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Count Dracula is a minor villain from the adventure video game King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne. He lives in his castle on an island surrounded by a poisoned lake


Dracula became the leader of the vampires in Kolyma, being the lord of vampires. Dracula and his vampires hunted their prey in Kolyma at night. Rumors are told that Dracula had an interest in the women of Kolyma. This could explain why there is a sapphire tiara in his castle. It is also shown that Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother had at one point a romantic relationship with him, as she obtained one of his cloaks and his ruby ring.

When Graham was in Kolyma, the monk at the monastery that he visited, told him about Dracula and gave him a silver cross to protect him from Dracula. Graham obtained the cloak and ring from Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother after he gave her soup. He also obtained a magic sugar cube from Pegasus. These items proved useful, as Graham fooled the boatman by wearing the cloak and ring, who took him to the island, and the magic sugar cube helped protect him from the poisonous brambles near the castle. Graham also fooled the guardian ghosts when they saw him wearing the cloak and ring. However, when he entered the castle, Dracula immediately attempted to kill him, but since he was wearing the cross, Dracula turned into a bat and retreated to the basement.

Graham went to the basement and found the coffin where Dracula was sleeping. He quickly killed Dracula by using a stake and mallet he found. Dracula disintegrated into a pile of dust. Although he was killed, Graham did not believed that he killed him for good, as true evil cannot be destroyed.

Despite having been defeated and turned to dust by Graham, Dracula (or another vampire like him) attends Graham's wedding to Queen Valanice.


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