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The Dragon Hunters are a recurring antagonistic faction in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, appearing as one of the two main antagonistic factions (alongside the Sons of Garmadon) of "Season 9: Hunted" and as a minor protagonistic faction in "Season 10: March of the Oni".


The Dragon Hunters were an ancient tribe set in the First Realm of Oni and Dragons. Eventually, they came under the leadership of the Iron Baron, who gained their trust by manipulating and telling them lies of how he led a search party and battled the evil Oni. He claimed revenge on Firstbourne, the mother of all dragons who robbed him of his arm and his leg in a fierce battle between the two. The Dragon Hunters began searching for Firstbourne and all dragons to harness their elemental powers, but their primary goal was to find Firstbourne's nest, as legend had it that the Dragon Armour was hidden there by her and the First Spinjitzu Master, and it has the power to control the Firstbourne.

The best of the Dragon Hunters was Heavy Metal, and the other Hunters assumed Heavy Metal, although she was in reality a woman called Faith forced by Iron Baron to wear a mask and conceal her identity. Eventually, they found a mysterious, half-broken crash-landed ship where they found the four ninja and young Wu. Upon learning this, Iron Baron ordered them to hunt them down with their chain guns and capture them. However, since Cole and Wu left to find some food, the Hunters only caught Kai, Jay, and Zane, and after bringing them to the Iron Baron, who immediately assumed them to be Oni, they are taken to the arena of Dead's End. They are thrown into the Pit, where they are forced to battle and defend themselves. Slab overpowers them until they use Elemental Powers to defeat Slab, revealing they are not Oni but Elemental Masters.

Shocked, the Iron Baron orders them to be captured, and watches as Heavy Metal and all the Hunters charge the ninja. Heavy Metal quickly defeats the ninja and chains them together. As they go hunting that night, they take the ninja and tied them up at a metal pole. They activate the elemental lever, exposing the ninja's elemental powers to the dragons. They spot a Wind Dragon, and use their chain guns to bring it down, allowing them to take it back to Dead's End. As they prepare to feast on the Wind Dragon(a type of dragon they had never caught before) Iron Baron gives a speech, but they are interrupted when they mistake a mechanical plane modelled similar to a dragon as Firstbourne, not knowing that Dangerbuff Jr. one of their newest members, was actually the ninja's master, Wu, turned back into a child and he was also undercover with Cole, another ninja. Iron Baron shoots it to the floor, where they realize the trick.

A moment later, however, the real Firstbourne arrives and grabs their attention, allowing the ninja to escape. The Hunters hid and tried to capture Firstbourne, but noticed the ninja and briefly battled them. However, Firstbourne froze the Hunters, allowing the ninja to free the dragons. All the dragons fly away and the ninja also escape, leaving the Hunters to break free. Angered of his defeat, Iron Baron prepares the Hunters to go hunting.

Firstly, he sends Heavy Metal, and later, Daddy No Legs and Muzzle to find them, and when they don't come back, Iron Baron leads the hunters to search for them. Eventually, they come across Daddy No Legs and Muzzle bound in chains, and they reveal Heavy Metal has teamed up with the ninja and is helping them on the run. Chew Toy picks up the scent of the ninja, and all the Hunters continue their search. However, they find themselves at the borders of Oni land, as the ninja and Heavy Metal had ventured into there. On Iron Baron's orders, they comply and chase down the ninja.

They manage to hold the Hunter's vehicles, until they find out Heavy Metal is actually a female, Faith. To allow the ninja to escape, Faith lets herself be caught by the Hunters. To lure the ninja in, Iron Baron and the Hunters bury Faith alive in the desert, and when the ninja return to rescue her, they are surrounded and hung on a pole with Faith, as the Hunters celebrate their victory around a campfire. Faith attempts to expose the Iron Baron, but he merely silences her claims and activates the elemental lever. Instead, this further ages Wu into a mid-aged adult, and allows him to jump down.

He battles through the hunters but he is defeated by Iron Baron, who lies and promises if he helps him find the Dragon Armor so he can control Firstbourne, he will allow Wu and the ninja to return home. The duo leave, leaving the Hunters to guard Faith and the remaining ninja. Eventually, they come to the decision that Iron Baron does not care about them and will betray them once he has the armour, and they free the ninja. Wu arrives in the Dragon Armour, riding Firstbourne accompanied with other dragons, and reveals when the Baron wore the armour, it did not work and the Firstbourne left him to die. The Hunters rejoice and name Faith as their leader, and bid goodbye to Wu and the ninja as they fly away on their dragons back to Ninjago. When Ninjago was saved from Lord Garmadon, Firstbourne and the other dragons returned to the First Realm.

Later, the Oni, led by The Omega, returned to the realm and attacked. The Hunters and dragons fought back, but they were quickly taken down, save for Faith, who escaped with Firstbourne in time to warn Ninjago of the incoming threat. When the Oni were destroyed, the Hunters, having been frozen by the Oni's darkness, unfroze. After celebrating the destruction of the Oni, Faith returned and continued her role as their leader.

Known Members

Iron Baron - The cruel former leader of the Dragon Hunters who sought the Dragon Armour to control Firstbourne, who later entrapped him in a molten lava statue, and as a result he certainly died sometime before the Oni attack, as it is impossible to go so long without air, food or water. (formerly)

Faith/Heavy Metal - The current leader, and original second-in-command and general forced by the Iron Baron to wear a mask and conceal her identity until she rebelled, allied with the ninja and became their new leader.

Jet Jack - The current second-in-command who originally opposed Heavy Metal for the Iron Baron's favouritism until they rebelled and she became the second-in-command of Faith.

Daddy No Legs - A hunter-general who lost his legs while hunting, and uses his Spider No-Legs Mech to travel. He is Muzzle's best friend and one of the only people to understand his language. He is also tasked transporting prisoners to the pit.

Muzzle - A Hunter and Daddy No Legs' best friend who speaks a different language from the other Hunters only a few can understand.

Chew Toy - A dog-like hunter who provides entertainment and comic-relief for the Hunters while they watch arena fights in the pit. He also has an incredible sense of smell.

Arkade - The top mechanic of the Hunters who often builds advanced machines and vehicles, powered by the slot machine planted in his chest.

Scar the Skullbreaker - A famous Hunter and friend of Stalwart Dangerbuff.

Stalwart Dangerbuff - A Hunter of the Dangerbuff clan and friend of Scar the Skullbreaker.

Otto Pilot - The pilot of Iron Baron's Hunter Helicopter.

Rocky Dangerbuff (Cole) - Undercover in an attempt to save Kai, Jay, and Zane. (formerly)

Dangerbuff Jr. (Wu) - Undercover in an attempt to save Kai, Jay, and Zane. (formerly)