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I am the Dragonlord, master of masters, king of kings! Long have I awaited this moment. Come! Take thy rightful place at my side! Do so, and I will grant unto thee dominion over half this world! What say'st thou? Wilt thou rule beside me?
~ The Dragonlord to the Hero, offering him a chance to join him.
This proud and mighty beast rules over all the dragon clans of the world with a high and haughty hand.
~ The Dragonlord's bestiary entry in Dragon Quest IX.

The Dragonlord (竜王/りゅうおう, King Dragon in Japanese), also sometimes known as Dracolord while in his wizard form, is the main antagonist and final boss of the Famicom/NES game Dragon Quest (formerly known as Dragon Warrior in the US) as well as its MSX, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, iOS/Android, and Nintendo Switch remakes. He sank the kingdom of Alefgard into darkness by stealing the Sphere of Light, filling Alfegard with dangerous monsters and kidnapped the princess of Tantegel.

He received another major antagonistic role in Dragon Quest Builders, which takes place in an alternate scenario where he Hero from Dragon Quest chose to join forces with the Dragonlord, instead of battling him. A very determining choice, infamous in JRPG video games history.

In the manga Dragon Quest: The Emblem of Roto, Dragonlord appeared as a secondary antagonist as a right-hand of Imajin.


Dragon Quest

The Dragonlord stole the mystical Sphere of Light in order to flood the world with demons and monsters while kidnapping Princess Gwaelin for unknown reasons as well. As the successor of the legendary hero Erdrick, the game's Hero is tasked with defeating this menace.  Right before the final battle, the player should be wary when the Dragonlord asks the hero to join him because answering "yes" triggers an immediate Game Over. If the answer "no" is chosen, the final battle begins. The hero begins battling him in his sorcerer form and after he is defeated, he will change into his dragon form. 

In the alternative scenario where the Hero joins him, he will proceed to use the Sphere of Light to engulf Alefgard in total darkness (just as the great evil who preceded him did), strip humanity from the vital skill of construction, and leave them at their fortune in a monster-infested world, likely in hopes that they would turn to him as their new king and savior. Reaching to mankind's plights, Almighty Rubiss sends forth a savior called the Legendary Builder to deliver Alefgard from the darkness and suffering.

Fortune Street

The Dragonlord is one of the unlockable, playable characters in Fortune Street and Itadaki Street DS. He can be unlocked in Fortune Street by placing first or second on the Alefgard board in Tour Mode.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragonlord appears as a legacy boss. His map is randomly dropped by Greygnarl in the grottoes.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker

His two forms are common monsters in the series. His sorcerer form can be synthesized with a Demon-at-Arms and a Great Dragon. His dragon, two-space form requires Dracolord (his first form), a Gem Slime, a Captain Crow, and an Alabast Dragon. Dracolord is a Rank S monster; Dragonlord is Rank X and they're both of the Dragon Family.

Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory

He appears as one of Nokturnus' finest warriors, and he's the final opponent that the player must face in the Dragon Quest I story arc.

Dragon Quest X

This fiend appears in Dragon Quest X inside the new Dragonlord's Castle location as part of the "Battle of the Dragonlord Castle" event in as part of the series' 30th anniversary celebration. The castle is an enhanced 3D version of the last chamber in the original game. The Dragonlord appears in his sorcerer form and tempts the Hero into joining him, just like in the original game. If the player refuses, the sorcerer will immediately transform into his well-known dragon form. His wizard form is not fought in this game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

While the Dragonlord himself does not appear, the final boss of Hero's Classic Mode campaign "A History of Heroism" is based on him. His first form is Robin, and once he is defeated, turns into a giant purple Charizard that references Dragonlord's draconic form.

Captain N: The Game Master

The Dragonlord appears in the episodes "Three Men & A Dragon" and "Trojan Dragon". He is a minion of Mother Brain and the king of the dragons. He only appears in his dragon form, and is colored red instead of purple.


Dragon Quest became the first in a series of classic roleplaying videogames where, even if dragons became less relevant in several of the following installments, the name "Dragon Quest" remained, reminiscing of the very first quest for the Dragonlord. This sorcerer also holds the title of being the first turn-based battle JRPG final boss.


He first appears as a blue-skinned wizard with yellow eyes and a pair of horns. He wears purple robes, a golden necklace with a red orb and bears a wooden dragon-shaped staff in his left hand.

His true form is revealed to be a large purple dragon with red horns, sharp teeth, and a yellow underbelly. This form is probably where his name, as well as the series' name, come from.



A Dragonlord Draw Near! Command?
~ The game's message for the first battle phase of the Dragonlord.
The Dragonlord revealed his true self! Command?
~ The game's message for the second battle phase of the Dragonlord.
Thou art a fool!
~ Dragonlord to The Hero if he refuses to join Dragonlord's side.
Then half of this world is thine, half of the darkness, and.... If thou dies I can bring thee back for another attempt without loss of thy deed to date. Thy journey is over. Take now a long, long rest. HaHaHaHa...
~ Dragonlord last words before killing The Hero in the bad ending.


You had come, (Hero's name), I am the King of Kings... I am King Dragon! I've been waiting for you. So, you're the young man destined to arrive... If you want to be my ally, I'll give you half of the world, (Hero's name). What do you say? Will you be my ally?
~ The Dragonlord offering The Hero a chance to join him.
What! You don't want half of the world? How disappointing. Wouldn't you like to reconsider?
~ Dragonlord shock of The Hero's refusal to join his force, but later ask again in a disappointed tone.
Well then, by all means, try to defeat me. Foolish mortal! You will realize what true suffering is!
~ Dragonlord to The Hero if he once again refuses to join him.
Dragon King appeared!
~ The game's message of first battle phase of Dragonlord.
King Dragon's form gradually disappears... What!? King Dragon's true form is revealed!
~ The game's message of the battle's second phase of Dragonlord.
Dragon King emitted a violent blaze!
~ The game's message of Dragonlord's attack.

Dragon Quest Builders

So, thou art come before me at last, (Builder name)! I am the Dragonlord, master of masters, king of kings! I did not anticipate the coming of one such as thee. Thou art no hero. Thou art naught but a flawed and feeble puppet of Rubiss, forsaken by thy master. And yet, there are is a fire in thine eyes... A fearful force burneth within thee. This power of creation thou wield'st is a terrible thing indeed... as thou knowest full well. Thou hast seen it with thine own eyes, hast thou not? In Cantlin, Rimuldar, Kol and Galenholm... In every place, the Humans uses their powers to rebel against their fate, and brought a fate more miserable still upon their heads. I had no choice but to eliminate that corrupting power. Had I not done so, this world would thrown out of balance, and fallen into ruin once more. So come, builder. Allow me to eliminate the last vestige of mankind's corruption-thee!
~ Dragonlord to the builder, believing that he was a puppet of Rubiss, and how corrupt mankind was before their battle.
Hm hm hm... 'Twould seem I underestimated thee... How came a weakling child to wield such power...? Ahh, I see it now... This strength of vis not thine alone, but that of thy creations...
~ Dragonlord, being impressed the Builder defeat his humanoid form, realize how he gain such powerful strength.
Hear me, (builder name)... Before I reveal to thee my true strength, I will make thee an offer. The same I made unto the last visitor to darken these wall... Join me, and half this world shall be thine. 'Tis an offer few would refuse... Thou art no hero, (builder name). Thy part in Rubiss's schemes is already end. Let not thy life be cut short in turn. Be not afeared... The world I grant unto thee will not be one of Darkness. 'Twill be a land of light and liberty, where thou mightst build a kingdom in thine own image. So, (builder name)...I give thee one last chance...Come! Take thy rightful place at my side! Do so, and I will grant unto thee dominion half this world! What say'st thou? Willt thou rule beside me?
~ The Dragonlord offering the builder a chance to join his force, and promising that he will give him a land of light.





  • In the American manual to Dragon Quest, the Dragonlord's origin is told as part of the story. He was originally a mortal man who shunned the power of the Ball of Light and retreated into the mountains where he encountered a dragon. Anticipating his death, the man instead discovered that the dragon would obey his every command, and he would in time use this power to raise an army and attack Alefgard as the Dragonlord.
  • In the Japanese version, the Dragonlord and Dracolord are two separate beings, as Dracolord is the evil sorcerer that was banished from Alefgard for practicing dark magic, and the Dragonlord, the mightiest and most feared dragon in the kingdom that decided to serve the Dracolord. This was later retconned in the Super Famicom remake of the game, in which the Dragonlord became the sorcerer's more powerful transformation.
  • Despite being a dragon, the Dragon Quest IX bestiary classifies it under the "Unknown" category with all of the legacy bosses. Dragon-slash will not inflict on it more than the regular damage, preventing players from exploiting a vulnerability.
  • It is revealed in Dragon Quest Builders that he might have been a ruler with a twisted sense of harmony. In the end, he says that he wanted to free humanity from the curse of constructing and inventing and sees the Builder as the true menace to humankind.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is a homage to the Dragonlord in the Classic Mode for the Hero fighter. The final boss starts off with a single Robin fighter, but as soon as that is defeated, a giant purple Charizard fighter appears which the player is also required to defeat. This references how the Dragonlord starts off in his human form then turns into a giant dragon as the second phase upon defeat.


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