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Well There's no cure for being a freak show
~ Dr. Hanson
You Little But Hole..
~ Dr Hanson's Breakdown

The Vet or Dr Hanson is the main antagonist of the YouTube Short Backwards cat goes to the Vet Created By Versiris. The Vet has a scissor hair cut. He Also wears a Lab Coat with a green tie.

He is an evil vet that was supposed to take care of Backwards cat but instead wants to capture him and sell him for money instead


We, First, see Dr Hanson Counting his money when he hears someone say Excuse me he sees that a wired looking cat called the backwards cat saying that he's her for his appointment the Hanson thinks that the cat swallowed an object.

He then says that there's cure for being a freak show but then he thinks that he can make money off of selling the cat Hanson then proceeds to try to inject the cat with Ketamine but instead he gets injected with it and knocks him out cold by the backwards cat a jar of magical acid drops on the Dr turning him into a skeleton that comes alive he then hunts down the backwards cat for what he has done to him but soon fails after crashing into upside down dog breaking all of his bones.


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