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Buffy vs dracula

Dracula with Buffy Summers

Dracula was one of the most powerful vampires in the Buffy Universe and was based on the legendary Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's novel. However, unlike many vampires in the series, he was neither fully good nor evil, and was seen as being much more of a charming rogue than a bestial monster (though he was still dangerous).

Dracula was disliked by some vampires (such as Spike) because of his fame and his tendency to display needless theatrical magic (which he was rumored to have learned from the Gypsies). Using this magic, Dracula was able to accomplish a few feats that the Hellmouth vampires could not: turn into a wolf, summon mist and (most famously of all) revive after being staked.

Dracula also seemed to have the ability to alter reality itself, as he managed to form a castle for himself when he arrived in Sunnydale. Like the vampire of legend, he was also tended to by several female servants (which were based on the brides found in the book).


  • Dracula was played by Rudolph Martin, who Sarah Michelle Gellar knew from when they both starred on All My Children, where their characters were once married.

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