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Would you like to know a secret, cop?
~ Dragon Lady Jasmine

Dragon Lady Jasmine is an antagonist of the 2007 film Rush Hour 3.

She was portrayed by Youki Kudoh.


Dragon Lady Jasmine is an assassin working for Kenji, the brother of Chief Inspector Lee and the film's main antagonist. Jasmine meets Lee in a bar and takes him back to her room, where she promptly attempts to kill him. A fight ensues and Lee manages to escape with his partner, Detective James Carter, leaving Jasmine behind. She reappears at the top of the Eiffel Tower. As Carter goes to rescue the tied-up Soo-Yung, Jasmine appears behind them and attempts to drop Soo-Yung from the edge of the tower. Carter grabs the rope to prevent her from falling and swings back towards Jasmine, where Soo-Yung manages to kick her into one of the tower's rotating crank wheels. Screaming in terror, Jasmine is crushed to death by the wheel as a horrified Carter and Soo-Yung look on.


Jasmine is shown to be a seductive and manipulative woman, luring Lee to her room in an attempt to entice him and kill him when he lets his guard down. She appears to be sadistic, giving a smug smile when she is about to kill Soo-Yung.



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