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Dragon (TMNT)

The Dragon

The Dragon is one of the main antagonists of the IDW comics. He is the father of the Pantheon in the IDW continuity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kitsune seeks to revive him to unite the Pantheon and destroy humanity in the progress.


The Dragon is a dragon god who existed for centuries until his disappearance. He had eight children who ruled each animal and they are from oldest to youngest Aka, Manmoth, Gothano, Chi-You, Rat King, Toad Baron, Jagwar, and Kitsune. The Dragon at some point died but lived on as a spirit.

Role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW)''

The Dragon first appeared in a vision by Leonardo when he sees The Dragon who then attacks Leo before waking up. statie that he is the Future that burns. The Dragon was then mentioned by his children during the Pantheon family reunion where Kitsune reveals that she was grooming Oroku Saki into becoming a vessel for their father and that with some enchantments. Then, would be worthy of becoming the host of their father which would wipe out humanity in the progress. However Kitsune's siblings disagreed with her plans saying not mortal would wield the power of their father and are spkectible of Kitsune Plans being foiled. The Dragon appears briefly in Karai's path as a ghost where his spirit talked to Karai about the Sword who warns her the Dangers but decides to help Karai due to her being so respectful and polite.

Powers and Abilities

As the father of the Pantheon, he is most likely a powerful deity in the TMNT universe. He is also connected spiritually as shown when interacting with Karai.

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