The six Dragons

The Dragons are the main villains from Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap and it's remakes.


The Dragons rule over the monsters that live on Monster Land, each of them hidden on their own stronghold around the land. They all have the power of cursing their enemies, each of them transforming their opponents into a different animal form. After the hero Wonder Boy (or the heroine Wonder Girl in the most recent remake) gets cursed after defeating the Meka Dragon, he embarks on a journey to defeat all the dragons to retrieve the Salamander Cross, a magical artifact which can restore him to his original human form.

The Dragons

  • Meka Dragon: A robotic dragon from outer space who once terrorized Monster Land. He transforms Wonder Boy into the Lizard Man.
  • Mummy Dragon: A dragon who turned himself into a mummy and now hides inside of a pyramid. He transforms Wonder Boy into the Mouse Man.
  • Dragon Zombie: A undead dragon who lives atop the tower in the jungle. He transforms Wonder Boy into the Piranha Man.
  • Captain Dragon: Once a feared pirate who transformed himself into a dragon and now lives inside his own sunken ship. He transforms Wonder Boy into the Lion Man.
  • Daimyo Dragon: A samurai dragon who lives in a castle deep underground. He transforms Wonder Boy into the Hawk Man.
  • Vampire Dragon: The leader of the dragons and the one holding the Salamander Cross.