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One year. I gave you one year to make your peace with your God. And what do you do? Celebrate the day you killed my wife! One year I gave you while I assembled my armies, and now... I bring your death. You had your chance...
~ Dracula, to the people of Wallachia he is about to slaughter.
The Morning Star whip. Well played, Belmont. But I am no ordinary vampire to be killed by your human magic.
~ Dracule to Trevor after took hit by the Morning Star.
THERE ARE NO INNOCENTS! Not anymore! Anyone of them could've stood up and said, "No, we won't behave like animals anymore.".
~ Dracula to Alucard.

Count Vlad Dracula Tepes is the main antagonist of the Netflix and Powerhouse Animation adult animated TV series of Castlevania, based off of the character of the same name from the video games.

He appears as the overarching antagonist of the first season, the main antagonist of the second season, the posthumous overarching antagonist of the third season and a major character in the fourth and final season. The story follows the games' background, referencing the feud between Dracula and Leon Belmont, but hints that Dracula might have been the infamous Prince Vlad III of Wallachia as well.

He was voiced by Naoya Uchida in the Japanese version, who also voiced Madara Uchiha in Naruto, and Graham McTavish in the English dub, with the latter also portraying Zoran Lazarević in Uncharted: Among Thieves, both Father Kinley and Dromos in Lucifer, the Saint of Killers in Preacher, Joseph Bertrand III in inFamous 2, and Loki Laufeyson in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


The Dracula of the Netflix series is shown to be quite different than his original videogame self: Having seemingly always been the strongest and most intelligent of the vampires, Dracula considered himself superior to humans and was apathetic to them, his supreme power and intelligence making him prideful. He would not hesitate to slaughter people for working against him, killing them in brutal ways and leaving their corpses impaled, but would have no qualms sparing those who are innocent and never intended to challenge him. Preferring to live an isolated life in his castle, Dracula referred to humans as peasants and in time as humans grew to fear him so much they considered him a legend and left his castle alone, he himself saw no point in wasting his time dealing with them, content to simply live a life of solitude.

However, Dracula was also shown to be capable of changing: When Dracula and Lisa met and she requested to learn from him, they quickly developed a strong mutual attraction, Dracula being attracted to Lisa's beauty and above all else her staunch character. Describing her as being "definitely different to most humans" he had met, Lisa's courage, civility, intelligence, and good-hearted nature impressed him and he allowed her to study under him. This soon blossomed into a deep love for Lisa that was returned and they married, siring Alucard, who Dracula was known for being a loving father to. Dracula's respect and love towards Lisa even allowed him to accept her proposition to travel around the world and learn from human civilizations, briefly deciding to live up to Lisa's belief that he had the potential to improve the lives of humans everywhere with his knowledge. Appreciating her encouragement, Dracula became compassionate enough to rescue the two misanthropic Forgemasters Hector and Isaac and take them in, though it was suggested that this may have also been attributed to his lingering inability to see other humans the way Lisa wished he would.

Alas, tragedy would drive him off the deep end when he returned to his home and found it destroyed, his wife executed, whatever light his experiences had given him turning into deeper bitter ashes of disillusionment. Deeply resenting humanity, no longer did he consider them peasants but he now considers them all animals he could no longer tolerate. He would later admit that she was the only true love he had ever known. Immediately after Lisa's bones burnt into ashes, Dracula rose from his wife's flames and demanded an explanation. He was enraged to learn that his wife had been killed out of unjust dogmatic stupidity and further enraged when the Bishop who ordered the execution denied Dracula's existence. In that moment, Dracula proclaimed he would take everything from the citizens of Wallachia and leave no signs they ever existed. Although he surely knew his wife wouldn't want him to take vengeance, his heart was now so embittered that it is filled with nothing but absolute misanthropy. Dracula believes that every human is guilty for his wife's death as none did try to stop the unjust murder and hence when Alucard tried reasoning with his father to kill only those responsible, Dracula angrily refuted this. To Dracula, Lisa was the one good thing humanity had ever produced and humanity had killed it. At the same time, Dracula did give them one year to make peace and remove their mark from Wallachia, suggesting he may have tried to give humanity a chance to prove that they were worthy of living. Indeed, Dracula was further disappointed in humanity that no humans heeded his warning or repented to him and instead celebrated the death of his wife, saying to them before unleashing his army that "you had your chance".

Living up to his threats, Dracula began his war of extermination, unleashing an army of Hell on Targoviste, bidding his army to kill all humanity and bitterly accepting his future eternity of endless hatred. However, it quickly becomes clear that unlike his game counterparts, losing his wife had instead completely broken him and while he may have undertaken a revenge quest to wipe out all of humanity, Dracula grows more and more despondent as time passes, his plans of genocide being more blindly lashing out in grief than a real goal. Largely isolating himself from the rest of his court and leaving command of his army in the hands of his forgemasters, Hector and Isaac, apart from teleporting his castle for attacks, he hardly creates any strategies for his army to use, only caring that all of humanity died at the end. While Dracula planned to use his unrivaled knowledge of the arts to turn the sky dark and allow vampires and the night hoard to rule the world, it becomes clear to both Alucard and his generals that Dracula's plans are self destructive: Human genocide will mean the end of the vampires food supply and eventually even take the creatures of the night down along with humanity, effectively killing everyone in the world, both human and creatures. Alucard observes that Dracula's is dragging the whole world with him on "history's longest suicide note". Dracula himself shows apathy towards the future of vampires and himself, making it clear that once humanity perished, Dracula was fully intent to join his wife in the afterlife.

However, at the last moments of Dracula's life, he proved that the good heart that he had obtained due to his marriage with Lisa was not entirely lost: Despite his apathy towards the other generals, Dracula genuinely considered Isaac a good friend for his undying loyalty and interacted only with him. When Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha came into his castle, Dracula selflessly decided to save Isaac and teleported him to the dessert, acknowledging him as the greatest of humanity and believing he could contribute to the world more. It is also revealed that he still deeply loved his son, Lisa's greatest gift to him: Even when Alucard turned against him, Dracula could have easily killed him but instead decided to only incapacitate him so he would not be able to intervene and let him escape. When he fought with Alucard and his friends, numerous times Dracula had the opportunity to deal the finishing blow to his son but never follows through, simply brushing off his assault with ease and making it clear he was holding back against Alucard. Even after briefly losing his composure and savagely beating Alucard down, upon reaching Alucard's room, Dracula was driven to tears and regretted having almost killed his son. Finally realizing that his son was right and that he had already died when Lisa died, Dracula chose to let his son kill him instead of killing him and his friends. When Dracula's spirit appeared before Alucard, he showed that he had made peace with his son, nodding curtly and his face clearly proud and grateful to Alucard for making him realize the error of his ways.

Powers And Abilities

Regarded as the strongest vampire and even the most powerful being in the world and being the oldest immortal in history, Dracula displayed many phenomenally formidable capabilities, extraordinarily greater physical prowess beyond any other, immense magical powers greater than any other seen, and unrivaled intelligence and mastery of the arts.


  • Supernatural strength: Dracula can exert vast amounts of supernatural physical force far beyond the ability of humans and even any other supernatural creature. He is able to easily smash hard objects like solid stone with his bare hands and can casually overpower and slaughter other beings such as humans and even other vampires to where he can nonchalantly drag a human and leave them helpless with a single hand and effortlessly pierce through their body to kill them by impaling fatal spots and even removing their hearts with ease. He even easily critically injured Alucard, scarring him in the chest so badly he had to rest for a prolonged amount of time to heal despite his great resilience and healing factor. Even while somewhat weakened by having not drank blood for many months, Dracula retained an extraordinary amount of his superhuman strength and was able to casually slaughter the rebels Carmilla sent at him and even managed to easily overpower and badly injure his son, Trevor and Sypha with powerful physical attacks, to where the only reason they were able to get close enough and land killing blows was because he realized how insane he had became and abandoned the fight: He easily stopped his son from using his blade against him with a single hand while Alucard was using both hands and then easily punched him to a fireplace and later on backhanded him away a good distance, doing both with enough force to stun him briefly. During their subsequent fist-fight even after having sustained some actual considerable damage, Dracula was still able to physically outmatch and steadily wear down and injure the also superhumanly strong Alucard, sending him flying through rooms and breaking the castle with his physical strikes, to where Alucard, despite being able to put up a fight against him at first, was swiftly left unable to fight back and struggled to get up and stake Dracula when his father finally gave up the fight. A single punch from him was enough to make Trevor bleed and leave him reeling in pain and he could casually lift and restrain Trevor with a single hand and easily toss him aside with a single throw, despite Trevor's own brutish strength that far exceeded any other human. With just two attacks, Dracula was able to inflict severe wounds on Sypha that would not only had to be bandaged for a length of time but would remain as scars, even breaking through her ice shield and injuring her cleanly and sending her flying, despite Sypha's greater physical resilience than normal humans.
  • Supernatural mobility and dexterity: Despite his towering size, Dracula is able to move at vast speeds and with incredible grace and react at immense speeds. He could easily scale down walls, dodge several arrows fired by an expert marksman, and blitz and slaughter several humans in a matter of moments with ease and even managed to overtake Alucard despite Alucard's own vast speed. Even while weakened by not drinking for months, Dracula remained overwhelmingly fast, to where he was able to easily toy with Alucard, casually catching his sword before it could stab his heart and then easily dodging his sword attacks before blocking and easily punching his son aside before he could react. Dracula also managed to easily blitz Trevor and punch him before he could react twice and casually dodge Trevor's close-quarter attacks before catching and tossing him aside. He also moved so fast Sypha was barely able to shield herself. Even after having sustained visible damage from his fight with Trevor, Sypha and Alucard, Dracula was still more than fast enough to successfully overwhelm Alucard, even with Alucard using his full teleportation-like speed, able to counter and return blows quickly enough to steadily overwhelm Alucard in their air-battle before landing on the ground, proceeding to attack Alucard so fast he was unable to attack Dracula unless he had been hit first and soon overwhelming his son to where he hit him before he could even stand.
  • Supernatural durability, resilience and stamina: Dracula has massive levels of supernatural durability, endurance and stamina that allows him to participate in prolonged battles while exerting himself and taking little damage from enemies attacks and even quickly weaving off attacks that do damage him with little-to-no exhaustion. As such, Dracula was able to easily slaughter all humans who had challenged him in a city all-night and remain at full shape by morning. He was even able to withstand not drinking blood for several months with no fatigue or thirst and remain fully capable: Hits from Trevor, a notably very physically strong human, did not even budge Dracula, and being stabbed through the hand and then having fire shot at his face did no damage on him. Not even showing any pain and simply surprise when Sypha impaled his legs with ice to keep him down for Trevor to use the Morning Star whip, he was able to survive the attack with only meager damage and then recovered from having his own massive Dark Inferno being blown back at him by Sypha and Alucard without any lasting harm. He also withstood Alucard's blows with little harm to himself and even many high-velocity blows from Alucard's teleportation speed only served to irritate him.
  • Immunity to normal vampire weaknesses: Apparently due to his sheer power, Dracula is extremely resilient and even outright immune to the weaknesses of normal vampires: He mocks the idea of silver, crosses and garlic having any effect on him, calling them superstitious, and confidently states they would not help Lisa. Dracula also traveled on foot through the world for many years with no problem dealing with sunlight. His immunity to fire and holy manipulation was such that even in a weakened state, Trevor and Sypha employing such magics at high levels were incapable of harming him at all. Godbrand and Carmilla also revealed that Dracula is able to resist the thirst of blood common among vampires to a great extent, such that in his depression over Lisa's death, he sat on his library without drinking any blood for months and yet they still believe that it won't weaken him much and he indeed proved to retain extraordinary power when he was forced to finally fight directly. It is also shown that even staking or decapitation can't kill him: It was only in his weakened state that Alucard was able to stake Dracula in the heart and cause him to enter a desiccated state, which doesn't outright kill him and Trevor only decapitated him after he had been staked.
  • Immortality: Dracula is immortal and cannot die of old age. The specifics of his immortality are not yet clear, but it is evident it keeps him in his physical prime, remaining unchanged by the ages.
  • Command of vampires and the night-horde: Dracula's supreme power is respected by every vampire and monster. When he calls, demons answer without disobedience and vampires must at least heed the call. Dracula has built a strong relationship with his two forgemasters, Hector and Isaac, allowing him to create an army of night monsters that heed his every command. Vampire lords decide for themselves if they are loyal to Dracula but none would dare openly oppose him before preparing extensively.
  • Magic: Attributed to his extraordinarily long lifespan and accumulation of knowledge, Dracula is highly well-versed and trained in the arts of magic: In addition to his inventions being extremely scientifically advanced, Dracula has also applied magic into his inventions, having enchanted his castle himself. His magical acumen was such that he surpassed the powers of Sypha Belnades, an immensely powerful Speaker Magician, noticeably, to where she could only lock down his castle when he wasn't actively controlling it and a spell from his proved too much for her to overcome alone.
    • Teleportation: Dracula possesses a magical device that he can interact with to teleport his castle, which he can control the impact released to either be soft or capable of explosive force that could easily heavily damage cities. He also displayed the ability to use mirrors as portals, transporting Isaac to the dessert he came from.
    • Astral projection: Dracula has the ability to use mirrors to magically send a projection of himself, which he can do in either the form of fires or flocks of crows.
    • Elemental control: Dracula has tremendous control over the elements, which he used to easily destroy Targoviste.
      • Pyrokinesis: Out of all the elements Dracula can control, his most powerful appears to be fire. He can transform his body into flames and manifest fire from the sky to unleash powerful meteors. He even cast a powerful fire spell in the form of a huge burning ball of molten lava-like fire that was so potent that Sypha's own power over fire was barely able to slow it down, even with Trevor backing her, and it took Alucard pushing the ball with his sword and Sypha's magic influence to just deflect it back at Dracula.
      • Aerokinesis: Dracula can create powerful tornadoes and he was shown to mix them with fire to create fiery cyclones.
      • Electrokinesis: Dracula was capable of releasing powerful surges of electricity in his anger and unleashing a thunderstorm.
    • Levitation: Dracula has the ability to defy gravity and hover above ground. He can move through the air at vast speeds superior to his son, outpacing and beating his son to submission fairly quickly to the ground.


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/martial artist: With his millennia worth of experience combined with his extraordinary physical power, Dracula was a martial artist of phenomenally deadly, literately unrivaled prowess in combat. His fighting style has shown to be savage but very methodical, able to make maximum usage of both his beyond extraordinary physical power and experience to easily deflect attacks from even the most talented of fighters and striking powerful blows with pinpoint accuracy, even able to effectively make use of his sheer sharp claws to deliver grievous damage. His perfectly aimed punches and claw slashes combined with his extreme speed and strength meant that he could easily defeat and kill with a single attack and even opponents at range can be easily reached and slayed in a matter of moments. He could single-handedly slaughter many merchants effortlessly and easily defeat Alucard, a master swordsman, in combat. Even while weakened due to blood deprivation and also having not engaged in combat for a long time, Dracula was still an extraordinarily skilled and lethal opponent, killing all rebel vampires effortlessly. His prowess in combat even allowed him to effectively engage Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades and overwhelm them simultaneously: Capable of separating them despite their teamwork, he easily toyed around Alucard's sword attacks before effortlessly knocking him out of the fight for a while with a single punch after catching his sword swing with ease and proceeded to completely outmatch Trevor in hand-to-hand combat, downing him on both occasions with a single hit and leaving him helpless to fight back, and even when Trevor armed himself with his whip, Dracula still had the upper hand, forcing him to dodge while countering all of Trevor's attacks, before he soon tossed him aside. Against the powerful Speaker magician Sypha, Dracula landed several severe injuries on her despite her efforts to defend herself with her magic. Only being overwhelmed when attacked by the Morning Star whip and his fireball deflected back at him, even after enduring such attacks, Dracula managed to maintain a decisive advantage against Alucard in both power and skill, skillfully countering most of Alucard's blows while landing several blows that quickly rattled Alucard to submission, to where his well-trained son was soon left unable to fight back effectively.
  • Genius-level intellect: Dracula, having been an ancient immortal who had collected ages worth of forgotten knowledge and innovated on them, is easily the most intelligent and knowledgeable being in the world's history, to the point that Alucard called him "a repository of centuries of learning" and knowledge and noted an immeasurable amount of wealth of knowledge would be lost with his death. He was also an incredible teacher, as displayed by how he quickly and efficiently molded both Lisa and Alucard into highly well-educated individuals. It has been acknowledged that even with the knowledge of the Belmonts and the castle, Alucard would not truly rival Dracula.
    • Charisma and master leader: Despite his lack of charm and feral nature, Dracula, due to centuries of experience and knowledge, was still an excellent leader who was able to command and rule over every vampire and monster on Earth, at one point leading them to easily decimate an entire town and seemingly maintaining their absolute respect and loyalty for decades while leading them from the shadows. Dracula also proved to be quite charismatic at good times, as shown by how he was able to easily earn the respect and loyalty of the forgemasters Hector and Isaac. Indeed, when Dracula decided to finally exterminate humanity, all monsters and vampires were quick to obey his call and join together to form a powerful army. Despite his depression over Lisa's death preventing him from leading his war on mankind much, he was still able to command the faith and respect of his forgemasters Hector and Isaac to where Hector only turned on him when he realized Dracula was intent on exterminating all humanity while Isaac remained absolutely loyal and willing to give his life for him and even after Dracula's death, he was still determined to avenge his master out of genuine loyalty to him. Likewise, Dracula was still able to keep the respect and loyalty of many other vampires to where they fought Carmilla's rebels for him.
    • Master scientist/engineer: During his immortal life, Dracula had become an extremely brilliant genius scientist, engineer and technologist, and is the foremost expert in the world on many fields. His castle, which is strongly implied to have been constructed by Dracula himself, contains several marvelous and futuristic technologies, such as electricity and steam-based machinery, some even being beyond the technology of the 21st century. His mastery of anatomy and chemistry was particularly sought after by Lisa and he managed to teach her such high-level medical science that she became the greatest doctor in her town ahead of her time and helped and saved many, even those who were deemed a lost cause.



Little is known about Dracula's past, except that he was the strongest of vampire-kind and the leader of his race, also governing the other creatures of the night. He was renowned for his apathy towards humanity and had a reputation for sheer brutality, not bothering to attack humans but impaling anyone who opposed him and slaughtering entire villages but leaving the ones innocent alive and untouched.

By the late medieval period of Europe in Wallachia, Dracula had become the world's most knowledgeable and intelligent scholar, accumulating a vast wealth of scientific and philosophic knowledge as well as great knowledge and ability in magic, which he used to construct a magical castle known as Castlevania capable of teleportation, storing away the depths of his knowledge deep in the castle and developing technologies and sciences far beyond the ability of humans. In order to deter visitors or robbers from entering, Dracula had the impaled corpses of his victims displayed at the front of the castle grounds. A warning that promised a brutal and painful death to those willing to ignore it.

Season One

Count Dracula in the cartoon adaptation.

Go now and kill! Kill, for my love! Kill, for the only true love I've ever knew! Kill for the endless lifetime of hate before me!
~ Dracula, to his armies of demons.

The story starts in 1455 in Romania. A young woman named Lisa Fahrenheit, training in science and medicine, comes to his castle surrounded by hundreds of impaled skeletons to ask for his tutelage, while resisting his intimidation attempts and offering to teach him to reconcile with the world in exchange.

Impressed by her resolve, Dracula gives her access to his enormous resources. As time goes by, they fall in love, marry and have a son, Alucard. She even inspires Dracula to travel as a human, to learn more about the world.

Alas, many years later, while Dracula was traveling away, Lisa was captured by a fanatical, corrupt, power-hungry and retrograde bishop and burned at the stake under the accusation of witchcraft. When Dracula comes back to their house and find it in ruins, he learns from an old neighbor lady that it is already too late. Maddened with grief, Dracula laments that he could have been on time to save her had he used magic. He warns the neighbor to flee the country with her family as a final kindness, to escape his revenge.

Dracula, manifesting in fire or in a swarm of bats and ravens.

He disappears in a pillar of fire and manifests in the pyre flames as a giant, fiery head, cursing the townspeople for burning an innocent physician. Rebuked by the Bishop who dismisses him as a myth, he gives the Wallachian population one year to put their business in order or flee, before he wipes them from the map.

As an enraged Dracula prepares to raise an army of monsters from Hell itself by next year, 19-year-old Alucard attempts to talk him out of it, as innocents like Lisa would suffer. Dracula retorts that there are no innocents for they would have stood for her, attacking him in blind rage and grievously wounding him with a claw swipe.

One year later, during a ceremony, the Archbishop of Targoviste brags foolishly that the promises of doom by "the Devil" were but lies, blood starts raining over the city and the stained-glass windows of the cathedral shatter, with the shards impaling the Archbishop and his attendants. The cathedral suddenly sets itself ablaze and Dracula manifests in the fire, cursing the crowd for celebrating instead of heeding his warning.

All windows in town bang open, letting out hordes of winged demons who horribly slaughtering everyone around. As the Castlevania rises over the city in a blazing inferno, Dracula manifests as thousands of ravens, ordering his forces to destroy the entire country, town by town.

However, a man named Trevor Belmont, armed with the Holy Vampire Killer whip sets out to defeat the vampire, engaging both the monsters and the corrupt agents of the Bishop who killed Lisa.

Trevor protects a group of scholars called the Speakers from the Bishop, who excommunicated the Belmont Clan and burned their mansion, and is now using the chaos to take control of the country, scapegoating anyone opposing him for the monsters' invasion. Trevor saves the Chief Speaker's granddaughter, the mage Sypha Belnades who was turned into stone by a Cyclops.

The Castlevania, as seen in the series.

Later, as the Bishop is killed by a powerful demon who gleefully reveals that his actions disgusts God so much that He no longer protects him, before ironically thanking him for enabling their rise on Earth. Trevor reveals the Bishop's corruption and lies, and helped by a pure-hearted priest and the Speakers, organizes the population of the city of Gresit to successfully fight back against Dracula's hordes.

Then, Trevor and Sypha venture in the crypt and meet 20-year-old Alucard, who just recovered. Together, they form an alliance to stop his father and save Wallachia before it is too late.

Season Two

Dracula spends most of his time watching the fire in the hearth of his study, wasting away without drinking blood. He assembles his generals in the Castlevania, gathering many powerful Vampire Nobles and their armies, along with two human Devil Forgemasters, Hector and Isaac, much to the vampires' outrage. He reasons that contrary to them who only obey him to drink blood from humans en masse, they renounced their kind out of loyalty to his cause, having experienced first-hand how cruel humanity can be.

Dracula later teleports the Castlevania away from the ruins of Targoviste. Discord reigns among his council, when Carmilla, the last Vampire Noble recruited appears, announcing that his legions of demons were defeated in Gresit. She dares asking why Dracula did not make his wife a vampire. Dracula talks to her in private and orders her to work with Hector and Isaac. They later learn that Trevor, Sypha and Alucard teamed up.

The Viking Vampire Godbrand confronts Dracula, stating that killing humans would doom vampires, but Dracula cowers him with size alone, making clear that he does not hold vampires in higher esteem than humans, regarding them as parasites. Dracula knows that his vassals are turning against him, with only Isaac being fully loyal, but he could not care any less He talks with Isaac, telling him that he is the only one he can consider a friend.

After Isaac kills Godbrand for insubordination, Dracula ponders that killing humans only brings him indifference, contrary to the past times, during which he methodically slaughtered forty merchants for merely disrespecting him, burning the city of Kronstadt and impaling them, sparing only women and children, making leather from his victim's skins as book covers.

He teleports the Castlevania into the city of Braila, which his forces start slaughtering. He enables his council to do as they please so long as they leave no survivor. Carmilla takes profit of this to take control and defeats his armies of vampires with her own, attacking the Castlevania. Just as Dracula is about to enter the fray and deal with Carmilla's forces himself, Sypha uses a mirror and a spell she found in the Belmont Estate to teleport the Castlevania in the river, destroying most of the vampires, forcing Carmilla and Hector, now her slave, to barely escape.

Sypha teleports the Castlevania over the Belmont Estate and the trio storms the castle, slaughtering every vampire without troubles, as Dracula himself kills the remaining rebels of Carmilla. Isaac is ready to fight to the death for his lord, but Dracula, touched by his devotion, teleports him to safety through a magic mirror.

The Final Battle

I'm… I'm killing my boy… Lisa… I'm killing our boy. We've painted this room. We've made these toys. It's our boy Lisa... Your greatest gift to me… And I'm killing it… I must already be dead.
~ Dracula's horrified realization.

Now alone, Dracula proceeds to greet his son, who states that the war is over, and reminds him that he was powerless to stop him before. Alucard retorts that this time he is not alone, as Trevor and Sypha appear by Alucard's side. The final battle between the heroes and the King of the Night begins thus.

"I am Vlad Dracula Tepes... AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!"

Even weakened by starvation, Dracula quickly proves himself to be more than a match for them, his immense superhuman physical abilities and combat skills swiftly separating and tossing them aside with ease, first knocking down Alucard before easily subduing Trevor and Sypha, launching Sypha away and recognizing Trevor as a Belmont and preparing to end his line, his friends barely saving Trevor. As the fight continues, the heroes still find themselves unable to deal any noteworthy damage even with their coordination improving as Dracula is still able to methodically separate them. Eventually, Trevor is able to hit Dracula with the upgraded Morningstar Whip, but even that only serves to bring him down for a moment.

Livid, he casts "Dark Inferno" and hurls a gigantic fiery sphere, forcing them to combine their might to repel it. Alucard engages his enraged father ahead of his two friends. Engaging in a vicious hand-to-hand fight, despite Alucard putting up a good fight, he was soon pressured and even as he lands blows, Dracula shrugs off all of his hits before launching him to the next floor. Amused when Alucard wants to stake him, he gets enraged when Alucard tells him that they both know he wants to die, telling him that they both know he wants to die, having died inside when he lost Lisa. Alucard calling his war "History's longest suicide note."

Dracula's death at the hands of his own son, Alucard.

Even as Alucard stakes Dracula, his weakened state still doesn't allow Dracula to be killed by an ordinary stake and he effortlessly launches Alucard away. As father and son continue to battle, wrecking the castle corridors on their wake, the fight decisively turns in Dracula's favor as no matter how hard Alucard strikes him, Dracula is able to shrug off his attacks and punish the onslaught with devastating counters, while Dracula's own hits affect Alucard more. Even Alucard's magical speed fails to do anything but irritate Dracula and he soon catches his son mid-attack and knocks him down before punching him so hard Alucard is left struggling to get up. Now entirely one-sided, Dracula beats Alucard into Alucard's childhood bedroom. It is only there that Dracula finally comes to his senses. Lamenting how he is destroying the only family he has left, in a voice laced with tears. Broken by regrets and shame, he does not lift a finger when Alucard rips a bedpost to stake him, and dies in an aborted embrace. Trevor then beheads him and Sypha incinerates him.

As everything is done, Alucard is heartbroken and plans for the Castlevania to become his tomb, but Trevor convinces him to guard the treasures and libraries of the castle and the Belmont Estate, and make him a symbol of peace instead of terror. Still, Alucard is left grieving over having to kill his father and after seeing his father's spirit showing his silent approval, breaks down as he sits alone. Sypha and Trevor then leave, hinting a blossoming romance.

Alas, Carmilla is still around and forcing an enslaved Hector to build her an army of monsters, while Isaac is building his own army of undeads, meaning that the troubles are not fully over.

Season Three

As Carmilla and her council are using Hector to rebuild an army of monsters and take over the continent, Isaac is building his own hordes to continue Dracula's genocidal goal. Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha investigate worshippers of Dracula in the town of Lindenfeld. It turns out that the Visitor, a highly powerful Night Demon forged by Isaac, has corrupted the local Priory into planning to destroy the town so it can harness their souls to open the Infinite Corridor, a gateway between dimensions.

The Priory's chief monk Sala plans to open an access to Hell, from which Dracula very nearly escapes back to the Earthly Plane with Lisa, but Sala is killed, and the mysterious and seemingly immortal Saint Germain helps Trevor and Sypha to destroy the Visitor and all the demons it summoned, before hijacking the Infinite Corridor to reach his long-lost lover. This ends Dracula’s threat, but for how long?

Season Four

Following the thwarted attempt of Dracula's resurrection in Lindenfeld, several other groups of vampires and other nefarious factions and entities would plan to do the same covering six weeks of preparation and carefully planned timing to bring back the vampire lord. It was made clear that Dracula's role and image in both the human and vampire world was considered somewhat sacred. Though Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades would scour the countryside of Wallachia, stopping apparently unending hordes of Dracula cults and worshippers, it would not be enough to stop the plots regarding his resurrection.

The goal of restoring the deceased Vlad Dracula Tepes became a goal shared by many, including the once just Count Saint Germain, whom had gone unhinged in his quest for finding his lover again, after she had disappeared in the Infinite Corridor. In order to once again pull Dracula and his wife out of Hell, a sacrifice needed to be made to power the ritual.

A band of vampire magicians had assembled a body sewn together of both male and female body parts. The disfigured hybrid was meant to imprison both Tepes and create a hermaphrodite known as a Rebis; a dichotomy of two separate sexes intertwined in the same body. With the addition of incantations and the power/rage of Dracula, this abomination held the ability of to become a tool strong enough to control the Infinite Corridor like the night creature at Lindenfeld, known as the Visitor.

However, due to the sheer trauma of being ripped out of Hell and back in the land of the living and being placed inside the Rebis, coupled with the fear of Lisa's torment, Dracula's rage would know no bounds and he would be rendered nothing but hatred, malice and destruction incarnate. This unknown information served as the ultimate endgame of the true manipulator and deceiver of the series; Death, all as part of a plot to keep himself forever fed off the life energy of everything in the world.

The clouded Saint Germain, who had destroyed his humanity to save the woman he loved, believed he controlled the whole procedure. However, in truth he was deceived by an English vampire known as Varney, disguised as the female Alchemist which had goaded Germain to fully commit to his magician education, that Alchemist in turn was later revealed to be the Grim Reaper, Death himself. Death had orchestrated everything in regards to the plot to return Dracula to life, due to his anger over Dracula's demise. The vampire king's onslaught of the human race would have fed Death beyond compare and make him virtually the most powerful being on the planet. As an elemental spirit unable to interact with warfare and magic, Death relied on murderous people such as Dracula to keep him well fed. Therefore, he desired to restore Dracula back to his original plan, only now even more uncontrolled and mad.

They managed to pull the Tepes couple into Dracula's castle and force their souls into the hermaphroditic Rebis, which was struggling to contain the two. Mercifully, their torture was cut short as Alucard, Trevor and Sypha destroyed the body, unknowingly freeing the Tepes's spirits. They were subsequently resurrected as a result, whereupon they woke confused, suddenly restored to life.

The next day, Dracula and Lisa took the clothes of some strangers living on a nearby farm ad rented a room at an inn, where they tried to make sense of how they had been revived. Inevitably, they decided that they were both being given a second chance and opted to utilize it.; Dracula and Lisa realized that it would be for the better if their son was left alone for the time being and that he needed to try to get some closure in life, seeing how much devastation was caused following both of their deaths.

Dracula and Lisa, resurrected and at peace.

The remarkably calm Dracula suggested that they should travel somewhere remote; a place of solitude fit for them to start over. He said he had been reading about an English town called Whitby, near the coast with about 20 houses, little sunshine and fish, which he believed would be a good home for them. The two then stated that they would never get better and heal from their traumatic experiences without each other and fell asleep together at the bed, finally embracing one another and looking forward to a new, peaceful future.


  • Despite Dracula not being an incarnation of the demonic force known as Chaos as he was in the games and "merely" being an extremely powerful vampire in the animated series, this version of Dracula can be considered the second most dangerous incarnation of Dracula in the entire Castlevania series, surpassed only by the Dracula of Lords of Shadow. To compare, Trevor, Sypha and Alucard can defeat Dracula by either working together or individually, while in the series, even a weakened Dracula was able to handle their combined efforts without showing actual signs of losing and he is only killed because he lets Alucard kill him, while Dracula himself was still holding back as he never intended to kill Alucard and looked down on them at first. It's indicated by Alucard that his weakened state was the only chance they had to defeat him and had Dracula been at full power, they would have lost the fight for sure.
    • In addition, the Dracula of the animated series is noticeably more intelligent than the original game series, as his knowledge of science was exemplary, he is known to be well-versed in philosophy, and he could create advanced technology, which far exceeded any intellectual accomplishments of the Dracula of the game series.
  • Unlike his video game incarnations, the animated series version of Dracula does not return to his goals of devastation and genocide after being resurrected, having decided to return to living peacefully with Lisa and healing from the insanity, trauma and rage he had suffered when she died. As a result, he is one of a very few villains to be given a happy ending.

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