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Dragonpig is a minor deity venerated by all the pigs of the World of Twelve. As the main antagonist ,only in the episode that takes its name from season 2 of Wakfu.


To take on a physical appearance the Dragonpig enters the body of a newborn baby pig and grows next to it, developing a few fangs, a size and a power much larger than a common pig. It differs from the others by its great aggressiveness and its dangerousness, besides the gases that the animal releases from the mortal children for which they are exposed to them. 


In Dofus

Formerly it lived in the mountain his lair , in its own den. Later he decided to leave the cave to go live in the territory of the pigs, since the mountain was too dangerous and there is enough mud to wallow comfortably. 

When an adventurer defeats Dragonpig and the game makes his soul is released and re-enters the body of a baby pig, so his presence is infinite and has followers.

In Wakfu

But this barbaric act did not go unnoticed, the Dragon Pig watches and to take revenge, it removes Ruel with the firm intention to eat it. His friends pursue him by using Kamasu-tar's flair Ruel's phorer. The latter leads them to the entrance to the Dragon Pig Dungeon. Yugo has already heard of this monster of legend, it seems that it is immortal and that it has the strength of a god. But above all, according to Alibert, it is from its meat that one can make the "Ultimate Ham".

Thus the Dragon Pig rapidly takes the advantage over Tristepin and the tabasse unrestrained. Evangelyne can not stand this without reacting. Although she is always transformed into a pig, she throws herself on the monster and bites her tail. The pain is so acute that the monster loosens Tristepin and throws Evangelyne against a wall. Tristepin does not allow anyone to hurt his girlfriend, he regains courage and after a few slaps, he launches a very powerful attack. The Dragon Pig sees it coming and does the same. Eventually, both of them take a blow so violent that they collapse at the same time. The two adversaries lie on the ground, overwhelmed by fatigue. Taking their breath, they look at each other and begin to laugh. Apparently the Dragon Pig recognized the value of Tristepin. To reward his bravery, he frees Ruel and transforms Amalia, Yugo and Evangelyne into a human, and he is not seen again after they left his cave.

it's unknown what happened to the Dragonpig afterwards, but it is likely that he is still succumbing his injuries after the fight.


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