obsession with tormenting the players, as he could perform his mechs to harm the players' plants. He also likes to crush his minions and showed no concern about it, not only based on the game mechanics, but it could also demonstrate that he would harm anything in his way.

Zomboss is also very manipulative, as he tried to pursue the players multiple times to let them refusing to fight him and his army. All of his lies would come too far when he told them that Plant Foods are from zombies. However, even if he is a good liar, the players would still fight them, as Penny later debunked those false theories afterward. Although he may be a liar, at the end of Plants vs. Zombies 2, Zomboss tried to convince Dave that he should stop seeking to re-eat the taco, as it would damage time itself.

In the first two shooter games, most of Dr. Zomboss's constructions of various machines and locations were his proper mindset. He always pushes his zombies to fight the plants at all costs. He dislikes them failing him, but he was not very angry at them, as stated in one of his lines: I'm not mad, just disappointed. On the contrary, he likes to compliment his zombies when they are victorious over the plants.

In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, Zomboss is determined to unite the Zombies Heroes to submit his world domination goals. To show his relationships with the Zombie Heroes, in general, he congratulates them if they fulfilled his plans. In individuals, Zomboss is annoyed by Super Brainz and Impfinity's mischief, as with Professor Brainstorm, he is envied by the professor's intellects.

In Battle for Neighborville, Zomboss's traits were toned to a generic villain, where he likes to abuse his minions in brutal ways, similar to the comic book version. The closest thing Zomboss would show his kindness to his minions is either giving them a minute break or the zombies not being yelled at for a while. He also shows respect to the players, but he doesn't if the players fail him. Most of his sentences in the game only credit Zomboss himself due to his pure egotism.


Plants vs. Zombies series

Plants vs. Zombies

Dr. Zomboss appears on the last level of the roof stage, level 5-10, serving as the game's main final boss along with his Zombot.

Before the fight, the player receives a letter from Zomboss, ordering the player to surrender their brain or they will be taken by force. Crazy Dave begins talking about Zomboss' weakness, continuously tripping up in his own speech. When he ultimately remembers Zomboss' weakness, he is abducted by a Bungee Zombie before he is able to tell the player. After that, the colossal zombie-esque robot climbs up to the roof and the battle begins.

The player must keep planting catapults, Jalapeños, and Ice Shrooms to defeat the swarms of zombies, van throws, giant snowballs, and magma balls, that the machine drops out.

Once finally won against and the mech starts to deteriorate and dismember, a half-injured Zomboss appears on the damaged head that falls to the roof, to signify the player's victory with a white flag.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

After his surrender in Plants vs. Zombies, Dr. Zomboss returns, probably reanimated from the dead. He appears as the final boss at the end of each world and briefly appears at the midway point of every world to introduce that world's Gargantuar, the secondary boss. He has a different Zombot for every world.

The first four are similar, being able to leap around the board, trample plants, and fire missiles at key points in the player's defenses, also spawning zombies onto the board. The other Zombots have different effects, such as the Sharkatronic Sub using its vacuum mouth to remove plants on the water. Before he strikes he comes up with a way to try to turn the player against Dave and side with the zombies.

In Ancient Egypt, he tries to convince the player that Dave is a cannibal, later in Pirate Seas, he sends Penny into an existential crisis by telling her that she is made of parts of old zombots, then in Wild West, He tells the player that zombies are normal people and Dave is a delusional murderer, sometime later in Far Future, he brainwashes Dave, and so on.

However, after he is defeated, Dave and Penny counter his verbal attacks, and he warps out to an unknown location, leaving behind a world trophy. It was at first believed that he warped to the Far Future, but after he was defeated there, he still warped out in worlds after. After his defeat in Jurassic Marsh, he snaps and begins his final attack: Project Paradox. He travels to Modern Day, moments before the time travel journey began, to stop Crazy Dave from eating the taco and having a desire to travel back in time, thus meddling with Zomboss' villainous plans. He warps time and summons zombies from all history (and future) to converge on the player. He then used all of his Zombots from all timelines to fight against the Players. However, he was defeated once again and bargained Crazy Dave a taco with waffles in it.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare trilogy

Dr. Zomboss appeared in the Garden Warfare series as the messenger on the zombies' side during missions and multiplayer matches.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Dr. Zomboss uses his Hero-Tron 3000 to turn zombies into heroes, but the malfunction of the machine can also turn plants into heroes, and he has to unite all the Zombies Heroes to stop them.

A few days before the event, Dr. Zomboss launched the imp and a few zombies on the Meteor Z, which transformed the Imp into Huge-Giganticus and those zombies into Galactic Zombies, which forces Beta-Carrotina and her team to stop them.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 (old version)

Dr. Edgar J. Zomboss

He's baa-aack. Dr. Edgar G. Zomboss has more brains than any other zombie, but he still wants more. Yours, if he's being precise. And Dr. Zomboss is always very, very precise.
~ Dr. Zomboss's description.

Dr. Zomboss returned in Plants vs. Zombies 3 as the founder of the Brainiacs. He was behind the creation of the Devour Tower and sent his first Brainiacs to prevent the plants from going deeper into the tower.

In level 33, Dr. Zomboss attempted to use Solar Sunglasses to drain Sunflower's energy. However, the Magic Beans foiled his plans. But Zomboss claimed that it was only the first of his operation, and later retreated to progress his second phase.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

Dr. Zomboss served as the main antagonist of the 2015 comic series of Dark Horse comics. His ultimate plan was attempting to rule Neighborville, but always gets foiled by Crazy Dave, The Plants along with the two new comic characters Nate Timeley and Patrice Blazing.


Plants vs. Zombies

You have failed to submit to our rightful claim. Be advised that unless your comply, we will be forced to take extreme action.
Please remit your home and brains to us forthwith.
~ Dr. Zomboss before his final battle in the first game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Soon, Foolish Dave. Soon...
~ Dr. Zomboss
Greetings, Temporal Commuters, Special couriers have been dispatched to retrieve your brains. Please have your release forms signed before their arrival. Regards.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Ancient Egypt Day 8.
This is no pleasure trip! Your excursion will be watery... and grave!
~ Dr. Zomboss at the end of Day 8.
Have you ever wondered why your neighbor David hungers so? What secret ingredient in the taco would drive his desire? Could it be that he needs your brains as much as we do?
~ Dr. Zomboss in Ancient Egypt Day 25.
Well, that just leaves more brains for us... later.
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Ancient Egypt Day 25.
Have you enjoyed my new and improved zombies? Or should I say ancient and improved? Bah! They are nothing to my Zombot Sphinxinator 2.0!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Ancient Egypt Day 35.
I'll defeat you then, pyramid-iots!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Ancient Egypt Day 35.
Hail fellow Captain, be advised that your sailing vessel is off insufficient size.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Pirate Seas Day 8.
I've discovered a mysterious trait in your rattletrap time machine. Its temporal signature is nearly identical to my own creations. Explain to me, how was this "Penny" created in the first place?
~ Dr. Zomboss in Pirate Seas Day 25.
I'll have the answers someday, when David's brains are on my plate.
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Pirate Seas Day 25.
The timbers be shivered! The seas are ablaze! Your doom is assured! Your mind is a haze! The Zombot Plank Walker 2.0 shall soon rule the waves!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Pirate Seas Day 35.
These upgraded plants are egregious and unfair!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Pirate Seas Day 35.
Greetings Plant Rustler, Agents are arriving to mark your brains as my property. Salutations.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Wild West Day 8.
Have you considered that you are sharing in Crazy Dave's madness? There is no zombie outbreak threatening you. You are not using plants to defend your home. The zombies and I are normal people, trying to help you.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Wild West Day 25.
I admit you are correct in this regard. We have no existential conflict over the nature of spoons.
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Wild West Day 25.
Even as the West was wild, so is my fury even wilder! Face me! Face me and the rebuilt and improved Zombot War Wagon!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Wild West Day 35.
All my efforts... useless! I begin to seriously question my capacity to succeed!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Wild West Day 35.
Welcome back Gardener, In this year your brains were collected ages ago. Collect them again soon.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Far Future Day 8.
Isn't it so convenient that your neighbor is so helpful in your fight against us zombies? Crazy Dave's apparent incompetence is only eclipsed by his usefulness. However, with one secret word my sleeper agent will turn against you. Listen to me David, "Hypno-Zombnosis".
~ Dr. Zomboss in Far Future Day 25.
Hypno-Zombnosis... Hypno-ZOMBNOSIS! Drats, was it Zombno-Hypsosis?
~ Dr. Zomboss after his deafeat in Far Future Day 25.
The future is as we have made it! The rise of the fallen, the life of death! These, plus other enigmatic remarks! The Zombot Tomorrow-tron 2.0 shall avenge all!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Far Future Day 35.
Curse your missile-dodging ways!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Far Future Day 35.
Well met, Not-Very-Noble-Lord! It is my fervent medical opinion that your humours are out of balance! Me thinks the siphoning of thine brains is the only way to correct this ailment! Fare thee ill.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Dark Ages Night 10.
A question for you, my Ignoble Foes! Has thou noted how violent thine plants become upon consuming Plant Food? Perchance, hast thou wondered what Plant Food is truly made of? Verily, I shall tell thee. It's zombies! Plant Food is made of zombies!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Dark Ages Night 20.
Why does thine time-traveling jalopy lie to thee? Now, I pray, imagine maniacal laughter as I depart.
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Dark Ages Night 20.
Dudes, like, you're totally in for it now! The Deep Sea Gargantuars have their slimy sights on you. You can run! You can swim! But you can't escape their scaly grip!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Big Wave Beach Day 16.
Yo beach bums! Don't flip your lid. But have you noticed that Chomper and Bikini Zombie have been ultra cozy lately? Could a beachside plant-zombie romance be in bloom? Speaking of which, how sure are you of Chomper's loyalties? I can't help but notice... that plant has the appetite of a zombie. Chew on that land lovers! Later dudes!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Big Wave Beach Day 32.
Totally bogus! Little do you know what I have in store for you! The seeds of destruction have been planted! Brace yourselves for a wipe out! But for now, I gotta split. Catch you dweebs later!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Big Wave Beach Day 32.
Me Zomboss. Me write you another threatening note. You in trouble. Biiiiig Trouble. Gargantuan trouble, in fact! Sloth Gargantuar smash! Smash your tiny, shivering plants! Sloth Gargantuar deliver prehistoric plague of Imps! Have bad day. Sincerely.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Frostbite Caves Day 16.
Gurrreetings! Dr. Zomboss have prehistoric question for pitiful plant friends. Why you hunt for taco? Is taco all it cracked up to be? Could it be... trap? Could it be... trick? Chew on that! Mwwwahahaha unga unga!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Frostbite Caves Day 30.
Ha! Dr. Zomboss not defeated! Dr. Zomboss crawl back from brink of destruction! Dr. Zomboss return when you no expect him. Bring BIG SURPRISE! Dr. Zomboss stop speaking about self in third-person now! Guuudbye!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Frostbite Caves Day 30.
Come here seeking adventure, have you? Unfortunately for you, the Porter Gargantuars are about to ruin your day! They carry imps. Imps! Prepare to become ancient history!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Lost City Day 16.
Do not think to usurp our discovery of fabled Lost City! I and my zombies have already submitted our find to the Eminent Journal of the Missing and the Mislaid! We will publish and you will PERISH!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Lost City Day 32.
My discovery remains intact. The taco is still unfound. And your brains will be certainly one day be mine!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Lost City Day 32.
Do you feel that you have grooved? Did you bang your head? Have you "dug it"? Now the party is over! Melt before the musical might of my majestic Hair Metal Gargantuar!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Neon Mixtape Tour Day 16.
Hmmmm... you're in danger above. You're a fool; and so knew I. Hear me now: Ever shall you give up; ever shall you be down; always you'll run aground, I'll revert you. I intend to make you cry: I mean for you to say goodbye: I'm not really that nice a guy - I'll alert you!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Neon Mixtape Tour Day 32.
Indeed, next verse, same but worse! I go now to where you can not imagine!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Neon Mixtape Tour Day 32.
Surrender your brains forthwith, insane time stumblers! Else you shall share the fate of these terrible thunder lizards: EXTINCTION!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Jurassic Marsh Day 16.
My infuriation is epocha! Is there nowhere I may go to avoid your imbecilic interference? Stay right where your are. I have an enormous rock scheduled to make your acquaintance.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Jurassic Marsh Day 32.
Bah! You leave me no choice but to enact... Project Paradox! I will perceive you soon, fools!
~ Dr. Zomboss prepares for Project Paradox after his defeat in Jurassic Marsh Day 32.
Bah! Your infernal interference enrages me! Bah! The Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur, 2nd Edition, shall end your travels permanently! Bah!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Jurassic Marsh Day 42.
Arrg! How could a robot dinosaur fail? MY PLAN WAS FOOL PROOF!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Jurassic Marsh Day 42.
Aha! Project Paradox begins... NOW!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 1.
Fools! You have fallen into my excruciatingly obvious trap! My vast and varied array of Gargantuars will pummel you into total oblivion!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 16.
Fools! It is presently a moment of your apocalypse! Your reckless pursuit of an already-eaten taco has shattered all of time! It falls to me to restore future, now, and past!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 32.
Fools! Do you not value the validity of time? Care you not if one moment follows another? Moron! Ignoramus! Pot-wearer!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Modern Day Day 32.
I beseech you, time-zippers, you must listen to reason! Coherence crumbles! Our eras become nonsensical! Stuff is all jiggy and super whacked-out, like!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 33.
I am telling the truth, Insane Dave Person! My words are utterly not an attempt to trick you! You cannot re-eat a taco! It is impossible!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Modern Day Day 33.
If you will not listen, then you will be destroyed!
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 34.
David, I implore you! You must give up your hopeless dream of a long-ago taco! It is gone, gone forever! But please, in its place, take this![...] Ha ha ha! Perhaps you HAVE misjudged me. Or... perhaps not! I surely have no devious plans for the future! Or... do I? Bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaah! We shall meet again!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Modern Day Day 34.
Did you enjoy your augmented taco, David? Its crispy shell? Its syrupy center? Its SECRET INGREDIENT? Surely then you shall appreciate my augmented zombies in equal measure! Ha! Ha-ha! HAHAHAHA HAAAAAH! Heh.
~ Dr. Zomboss in Modern Day Day 44.
Curses! It appears that further zombie game-upping shall be required!
~ Dr. Zomboss after his defeat in Modern day Day 44.
Silence, you nutritional ninny! Remove your shaggy paws from my hyper-radio this insta-...
~ Dr. Zomboss after he abducted Crazy Dave, before the events of Penny's pursuit.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

The battle between Plants and Zombies will never be the same. My greatest invention yet! It is almost ready!
~ Dr. Zomboss before the start of the game.
I shall unite all the Zombie Heroes, and unveil my brilliant plan! Insert maniacal laugh here!
~ Zomboss after the tutorial is complete.
Mwahahahaha! Welcome to Z-Tech Headquarters! I am counting on you to help us fight the evil Plant Heroes and rule the world! Right Super Brainz? Gah, this is important!
~ Zomboss after the players joined the Zombies Missions.
One small step for Zombies... One giant leap for MEEEE!
~ Zomboss before launching an Imp and few other zombies into the Meteor Z, who later became Huge-Gigantacus and Galactic Zombies respectively.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

Sunflower: No, it can't be! That bulging skull. Those weird veins. You're supposed to be defeated.
Dr. Zomboss: IT IS I! DR. EDGAR J. ZOMBOSS! And it's my diabolical DEVOUR TOWER that's crushing your precious Neighborville!
Peashooter: Dr. Zomboss is alive!!! Well, sort of.
Wall-nut: This is terrible! Neighborville is finished. Let's regroup in Friendsburg.
Dr. Zomboss: I just came from Friendsburg. 26 breeds of dogs tried to stop me, each with its own special power. It was Dogs vs. Zombies! And you know who won? It wasn't the dogs!
Dog Walker: ARF!
~ Dr. Zomboss being encountered by the plants after floor 9 of the Devour Tower.
Sunflower: The energy from the Dawn Sun is flooding into me. I've never felt anything like it! So much power!
Peashooter: But wait, what's that purple fog everywhere?
Wall-nut: I can't move!
Dr. Zomboss: IT IS I, DR. EDGAR J. ZOMBOSS! Thank you so much for opening the Vault with your disgusting plant Keys. Since they could only be turned by plants, I had to trick you into doing it for me.
Sunflower: No! Purple Brain Fog... infecting the Dawn Sun! Turning it dark and evil!
Dr. Zomboss: AT LAST! I present to you, your undoing: THE MIDNIGHT SUN!
~ Dr. Zomboss tricking the plants and unleashes the Midnight Sun.
Dr. Zomboss: THE MIDNIGHT SUN will devolve all the plants in the world into unthinking, mindless vegetables! I'm going to STEAL THE PLANTS' BRAINS!
Sunflower: You ghoul!
Dr. Zomboss And it begins with you, Sunflower! Take this!
~ Dr. Zomboss attempting to turn plants into mindless beings with the Midnight Sun.
Argh! You may have driven me back this time, but I got the Midnight Sun I came for! And soon I'll spread it everywhere! Toodles!
~ Dr Zomboss's plan being thwarted by the Magic Beanstalks, but he manages to get the Midnight Sun and attempts to use it in future plans.


Meet Dr Edgar George Zomboss, the chap who seems to be in charge of all the zombies. With a pleasant-sounding name like Edgar, you'd have thought he would be quite receptive when the Government asked to meet with him and discuss all this 'zombie apocalypse business' over a nice pot of tea and some cucumber sandwiches. But no, he wasn't having any of it (not even when we assured him that the crusts would be cut off the sandwiches).
Dr Zomboss likes to get around in the Zombot, a giant robot that fires ice and fireballs when it bends down (our scientists have a theory that this is when it's at its weakest). Quite why the good Doctor needs a giant stomping robot to get around when we have an excellent bus and train service to use, we simply do not understand.
LIKES: The in-depth discussion of dead things; world domination.
DISLIKES: Not dominating the world.
~ Dr. Zomboss' description in Plants vs. Zombies: Official Guide to Protect Your Brains.
Ah, okay! Since the dawn of time, plants have been the mortal enemies of zombies, locked in an eternal strum. Wait, isn't the lens camera on? (*Zombie screams*) Seriously? What did I say? Right! It is I, the terrifying brilliant and startlingly good-looking Dr. Edgar George Zomboss or as I also known as the greatest evil genius that has ever lived. Decades from now you will all look back and remember where you were on this day. The day I unveiled my greatest invention yet! TO THE LAB! (*He falls on the ground*) Ow! Oh! I'm fine. Curses! Bah. Down here, down here! Ahem, ahem. (*Static cuts*) I meant to do that. Behold, I give you... The Zombox. With the power of the Zombox, I can beat the plants without actually have to touch dirt. I just sit back, point at things, make things explode, and take credits from other people's work. I call it... Boss Mode. With simple gestures and voice commands, I release huge waves of zombies, uncover the plans of those weeds, and resupply my troops with delicious brains.(A voice says brains) I have also created an option for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. With my zombies tech delivery tablet, I can perform all of the same functions from anywhere in the world. (Silently) Plus I love buttons. (Normal) My favorite part, dropping Zombombs Strikes, weeds dead from above. Mwahahahahahaha... That thing just got that Cactus the... The point! Mwah! So, to sum up. I'm a genius, all the brains belongs to me, feel free to carve models of me now but the statues that will undoubtedly be erected in the future. Mwahahahahahaha... (Echoed laugh) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... MWAHAHA- (*Static cuts again*)
~ Dr. Zomboss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Boss Mode trailer.
Dear Citizens of Suburbia and Everywhere-
Thanks to the slimitless reaches of my limitless genius, I am overjoyed to announce that I have taken over Suburbia. You may have noticed from the change in your surroundings, but I realize that as humans your powers of perception are not near to my elevated level. Which is a very elevated level indeed! Your brains, streets, houses, telephone poles, brains, toasters, and game-playing devices are mine. Mine! I can sense before the brain-feasting begins that you would like to know how I took over. Because why wouldn't you? I am Dr. Zomboss, after all. And this was my most evilly inspired idea yet! I finally decided that only one was brilliant enough to aid me, and once realizing this, I asked myself for help. My future self! The only creature perhaps as smart as I am. Supplied with Z-Tech from future me (who is quite charming and really rather clever), I invented the most horrific, most wonderful, most clever invention of all time! More clever even than the Sun-blot Machine! Than the Awesome Air Stinkifier! Even more than the PopSmarts™ Handy Slicer! I speak of the Z-Mech, which transforms giggly Imps into giggly giant machines of shimmering destruction! Oh, I also created Super Brainz, but he broke every mirror and had to stand in the Time-Out corner. But he is still a brilliant invention! And I, only I, Dr. Edgar G. Zomboss, could have unleashed the Z-Mech and then also put Captain Deadbeard, and all the other zombies, into the fray. You remember them, I know you do! Remember them, and remember it was I who used them to capture Suburbia. It was I! Admit it – you couldn't have done it. Only I. Wait, what’s that orange roll-y thing that dares to roll on my streets? I must go attend, because no-one rolls on my streets. No one!
Please desist from any thoughts of attacking me, as they would be futile.
~ Dr. Zomboss's message from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.
Vanquish 50 Plants to win. The brains will be ours!
~ Dr. Zomboss, upon starting Team Vanquish.
Victory is almost ours - Excuse me, I mean MINE!
~ Zomboss showing his egotism in Battle for Neighborville.
Citizens of Neighborville-
Your continued antagonism against our rightful claim on your city and brains is noted. Action will be taken at another time.
~ A message from Dr. Zomboss in the comics.
And now... The completion of my latest, greatest, and most pleasant-smelling invention...... the Flower-Bot!
~ Zomboss after finishing the Flower-Bot.


  • "Zomboss" is a portmanteau of "Zombie" and "Boss".
  • It is revealed that his middle name is not based on the creator of the game, George Fan. Instead, as claimed by the creator in the interview, he said: "It sounded like a great middle name for a zombie overlord boss character."
  • As opposed to the other zombies, Dr. Zomboss is shown as highly intelligent, as he has a degree in Thanatology (which is a degree in the study of death), and built his Zombot.
  • He is also one of the very few zombies who can speak in a comprehensible language, while most the other zombies speak through moans and the word "brains".
  • In the comics, he has a pet goldfish bowl Ziggy since he lost his pet goldfish.
    • He also has a hedgehog named Mr. Stubbins in the Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for you comics, after defeating the Anti-Bully Squad.
  • In Garden Warfare comics, he keeps a swear jar.
  • It is also revealed in the comics that Dr. Zomboss is allergic to many different plants and sunlight.
    • Also in the Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC's almanac entry, he is allergic to mammoth's fur.
  • He cursed during the Plants vs. Zombies Nintendo DS trailer in the shrink ray experiment, due to the presence of a censor bleep.

Dr. Zomboss groans after Patrice punches him.

  • Before the final battle of the first game, Crazy Dave told the Player that one of Dr. Zomboss's possible weakness is his pancreas, as seen in Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse, Patrice punches him in the stomach, causing him to fall and groan "Ooo... my pancreas".
  • One of his creation, Zombot Sphinx-inator, used Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s iconic suffix “inator” from the Phineas and Ferb series.
  • His dialogue in Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 32 is the reference to the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. This song has become a meme known as rickrolling.
    • Additionally, during his battle of the same level, his dancing move in Pop phase is identical to the popular dance move from Gangnam Style by PSY.
  • Zombot Plank Walker, Zombot Aerostatic Gondola, Zombot Dark Dragon, and Zombot Multi-stage Masher are the only Zombots with him wearing different outfits.
    • Dr. Zomboss still wears his lab outfit during the Zombot Plank Walker boss fight, only a black eye-patch added.
    • He wears a brown jacket, a pair of dark brown gloves, and a pair of brown and yellow goggles during the Zombot Aerostatic Gondola boss fight, that has a resemblance to the 1900s version pilot outfits.
    • He wears a red and yellow Roman Gladiator armor in the Zombot Dark Dragon boss fight, and his veins can be seen through his helmet.
    • The Zombot Multi-stage Masher boss fight is the only Zombot with him wearing five different outfits, based on each phase and jam:
      • In the first phase, he wears a red and green punk hair wig, a black jacket, a yellow T-shirt with a purple letter P, a spiked cuff-like belt, blue shorts, and black shoes.
      • In the second phase, he wears an orange hair wig, a pink and purple dress, and a pair of purple shoes.
      • In the third phase, he wears a red cap, a black hair wig, a pair of white glasses, a green striped T-shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of red and white shoes.
      • In the fourth phase, he wears a brown hair wig, a pair of yellow and black goggles, yellow and white shirt and pants, and a pair of white shoes.
      • In the final phase, he wears a yellow hair wig, a blue shirt, a pair of purple shorts, and a pair of shoes that match his shirt color.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, there are some mentions about him:
    • He once lost a battle against a tennis ball machine according to the Tennis Star's sticker book.
    • He is a good cook, according to Grumpy Stumpy.
      • He can be seen cooking in Battle at the BBQ, the first Zombie Mission in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
    • According to Wiz Factz, he was born during the Year of the Naked Mole Rat.
    • Also on another Wiz Factz sign, he has an ancestor named Herman P. Zomboss, a zombie archaeologist who claimed that volcanoes were hot after he fell into one.



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