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Villain Overview

I alone control the dragons!
~ Drago Bludvist boasting to Astrid of his control over dragons.
You see, I know what it is to live in fear! To see my village burnt, my family taken. But even as a boy, left with nothing, I vowed to rise above the fear of dragons, and liberate the people of this world.
~ Drago telling Hiccup about his "tragic" background.
STOP ALL PREPARATIONS! We must attack the dragon riders nest at once! We will take down their alpha! Then we will take Berk!
~ Drago Bludvist tells his men that after defeating Valka's alpha, they will go and destroy Berk.

Drago Bludvist is the main antagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

He is the overarching antagonist of the Dragons: Race to the Edge TV Series, the unseen overarching antagonist of its video game Dragons: Rise of Berk, the main antagonist of DreamWorks' twenty-ninth full-length animated feature film How to Train Your Dragon 2, the posthumous overarching antagonist in DreamWorks' thirty-sixth full-length animated feature film How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and one of the two posthumous overarching antagonists (alongside Grimmel the Grisly) of How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming.

He is a cruel, aggressive, treacherous, truculent, cunning, vindictive, hateful and megalomaniacal warlord who sought to amass a massive army of men and dragons by enslaving dragons with his Bewilderbeast, and the second main archenemy of Hiccup. He uses his domineering traits to convince entire tribes of chieftains to follow him before proceeding to dominate humankind in a reign of terror (cementing his position as a dire threat). He is Krogan, Eret, the Warlords and the Northern Alliance's former leader, his Bewilderbeast's former master and the murderer of Stoick the Vast.

He was voiced by Djimon Hounsou in How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the Race to the Edge final episode "King of Dragons, Part 2", who also played Korath the Pursuer in the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy film, and Mose Jakande in Fast & Furious 7. In the Race to the Edge episode "Wings of War, Part 1", he was voiced by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who also played his second-in-command Krogan in the series as well as Benatu Eshu in Vixen, Waraabe in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Richard Gladwell in Gotham and Georges Rutaganda in Hotel Rwanda.



When Drago Bludvist was little, his village was attacked by dragons and his family was killed. He managed to escape but not before losing his left arm. From that point onward, he lived in fear of another dragon assault until he vowed to himself to rise above his fear and conquer the beasts that had hurt him, becoming a power-hungry and tyrannical warlord. Drago grew up learning how to control dragons with brute force and gathered an army of loyal humans under the guise of a "Dragon God", one who had absolute control of dragons. During one of his earliest conquests, Drago found a Bewilderbeast hatchling, and then tortured it until it grew to an adult, thus making the beast completely subservient to him out of fear of Drago.

Drago speaks to the chiefs.

Years before the events of the first movie, Drago visited a then dragon-terrorized Berk in an attempt to sway more people to his cause. He entered the Great Hall where an assembly of chiefs was present, promising them peace and freedom from the threat of dragons, but only if they chose to bow down and follow him. The chiefs took this for a joke and rejected his offer by laughing at him.

Drago with Krogan.

Fueled with ire and revenge by the abuse, Drago left the hall calling back to the chiefs, "Then see how well you'll do without me!". Moments later, two of Drago's armored dragons descended into the hall through the roof and burned it to the ground, killing all of the chiefs except for Stoick, who narrowly managed to escape with his life. Stoick then saw Drago with his right-hand, Krogan, before they left the scene.

In spite of his failed attempt to recruit Stoick and his fellow chiefs as his followers, however, Drago ultimately went to gain the trust of Ragnar the Rock, Griselda the Grievous and Chaghatai Khan, three ruthless warlords from Glacier Island who opted to follow him, so they could control all dragons and conquer the world with them.

Eventually, Drago met Eret, and made him one of his dragon trappers.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Krogan: Wait, Drago, please. I will not fail you again.
Drago: No one fails me twice.
~ Drago to Krogan shortly before having the latter be executed.

Drago was aware Johann was after the Bewilderbeast. He then became the mysterious customer of the Dragon Hunters, which Johann was part of as a leader. In order to make them succeed, he sends Krogan to help them find it so he can capture it and bring it to him, or to buy it from the Dragon Hunters.

Drago signaling his soldiers to execute Krogan.

In the final episode, Krogan fails to bring Drago a Bewilderbeast. Krogan asks an impatient Drago to wait some more time until he finds a Bewilderbeast, promising to not fail him again. However, Drago determines that no one fails him twice and has Krogan executed. He then claims that he will find a Bewilderbeast himself, despite having already captured one in the past.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hearing about the "Dragon Master'

In the film, Drago appears after Eret captures some dragons and most of the Dragon Riders. During the confrontation, Snotlout's dragon, Hookfang, was awake and Drago tells his men who try to hold him to let go and shields himself from Hookfang's flames and yells to control as he heavily places his foot on Hookfang's snout.

After hearing about that there are more dragons, Drago chokes Eret as he asks how many are there, while Astrid tells that Berk has a lot of dragons, as she says that he will be tracked down and that there is another person, who is Hiccup, who can control the dragons.

As he throws Eret due to leading him to them, he announces that he will take over Berk, as well as ordering Eret to be dead, but is protected by Stormfly, who ends up being shot by a dart.

Battle of the Bewilderbeast and Killing Stoick the Vast

Drago summons his Bewilderbeast.

No dragon can resist the Alpha's command. So, he who controls the alpha, controls them all.
~ Drago Bludvist over his dragon, the Muddy Bewilderbeast.

After hearing about this, Drago immediately orders the Northern Alliance to invade the nearest dragon nest and take down its alpha. Here, the dragon riders of Berk interfere, destroying many of the Alliance's traps and weapons all while the alpha Bewilderbeast of the dragon nest emerges. In smug retaliation, Drago unleashes his own Bewilderbeast and allows the two to fight for supremacy while he dueled with Stoick.

Then, Drago meets Hiccup in the heat of battle, with the latter imploring Drago to stop his evil, saying that dragons are not just monsters as well as pointing out the senselessness of the warlord's actions. Drago rejects Hiccup's pleas and instead has the Bewilderbeast (who managed to kill the alpha Bewilderbeast) possess Toothless before giving the order to kill Hiccup.

As a result, Stoick gets killed in an attempt to save Hiccup from being blasted by the possessed Toothless, something which delights Drago. Hiccup, in a fit of despair, briefly disowns Toothless. Toothless and all of the adult dragons present at the time of the attack under the influence of Drago's Bewilderbeast, are captured by Drago. He then rides Toothless and his massive army to Berk.

Battling Hiccup and Toothless

Drago witnessing Hiccup.

Take control of it! (Hiccup: Shut it out, Toothless!) Stop them!
~ Drago ordering his Bewilderbeast to take control of Toothless.

Upon arrival at Berk, Drago announces to the villagers that their chief had perished and proceeds to annihilate the village with his Bewilderbeast by attempting to freeze it. Hiccup intervenes not long after and Drago gives him a "chance" to try and win back Toothless' loyalty with the expectation that Hiccup would fail.

To his surprise, Hiccup succeeds and Toothless breaks free of the Bewilderbeast's psychic grip. He then whacks Toothless with his melee weapon in an attempt to get him back under the Bewilderbeast's influence, but he fails and is dismounted by Toothless. He lands on his Bewilderbeast, where he orders it to kill Hiccup and Toothless, encasing the pair in a large tomb of ice, seemingly killing them.

Final Battle and Death

Never! Come on!
~ Drago ordering his Bewilderbeast to fight.

Drago soaks in his victory, before an explosion shatters the ice, revealing both Hiccup and Toothless to be unharmed. Toothless, now with enhanced powers and immunity to the Bewilderbeast's control, challenges the latter for the position of alpha dragon, repeatedly pummeling the Bewilderbeast with shots. This distracts the Bewilderbeast enough to free the other dragons from its control, and they unleash a massive volley of fireballs, forcing Drago to take cover, but not before several blasts knock off his prosthetic arm, exposing the stump where his real arm used to be. Toothless fires one last huge shot, taking off one of the Bewilderbeast's tusks.

Drago's soon-to-be-death.

Drago and his Bewilderbeast are defeated, and the latter retreats into the ocean with Drago still on it. It is heavily implied that Drago drowned, as the Bewilderbeast could swim underwater whereas Drago could not, and without his prosthetic arm, he was likely rendered unable to swim, that too with the third film taking place a year after Drago's defeat, he would've surely resurfaced if he survived, thus seemingly confirming his death. His Bewilderbeast, on the other hand, albeit offscreen, goes to live in peace to the Hidden World, finally free from his control.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

A year since Drago’s defeat, and no further along with your dragon army I see.
~ Grimmel the Grisly to the Warlords.

A year after his demise, the Northern Alliance ends up being hired by his other followers (after Krogan's execution). The Warlords try to succeed on his plans of world domination, but get constantly foiled by the Dragon Riders, so they hire Grimmel the Grisly, the dragon hunter who hunted almost all Night Furies to extinction. However, Grimmel ends up betraying the trio by taking Toothless and the Light Fury, something Drago would do after his goal succeeded, leaving the dragons they captured to be leaderless. However, Hiccup saves both the dragons and Grimmel falls to his death, leaving Drago's surviving men useless and purposeless once all dragons retreat into the Hidden World. With Grimmel gone for good, dragons are safe until humankind can coexist peacefully with them. Until then, only the Berkians will guard their secret.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

While Drago isn't mentioned at all, his actions still have an impact since he indirectly murdered Stoick the Vast. With dragons losing their previous reputation of Berk as their greatest allies following them being separated thanks to Grimmel's actions, Stoick the Vast also became quickly forgotten with kids disrespecting his legacy. In order to fix these two problems, Chief Hiccup has a play organized to retell the exact moments how humans and dragons befriended in order to make the kids vie dragons as friends and respect the legacy of Stoick the Vast. However, unfortunately for Hiccup, the play deviated too much from history in which it was Stoick that befriended Toothless. Luckily, this has done it's job perfectly as Stoick the Vast became respected and dragons were viewed as allies.


Drago is a 50-year-old, 6'10, 300 lb, well-built man matching his intimidating and dangerous personality. He wears a prosthetic arm from when his original was cut off by a dragon attack and wears his hair and beard in thick dreadlocks. Multiple scars run over Drago's face and body, evidence of his past encounters with dragons. His attire consists of a sleeveless shirt, a thick waist belt and a huge black cape made from dragon skin. Attached to his belt, he wears a loincloth, blue trousers, and boots covered in fur.

According to The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Drago was designed to look as racially ambiguous as possible and from a land far from the Vikings of Berk. His appearance had several influences from different countries and cultures. His clothing was based of Slavic origin, while his actual physical appearance was based of people from the Mediterranean and northern Africa.


Men who kill without reason cannot be reasoned with.
~ Stoick describing Drago.

Authoritarian, erratic, cantankerous, two-faced and cold-blooded, Drago is a murderous, narcissistic and obstreperous warlord who considers anyone who disagrees with him a threat to his position of power and subsequently needs to be eliminated. Stoick and Valka understood only too well that reasoning with him was a futile endeavor. When he encountered Hiccup and saw his mastery of dragons, he attempted to win Hiccup's loyalty over and justify his own actions, claiming he was a man of the people who would free mankind from the fear of dragons.

However, much of his behavior was on the contrary, as while he oppressed and enslaved dragons through fear, his treatment of humans was not better by much, if at all. He also responds to ridicule from the chieftains by burning them alive. However, he allows Astrid and the other Berkian hostages to ridicule him since he could get answers from them. He hides his prosthetic left arm with his cape from everyone because of his narcissistic need to appear invincible.

While he was almost as effective at dragon-training as Hiccup, his approach was radically different. As opposed to Hiccup's compassionate and reward-based training style, Drago utilized psychological spirit-breaking and learned helplessness to totally quell any remotely rebellious impulses and render his dragons totally subdued in his presence. Hiccup and Toothless had a warm relationship based on trust and mutual respect, Drago had a toxic and manipulative relationship with all his dragons.

Drago often utilized his tragic story of his family being killed and having his village burned as a child. He also defends his choice to subjugate dragons due to one removing his arm albeit in unspecific circumstances and at an unspecific time. Despite his claims of wanting to liberate humans from dragons, in actuality he seeks to form a pyramid with him at the pinnacle, dragons below him and humans at the very bottom.

Despite his obvious madness, Drago possesses complete mastery over dragons. Even the most fearsome of creatures were completely helpless and afraid in his presence. However, his greatest weakness was that he could not respect or even understand a love or bond between a dragon and a person. Drago's ultimate undoing was his inability to understand dragons being peaceful, nonviolent and elegant creatures that Hiccup spoke about; in his eyes they were nothing but warmongering and obstreperous monsters, which led to him being utterly dumbfounded when Hiccup was able to get Toothless to break the connection between him and the Alpha out of sheer loyalty for one another.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength and Fighting Skills: Despite his disadvantage of his missing arm, Drago is a formidable fighter and opponent to both humans and dragons, being able to defeat Valka with relative ease and hold his own very well against Stoick the Vast. However, despite his combat skills, he rarely uses them himself unless necessary, preferring to rely on his dragons and henchmen to do his dirty work.
  • Controlling Dragons: Unlike Hiccup, Valka and the rest of the dragon riders, Drago enslaves his dragons with brute force and intimidation, and is able to use his Bewilderbeast to brainwash any who refused to follow him.
  • Strategy: Drago is an outstanding strategist and tactician, he is able to conquer enemy positions easily. However Drago prefers brute force, he believes that it’s more effective than strategy, cunning and tactic.
  • Leadership: Drago is more than capable in leading his vast and enormous army of Dragon Hunters and of dragons in armor.


Then see how well you can do without me!
~ Drago leaves the Hall and orders sends some dragons he enslaved to burn it down.
I don't want excuses! I want The King of Dragons!!
~ Drago asking his minion, Krogan where the Bewilderbeast is.
Get to the point!
~ Drago ordering Krogan to say what happened to the Bewilderbeast.
No one fails me twice.
~ Drago neglects Krogan's favor of forgiveness.
I’ll find another King of Dragons myself.
~ Drago realizes that he has to find another Bewilderbeast now.
You belong to me now!
~ Drago to Hookfang.
First there was one rider and now all of Berk?! You led them to ME!
~ Drago to Eret.
Whatever comes, keep hitting the mountain. We need to draw the alpha out!
~ Drago ordering his men to fire at the mountain
The alpha! Now we have a fight!
~ Drago during the first showdown between him and Hiccup and after the male Alpha has released.
I've waited a long time for this!
~ Drago to Valka during their fight.
You? I watched you burn!
~ Drago to Stoick during their fight.
We've won! Now… finish her!
~ Drago ordering his Bewilderbeast to kill Valka.
This is the great dragon master? The son of Stoick the Vast? What shame he must feel.
~ Drago meets Hiccup for the first time.
Well, you need dragons to conquer other dragons.
~ Drago to Hiccup.
NO! Let me show you!
~ Drago shows Hiccup the great power of his Bewilderbeast.
Witness true strength! The strength of will over others!
~ Drago Bludvist.
Your chief is dead! No one can protect you now!
~ Drago Bludvist seizing power over Berk.
You certainly are hard to get rid of, I'll say that.
~ Drago to Hiccup.
He's not yours anymore. He belongs to the Alpha! But please, oh great Dragon Master, try to take him. He will not miss a second time.
~ Drago to Hiccup.
~ Drago ordering his Bewilderbeast to fight, his breakdown and also his last words.


  • Drago is the only villain in the HTTYD franchise who appears in a film and the TV series.
  • He appears to have a cape made of dragon hide that can withstand the fire of a Monstrous Nightmare. The cape appears to be made of Night Fury skin, meaning he may have been allies once with Grimmel the Grisly, the overarching antagonist in the franchise and main antagonist in the third film, the latter of which has hunted down the Night Furies to near-extinction.
  • Drago is the second most foremost antagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, behind Grimmel, as he was the main person behind Krogan's part of Dragons: Race to the Edge, where he allies himself with Johann to help him find the King of Dragons and bring the Bewilderbeast to him, or buy it from the Dragon Hunters, and his death had posthumously set the events of the third film since he indirectly killed Stoick, which made Hiccup chief and make a dragon-human utopia, and his death led to the Warlords to be in command, who then hire Grimmel to capture all of Berk's dragons. However, Grimmel is proven to be arguably more dangerous and cruel as Drago enslaved dragons to his will due to being driven by revenge while Grimmel hunted them out of pure sadism and delusions and a desire for fame.
  • He shares various facial characteristics with his enslaved Bewilderbeast: Dreadlocks, wrinkles, broad chin, darker-than-usual skin tones, well-built physique, and so on. With this point, it contrasts with Valka's mask.
  • One of Drago's dragon-capturing machines is called the Scrambler. It makes a screeching noise that paralyzes a dragon into submission, and then Drago can bend the animal to his will. It is possible that Drago may have seen a Screaming Death, and had been unable to capture it. However, he could have figured out that the scream it emits temporarily disorients dragons and possibly based the Scrambler's design on this concept.
  • His last name is pronounced "Blood-fist" by many fans. This may be a pun on "bloody fist".
  • Despite being the main antagonist of the second film, Drago only appears in the second half of the movie.
  • Director Dean DeBlois originally stated in his teasers that Drago would appear in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, saying "You have to wait until the third film to actually see where Drago's character goes. He is a lot more complex than he's presented in this second installment". Drago was even going to be redeemed by the end of the film after his defeat.
    • However, halfway through the production of the film, Drago was scrapped from production as Steven Spielberg warned DeBlois that Drago's redemption story required much more screen time than they could provide. This likely means that Drago drowned when his Bewilderbeast retreated into the ocean.
  • His character model would later be used as the basis for another DreamWorks sequel villain, Kai in Kung Fu Panda 3, both of which are quite similar.
  • Ryker Grimborn's appearance is similar to an early concept art of Drago Bludvist, originally known back then as "Darko".

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