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One year. I gave you one year to make your peace with your God. And what do you do? Celebrate the day you killed my wife! One year I gave you while I assembled my armies, and now... I bring your death! You had your chance.
~ Dracula, to the people of Wallachia he is about to slaughter.

Count Vlad Tepes Dracula is the main antagonist of the Netflix and Powerhouse Animation cartoon adaptation of Castlevania, based off of the character of the same name from the video games. The story follows the games' background, referencing the feud between Dracula and Leon Belmont, but hints that Dracula might have been the infamous Prince Vlad III of Wallachia as well.

He was voiced by Graham McTavish.


Season One

Comte Dracula (Castlevania animé)

Count Dracula in the cartoon adaptation.

Go now and kill! Kill, for my love! Kill, for the only true love I've ever knew! Kill for the endless lifetime of hate before me!
~ Dracula, to his armies of demons.

The story starts in 1455 in Romania. There, Dracula is an extremely powerful Vampire Lord expert in many forms of science and sorcery, much like his original novel counterpart; solitary, misanthropic and murderous, but not fully evil. He lives in a castle which he can make travel everywhere, filled with all sort of technology replicated from what he saw when scrying into the future; a nod to the many anachronisms and to the Castlevania's ever-changing location in the games.

A young woman named Lisa Fahrenheit, training in science and medicine, comes to his castle surrounded by hundreds of impaled skeletons to ask for his tutelage, while resisting his intimidation attempts and offering to teach him to reconcile with the world in exchange. Impressed by her resolve, Dracula gives her access to all his enormous resources. As time goes by, they fall in love, marry and have a son, Alucard. She even inspires Dracula to travel as a human, to learn more about the world.

Alas, 20 years later, while Dracula was traveling away, Lisa was captured by a fanatical, corrupt, power-hungry and retrograde bishop and burned at the stake for witchcraft. When Dracula comes back to their house and find it in ruins, he learns from an old neighbor lady that it is already too late. Maddened with grief, Dracula laments that he could have been on time to save her had he used magic. He warns the neighbor to flee the country with her family, to escape his revenge.

Dracula est en rogne

Dracula, manifesting in fire or in a swarm of bats and ravens.

He disappears in a pillar of fire and manifests in the pyre flames as a giant, fiery head, cursing the townspeople for burning an innocent physician. Rebuked by the Bishop who dismisses him as a myth, he gives the Vallachian population one year to put their business in order or flee, before he wipes them from the map.

As an enraged Dracula prepares to raise an army of monsters from Hell itself by next year, Alucard attempts to talk him out of it, as innocents like Lisa would suffer. Dracula retorts that there are no innocents for they would have stood for her, attacking him in blind rage and grievously wounding him with a claw swipe.

One year later, during a ceremony, the Archbishop of Targoviste brags foolishly that the promises of doom by "the devil" were but lies, blood starts raining over the city and the stained-glass windows of the cathedral shatter, with the shards impaling the Archbishop and his attendants. The cathedral suddenly sets itself ablaze and Dracula manifests in the fire, cursing the crowd for celebrating instead of heeding his warning. All windows open, letting out legions of winged demons who horribly slaughtering everyone around. As the Castlevania rises over the city in a blazing inferno, Dracula manifests as thousands of ravens, ordering his forces to destroy the entire country, town by town.

However, a man named Trevor Belmont, armed with the Holy Vampire Killer whip sets out to defeat the vampire, engaging both the monsters and the corrupt agents of the Bishop who killed Lisa.

Trevor protects a group of scholars called the Speakers from the Bishop, who excommunicated the Belmont Clan and burned their mansion, and is now using the chaos to take control of the country, scapegoating anyone opposing him for the monsters' invasion. Trevor saves the Chief Speaker's granddaughter, the mage Sypha Belnades who was turned into stone by a Cyclops.

The Castlevania (anime)

The Castlevania, as seen in the series.

Later, as the Bishop is killed by a powerful demon who gleefully reveals that his actions disgust God so much that he no longer protects him, before ironically thanking him for enabling their rise on Earth, Trevor reveals the Bishop's corruption and lies, and helped by a pure-hearted priest and the Speakers, organizes the population of the city of Gresit to successfully fight back against Dracula's hordes.

Then, Trevor and Sypha venture in the crypt and meet Alucard, who just recovered. Together, they form an alliance to stop his father and save Wallachia before it is too late.

Season Two

Dracula spends most of his time watching the fire in the hearth of his study, no longer drinking blood, no longer caring about anything. He assembles his generals in the Castlevania, gathering many powerful Vampire Nobles and their armies, along with two human Devil Forgemasters, Hector and Isaac, much to the vampires' outrage. He reasons that contrary to them who obey him to drink blood from humans en masse, they renounced their kind out of loyalty to his cause, having experienced first-hand how cruel humanity can be.

Dracula later teleports the Castlevania away from the ruins of Targoviste. As discord reigns among his war council, Carmilla, the last Vampire Noble recruited by Dracula, appears, announcing that his demon hordes were defeated in Gresit. She then dares asking why Dracula did not made his wife a vampire. After a private discussion, Dracula orders her to work with the Devil Forgemasters. They later learn that Trevor, Sypha and Alucard teamed up.

The Viking Vampire Godbrand confronts Dracula, expressing worries that killing all humans would doom vampires as well, but Dracula cowers him with words alone, stating in all but words that he does not hold vampires in much higher esteem than humans, regarding them as parasites.

Dracula knows full well that his generals are turning against him, which Carmilla does, with only Isaac being fully loyal. He discusses with him about his plans, and states that Isaac is the only one he can consider a friend. Indeed, the vampires only obey him out of fear of his power, but worry that his plan will bring everyone, alive and undead, down with him, which they want to avert.

As Isaac kills Godbrand for insubordination, Dracula ponders that even killing humans only brings him indifference, contrary to the past times, during which he methodically slaughtered forty merchants for merely disrespecting him, burning the city of Kronstadt and impaling them, sparing only women and children, making leather from his victim's skins as book covers.

He teleports the Castlevania into the city of Braila, which his forces start slaughtering. He enables his council to do as they please so long as they leave no survivor, prompting Carmilla to secretly take control and overwhelm his armies of vampires with her own, leading an attack on the Castlevania. Just as Dracula is about to enter the fray and deal with Carmilla's forces himself, Sypha uses a mirror and a spell she found in the Belmont Estate to teleport the Castlevania in the river, destroying most of the vampires, forcing Carmilla and Hector, now her slave, to barely escape.

Sypha teleports the Castlevania over the Belmont Estate and the trio storms the castle, slaughtering every vampire without troubles. Isaac is ready to fight to the death for his lord, but Dracula, touched by his devotion, teleports him to safety through a magic mirror. Dracula greets his son, who states that the war is over, and reminds him that he was powerless to stop him before. Alucard retorts that this time he is not alone, and the three heroes engage the decisive battle against the King of the Night. Contrary to the games, Dracula never teleports and fights with his firsts and claws, overwhelming even experts warrior with his immense strength and speed.

Dark Inferno

"I am Vlad Dracula Tepes... AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!"

Even greatly weakened by years of starvation, he effortlessly withstands their attacks. He knocks Alucard down, throws Sypha away and catches Trevor, recognizing him as a Belmont and preparing to end his line, but his friends save him, enabling him to land a decisive blow with the Vampire Killer Morningstar Whip. Exasperated, he casts "Dark Inferno" and hurls a gigantic fiery sphere, which they can only resist by combining all their strength.

As the fight against a now livid Dracula becomes even more violent and erratic, Alucard battles him ahead of his comrades, telling him that they both know he wants to die, having been dead inside ever since the day he lost Lisa. Alucard calling his war "History’s longest suicide note."

The Climax

Alucard stakes his father

Dracula's death at the hands of his own son, Alucard.

I'm… I'm killing my boy… Lisa… I'm killing our boy. We've painted this room. We've made these toys. It's our boy Lisa... Your greatest gift to me… And I'm killing it… I must already be dead.
~ Dracula's horrified realization.

As father and son continue to battle, wrecking the castle corridors on their wake, they crash into Alucard’s childhood bedroom. It is only there that Dracula finally comes to his senses. Lamenting how he is destroying the only family he has left, in a voice laced with tears. Broken by regrets and shame, he does not lift a finger when Alucard rips a bedpost to stake him, and dies in an aborted embrace. Trevor then beheads him and Sypha incinerates him.

As everything is done, Alucard is heartbroken and plans for the Castlevania to become his tomb, but Trevor convinces him to guard the treasures and libraries of the castle and the Belmont Estate, and make him a symbol of peace instead of terror. Sypha and Trevor then leave, hinting a blossoming romance.

Alas, Carmilla is still around, and she uses Hector to rebuild an army of monsters, while Isaac is building his own army of undeads, meaning that the troubles are not fully over.


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