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The Dragon is an antagonist in the book Shrek! by William Steig.


The irascible dragon was preparing to separate Shrek from his noggin. But Shrek got him between the eyes with a putrid blue flame. The poor dragon thudded over, unconscious for the day.
~ Shrek! book.

When Shrek saw a sign with a written sentence about danger, he ignored it. He saw the dragon, bowed to it, but it slammed him. Shrek then wrestles it, then he looked at it with blue flame and defeated it.


The dragon was wingless, unlike typical illustrations of dragons. It also appeared to have a cow-like face, zebra-like stripes and leopard-like spots. It looks nothing like Dragon from the DreamWorks Animation's Shrek, since she has wings and fully pink without spots or stripes.


The dragon did not like anybody who passed, so it slammed Shrek when he passed, despite him bowing. It is likely a sadistic type based on its behavior.


  • This dragon is a form of a drake, which is a type of dragon with four legs and no wings.


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