Drahff is a small-time Nord bandit appearing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Upon entering The Ratways, the name for the underground sewers in the City of Riften, he can be heard arguing with his accomplice, Hewnon Black-Skeever.

They can be heard discussing their latest scheme which Hewnon seems to feel will be treading too close to Thieves Guild interests. Drahff tells Hewnon to worry about bashing skulls in and leave the Guild to him. Drahff will then go to check the entrance to the Ratway where, if sneaky enough, the Dragonborn can silently sneak past or kill him and his partner. Unlike his ally, Drahff is extremely intelligent, being constantly annoyed by Hewnon's dimwittedness.

Behind the Scenes

In unused content, should Drahff spot the Dragonborn, he will stop them and demand they give all their valuables to him. The Dragonborn can either refuse, which will cause both thugs to attack, or intimidate him, which, if successful, will cause them to back down and be non-hostile for the rest of the game. However, this dialogue was removed, and the two will simply attack the Dragonborn on sight.

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