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Dragunov is a Ptolemaic Army officer who appears as an antagonist and a playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops


After the Ptolemaic Army discovered that a Regular Army secret was stolen by the Amadeus Syndicate, Dragunov was sent to retrieve the secret for the Ptolemaics. Dragunov fought and defeated Amadeus and obtained the box, but an explosion caused a soldier to drop it in confusion, making the mission a failure.

While loyal to the Ptolemaic Army initially, Dragunov begins to question the Army's leadership after discovering the human experimentation of the high-ranking Ptolemaic officer Mira. Dragunov eventually decides to defect from the army and spearheads the Ptolemaic rebellion against Ptolemaios.

Sadistic Emotion

While Dragunov was training with Veronica and Sisilia, the base was attacked by Izabella and Navy of the Rebel Army, the former of whom had taken an interest in Sisilia and wanted to play with her. Dragunov and Veronica fight against the Rebel Army officers but are defeated, allowing Izabella to claim Sisilia. However, Sisilia then demonstrates her ability to help her allies to Navy by playing music, which revitalizes Dragunov and Veronica. Though Izabella wanted to continue the fight, Navy decides to not risk battling against the rejuvenated Ptolemaics and retreats, dragging Izabella with her.

Kung Fu Guru

While Chunyan and Yoshino were making dumplings, Dragunov came in and informed them they were going for a raid on the Amadeus Syndicate headquarters. The three attack the building and confront Amadeus' AI copy of himself, not knowing it isn't him. They fire on it, but their attacks do nothing. The real Amadeus then reveals and tells them their attacks actually damaged the main computer, causing the AI to self destruct. The three Ptolemaics then flee the Amadeus building before they can be consumed by the explosion and return to base. Dragunov expresses frustration at how the mission was a failure, but Chunyan decides to make dumplings to cheer everyone up, which Dragunov and Yoshino decide to take part in as well.

United Front the 4th

Dragunov summons Owen and asks him to spy on Mira for her, stating she is suspicious of what the inner circle of the army is up to. Owen agrees to do so and informs her that he has recruited "someone weird" during his campaign.

First Rebellion

Dragunov investigates what Mira was planning to do with the dead soldiers she took for experimentation, but cannot find any leads. She wonders if she should bring Yoshino into her investigation, but decides not to.

United Front the 13th

As the Ptolemaic Army begins another United Front operation, Dragunov discusses Lucy being assigned to the Animal Squad with Yoshino. Yoshino states that she has never heard about her before, to which Dragunov tells her that when she came into the army, she and Caroline took care of her for a while.

United Front the 16th

Dragunov and Yoshino talk about the failures of the new applicants for Caroline's test, and how none have passed despite them removing all the ineligible ones and only letting selected applicants start the test. Dragunov is surprised to hear Yoshino say she understands how Caroline feels.

Dragunov later introduces Phoebe to Caroline and Towa and explains that she was the only applicant who passed Caroline's test. After Phoebe introduces herself, Caroline decides to have her pilot the "D-001 Tanbal" despite Dragunov's attempts to warn her and Towa about Phoebe. As Phoebe runs out with the machine to test it, Caroline is impressed and jokes about Dragunov's warnings.

Another Story

Scrap Life

When the Ptolemaic Army fell under attack from the Rebel Army's Big Shiee, Dragunov and Yoshino led a mission to destroy it. After taking out the Rebel Army's initial defenses, Dragunov discovered Caroline had tagged along. Dragunov scolds Caroline for following them on a dangerous mission, but Caroline states she only came along because the raids haven't been bringing in much material for her. Dragunov then tells Yoshino that Caroline is with them and asks if they should send her back, but find that her hovercraft has crashed. Thus, the two reluctantly allow Caroline to tag along.

After Yoshino scouts ahead, Dragunov and Caroline reconvene with her at the Big Shiee's location, discovering that Allen O' Neil is with it. Unable to capture the two decide to destroy it, but are surprised when Allen O' Neil rises from the wreckage. Allen shoots Dragunov and Yoshino engages him while ordering Caroline to take Dragunov to safety.

After the battle, Dragunov vows vengeance against Allen and is upset they weren't able to capture the Big Shiee. Caroline assures Dragunov she will make a battleship better than the Big Shiee, but Dragunov states they will have to scavenge for materials force and notes that she has yet another dept to repay to Yoshino.

In the Secret Ending, Caroline presents Dragunov and Yoshino with the ShootingRay she just built.

The Dreams of the Prodigious Mechanic

Dragunov heads an infiltration mission to obtain information on the new war machines being built by Rebel Army. Aft she returns, Caroline learns about what she saw and is especially curious about the new machines being built, especially one called the "Crablops". Caroline expresses a desire to go see it for herself, but Dragunov orders her not to. Despite this, Caroline disobeys what Dragunov told her and goes to look at it anyway. Dragunov and Yoshino soon become aware of what she has done and Dragunov goes to rescue her.

After Caroline is spotted by some Rebel soldiers, Dragunov shows up and saves her. After fighting off the Rebel Army, Dragunov scolds Caroline for being reckless and disobeying orders. As punishment for going against what she instructed, Dragunov gives her a one month layoff and warns her that any further transgressions will get her dismissed from the army. Caroline lashes out at Dragunov only to regret what she did wrong and run away crying. In the Secret Ending, Caroline pleads with Dragunov to give her a monkey wrench, but Dragunov refuses as she is still under layoff. Dragunov is then teased by Yoshino, who tells her "some people" never change.

Cloak of Darkness

While Towa was talking with Caroline about how Dragunov scares her, Caroline assured her that Dragunov doesn't hold grudges. However, Dragunov herself then enters the conversation and states that she can hold grudges towards thieves for long periods of time, reminding Towa that she would have been killed for stealing from the Ptolemaics had Caroline not stepped in. Caroline informs Dragunov that she and Towa were looking at the Tani Oh, but Dragunov refuses to let her go. However, after a Special Forces soldier appears to deliver a message to Dragunov, Dragunov allows Caroline to go and instructs Towa to accompany her. As the two mechanics leave, Dragunov smirks on how Caroline is hard to control. Yoshino steps in and states that Towa seems like a nice, honest girl who has guts to steal from them, before noticing how Dragunov is wary of how the messenger and the commander-in-chief's instruct from the shadows.

After Caroline and Towa successfully acquire the Tani Oh, Dragunov and Yoshino discuss how playful the two are with it, finding it annoying, but note how the Tani Oh will greatly bolster their forces. Dragunov then notes that there have been more masked soldiers around their base recently and asks her to help her find Ptolemaios without being caught. Yoshino notes how unusual it is for Dragunov to breach military protocol but agrees to help her anyway.

In the Secret Ending, Dragunov and Yoshino watched as Towa helped Caroline find some tools she misplaced, noting how well the two got along and how Towa was the second best mechanic in the army.

Scrap Memory

During a battle between the Ptolemaic Army and the Rebel Army, Dragunov ordered her soldiers to fall back. She then finds someone is sneaking up on them and threatens to shoot, only to find it's Yoshino, who laughs. Yoshino then asks Dragunov if she has succeeded in finding the "witch". Dragunov later finds Mira, who had just killed several Rebel Army soldiers, and asks her what she intends to do with their corpses. Mira tells Dragunov she intends to revive them and playfully offers her some to use as subjects, but Dragunov declines her offer and leaves. Dragunov then remembers an event from the early stages of the Ptolemaic Army, when she saved a soldier from three Rebel soldiers and killed one of them, scaring the other two off. Dragunov also remembers how she met Caroline that day, when some soldiers brought Caroline to her and told Dragunov of her inventions. After Caroline showed Dragunov a Patrol Robot she repaired and fixed her rifle, Dragunov became impressed with the young mechanic.

Later, Dragunov and Yoshino are shown by Caroline the Rebel Army's Sergeant Drill, which was being used by Allen O' Neil. The two are eager to get revenge on Allen, but are stopped by Caroline, who comments that they are being reckless. Dragunov and Yoshino infiltrate the Rebel Army and are shown by Caroline the way to the Sergeant Drill. Dragunov sighs, prompting Yoshino to tell her that there's nothing to lose and everyone in the army is willing to protect her. Dragunov then recalls her memory of the time she first met Yoshino, when the two battled each other to a draw. Dragunov offered Yoshino a chance to join the Ptolemaic Army but Yoshino refused at first. Later, after deciding she had no where else to go, Yoshino took up Dragunov's offer and joined the Ptolemaics.

The three soon are faced with Allen O' Neil and Destrade. While Allen went to get the Sergeant Drill, Dragunov pursued him. Allen O'Neil reaches the Sergeant Drill and uses it against Dragunov, nearly killing her if she were not saved by Caroline with several ShootingRays. Dragunov asks Caroline how they can take the machine down, to which Caroline says she is unsure but has an idea. While Dragunov distracted Allen, Caroline gets close to the Sergeant Drill with her ShootingRays and sabotages the machine's engine. As Allen faces the two Yoshino arrives, having defeated Destrade. Before Allen can fight all three himself a soldier arrives and tells him that Morden has ordered an emergency council. Thus, Allen retreats and abandons the Sergeant Drill. Having obtained what they came for, Dragunov thanks Caroline for her assistance, much to her delight.

Dragunov later calls secret meeting between several members of the Ptolemaic Army, including Towa and Simon. She then tells the group that they will be taking control of the Ptolemaic Army from Ptolemaios and Mira, as she is distrustful of the two's mysterious intentions. Towa is surprised to hear this but agrees to assist Dragunov in her rebellion against Ptolemaios. In the secret Dragunov tries to find a hidden laboratory. She notes that she needs contact a fellow who is out on an expedition. Yoshino then shows up and asks Dragunov to take a short break to check on the new hover unit Caroline and Towa are building. Dragunov is at first reluctant, but Yoshino asks her to check in anyways since they're using her money for the task. Dragunov arrives then arrives at the workshop and is unimpressed with their work. She orders the two to kneel in ten seconds, confusing Caroline.


While at the sea with Yoshino, Dragunov is told by her that she has taught Sho the secret skill and that he is worthy of her pride. Dragunov responds by telling her she should say that to Sho in person. Dragunov comments that she has sent her to her doom before, but Yoshino says they weren't dangerous at all, causing the two to laugh.

In the Secret Ending, Dragunov is found by Veronica and asks her why she looks ready to raid. Veronica answers that Sho has seduced Sisilia and that now she must beat him up.


When Vatn attacked the Ptolemaic base,. Dragunov arrives to battle him. She ordered the Ptolemaic raid team to destroy his turrets to lessen the damage on their base. Though she was aware that Vatn was not alone, she was unable to do anything as Yoshino was not with them.


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