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Dracula is one of the most prominet recurring villains of Vampirella comic book series, severing as one of her archenemies. His origins is much different than the original incarnation of Dracula is that he is an alien from the same race as Vampirella.


Dracula is the most recurring villain in the series appear most as the main villain and a servant of other demon lords. He was a member of the Drakulon race who was exiled from disintegration ray, accidentally teleporting him to the realm of Chaos who would Dracula served sometimes. Spending Many Centuries there, he was warped by it's energies and transported himself into Earth where he was the first vampire.

He also worked with Vampirella's mother lilth to take her down and has recently became a day-walking vampire. He also attempted to atone for his actions in the Dracula novel by traveling back in time and refraining from killing Lucy. It backfired, as it instead killed both Mina and Lucy. He also always returns from the dead no matter how many times Vampirella slays him.

He also teamed up with Von Kreist in one of his plans in an attempt for world conquest and taking down Vampirella.

Dracula also appears in the 1996 Vampirella film as the main antagonist.