Dragunov is a Ptolemaic Army officer who appears as an antagonist and a playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

After the Ptolemaic Army discovered that a Regular Army secret was stolen by the Amadeus Syndicate, Dragunov was sent to retrieve the secret for the Ptolemaics. Dragunov fought and defeated Amadeus and obtained the box, but an explosion caused a soldier to drop it in confusion, making the mission a failure.

While loyal to the Ptolemaic Army initially, Dragunov begins to question the Army's leadership after discovering the human experimentation of the high-ranking Ptolemaic officer Mira. Dragunov eventually decides to defect from the army and spearheads the Ptolemaic rebellion against Ptolemaios.

Another Story

When the Ptolemaic Army fell under attack from the Rebel Army's Big Shiee, Dragunov and Yoshino went on a mission to destroy it, with Caroline tagging along. Dragunov and Caroline split up from Yoshino, but later reconvened with her at the Big Shiee's location.


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