There is no end, ONLY CHAOS!
~ Drakath before facing the Hero.

Drakath is a major antagonist in the AdventureQuest universe, which includes a multitude of online multiplayer games. His first appearance was in the very first game: Adventure Quest, appearing as a black dragon. He later became a human and the main antagonist for the prolouge of DragonFable. He later became the main antagonist of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga for AdventureQuest Worlds, and will later return in the Queen of Monsters Saga.

Drakath is the Champion of Chaos and the son of Slugwrath, who used to be a king. After King Alteon bested Slugwrath, his son became the leader of a gang of crooks, he planning to overthrow King Alteon to take the throne back. This caused him to fight against Princess Victoria, one of the daughters of the king.

Eventually, Drakath met Sepulchure, a former friend of the king, and began to work for him. Sepulchure promised Drakath that he would give him the Necrotic Blade of Doom if he could get the Black and White Dragon Boxes.


During Orb Saga

During the first saga of Dragonfable, the orb saga, Drakath had the intention to steal the Black and White Dragon Boxes from the hero, so Sepulchure would give him his Necrotic Blade of Doom. During the Dragon Egg Saga, Drakath keeps appearing and trying to fight the hero over the Black Dragon box, sometimes with his thugs, sometimes with other dangerous monsters. Drakath eventually fails, and could only obtain the White Dragon Box, wich resulted in Sepulchure not giving him the sword.

Drakath then returns, during the Wind Orb saga, once again fighting the hero over the orb. He once again fails and could not obtain it, and is defeated by the hero once again, and sent flying out of the location.

He also appears during Xan's invasion of Falconreach, helping the evil Pyromancer in his goals. Once again, he fails in his plan.

Drakath returns in the Orb Saga Finale, helping Sepulchure obtaining the orbs. However, during this war, it is able to notice that Drakath seems to be acting strange in some way. After Sepulchure obtains the eight orbs, and is about to use them to conquer the world, Drakath stabs him in the back, then takes the power of the orbs for himself, and calls Fluffy, the undead dragon, making both merge, and become Dragon Drakath.

After this, the Hero and Sepulchure decide to team up and destroy Drakath once and for all. However, after doing so, the Mysterious Stranger appears, and explains that everything was planned, and now he could merge with the body of Dragon Drakath and become the Ultimate Darkness Dragon, after the Mysterious Stranger obtains his new form, he attacks Sepulchure, revealing him to be only a puppet, and leaving the player to run away.

Eventually, the Ultimate Darkness Dragon is is also defeated, but Drakath isn't dead yet, as shown in a cutscene during the epilogue of Orb Saga, in wich Drakath wakes up with a purple eye floating above his head, foreshadowing the 13 Lords Of Chaos Saga.

During the Prologue of AdventureQuest Worlds

After the Player enters the throne room of king Alteon, and witnesses his fight with Sepulchure, a dark figure emerges into the sky, and after a flash it charges towards the castle of Swordhaven. When he finally arrives, it is revealed to be no other than Drakath, who mysteriously survived, surprising everyone. After that he attacks both King Alteon, and Emperor Sepulchure, destroying the latter, and wounding Alteon. He then throws an energy blast at Sepulchure's flying fortress, making it crash in the region of Skullhome. He then does a quick monologue about his plans saying that "The battle between good and evil is over, now begins the age of chaos!" and flying into the sky again, as the title displays on the screen : AdventureQuest Worlds - The 13 Lords of Chaos.

The First Lord of Chaos

The 13 Lords of Chaos saga starts by the Chiral Valley saga. The main character goes to a village called Mobius, that has been completely twisted and modified. After doing some quests for Renn ( in case the player chose good protagonist), or Zio (evil protagonist), The player goes to the house of two villagers, called Otto and Anna, who then proceed to explain what happend to the village. It turns out it was in fact twisted by the First Lord of Chaos, Escherion, who was looking for a mystical artifact called the Runix Cube (reference to Rubik's Cube) wich, according to him was the only thing that could stop his plans in that region. Otto and Anna give the player the first part of the cube, and tell where the others are.

The player then goes to the Faerie Forest, looking for the next part, wich he obtains after completing some quests, and proceeding to the Cornelis Ruins, looking for the next part of the cube, wich he eventually finds, after completing some more quests.

After finding all parts of the cube, the player returns to Mobius, to build the Runix cube, through a minigame. After this the player has to invade Escherion's inverted tower, and use the cube to destroy him. However once the player arrives, he finds out that the only thing that could stop Escherion's plans for that region was if he did not find the cube. After a short dialogue, Escherion throws the player out of his tower, and summons the Lake Hydra from the lake.

Aftter the player defeats the hydra, the tower falls on the lake, and the player must now fight Escherion himself, in order to save the region.

During the fight, Escherion's staff of inversion will be floating close to him, the player must defeat the staff before fighting Escherion himself, otherwise, any damage caused to Escherion will be reduced to 0.

After defeating him, Escherion tries a desperate attempt to defeat the hero, but ends up reversing his own powers, and accidentaly transforming himself into a frog. At the closing scene of Escherion's saga, Drakath appears, saying that Escherion may have been defeated, however the next Chaos Lord had already been chosen, and starts laughing maniacally.

The Second Ladies of Chaos - Part 1

Drakath is sitting on his throne room, thinking about what he should do next, when the twins, Xing (embodiment of evil) and Xang (embodiment of good) appear, and try to give him advice on what to do next. Drakath, of course, dislikes Xang's advice, so he creates a portal to the Mirror Realm, and swaps place between both Xangs, having now 2 evil twins.

After this, he once again asks them for advice on what should he do next. Xing says that he should throw a meteor at the city of Battleon, however Xang says that he should actually throw 2 meteors at the city. Drakath does this, wich causes great panic through the townspeople, but is quickly resolved as a group of wizards, commanded by Warlic, teleport the city to the Greenguard Forest.

Drakath then decides to keep the twins around, so they will also give advice to his chaoslords.

The Third Lord of Chaos

The player arrives at a region known as Dwarfhold, wich is being terrorized by the Third Lord of Chaos, Vath and his dragon, Stalagbite. Under the command of Drakath, Vath attacked Dwarfhold, and enslaved the dwarves, after this he is using the dwarves to create weapons for Drakath's army, and also is using them to find chaos gemralds, wich are required to unleash his chaos beast, the Rock Roc.

The hero tries to sneak into Vath's fortress, however he is captured in a trap, and is revealed that Snowbeard, one of the dwarves the hero was trying to help, warned Vath of his arrival. The hero is then put on a cage, but Joxlol, a drow that wasn't loyal to Vath, gave him back his items, and told him to look for a dwarf called Mick Guyver. After this the hero and the dwarves escaped Vath's prision, as the dwarves start a war against the drows.

The hero proceeds to steal Vath's chaotic dragon amulet, and use it to control Stalagbite. Both then start fighting the Rock Roc, until Vath finds out, and uses his Sword of Dragon Control to take Stalagbite back. The player then fights Rock Roc, and defeats it. Drakath is seen commenting on how easily the hero defeated the Rock Roc, and how Vath would be the next to fall. Meanwhile, the hero challenges Vath to a fight.

After Vath flies to the top of a mountain, the hero arrives, and after catching his breath, the hero comments on how unfair Vath was being by "Bringing a dragon to a swordfight". Vath says that Stalagbit was just a weapon for him, that he enslaved just like the dwarves. The hero then says that the dwarves were already free, and were defeating the drows. Vath doesn't belive at first, but after he sees his army being defeated he just says that the hero is their beacon of hope, and that he will throw the player's body from the mountain to see how the dwarves react.

During the fight with Vath, the player should always defeat Stalagbite first, or the dragon's damage will increase drastically, being able to kill the player with one hit. After defeating the dragon, Vath's defense will also be a lot bigger, so this fight can take a while, however after the player defeats Vath he will receiva a cutscene in wich Vath drops his sword, and tries to use Stalagbite as his last moment weapon. The hero, forseeing this, takes Vath's sword and throws it at Vath's amulet, destroying both, and ending the chaotic dragonlord's control over Stalagbite. After a brief dialogue, Stalagbite carries Vath away, to an unknown destiation.

The Fourth Lord of Chaos

The fourth lord of chaos was Kitsune, a once-peaceful spirit, that kept the Yokai Island safe from harm. The emperor of the island decided to extend his hospitality to foreigners, an act that made Kitsune very angry, to the point of making a deal with Drakath, in exchange for the power to make the emperor bow to him once again. Kitsune's plan was to steal the legendary Dragon-Koi blade in order to release the mighty Yokai O-Dokuro from the rift of time, so he could use the chaos beast's power to re-conquer the island.

Once she finds out Kitsune's evil plan, Princess Ai No Miko summons the Hero of Lore to the Dragon Koi Tournament, but secretly asks for his help in defeating Kitsune, explaining the legend of the Dragon Koi.

Even with the Hero helping Princess Miko, Kitsune obtained the Dragon-Koi blade, and eventually freed O-Dokuro while the Hero was learning about the stories of the island, but Kitsune was arrogant enough to toss away the blade, wich allowed the hero to eventually close Kitsune's portal, that was summoning the Yokai from their world.

Once the portal was closed, the Hero fell from the chaos waterfall, dropping the sword. Kitsune once again recovered the Dragon-Koi blade, but decided to defeat the Hero first, so he wouldn't stop Kitsune's plans.

While Kitsune fought the hero, he would eventually turn into a giant purple fox (whenever he lost about 5,000 hp) and become completely invincible for about 10–15 seconds. Once he is defeated, he (once again) drops the Dragon-Koi blade, while the Hero tells him that the humans still respected the Yokai, but Kitsune had gotten greedy. Kitsune tries once again, in one last attack, to stop the Hero, turning invisible. But the Hero accidentaly activates the Dragon-Koi blade's powers, and creates a portal that transports Kitsune back to the Yokai world.

The Fifth Lord of Chaos

The Fifth Lord of Chaos is known as Wolfwing. He was a normal human, until he got lost in Darkovia Forest, where he was bitten by a werewolf, and infected with their lycanthropic disease, but before finishing his transformation, he was bitten again by Safiria, the Vampire Queen, becoming a new creature, known as Werepyre.

None of the two factions wanted to have anything to do with Wolfwing, so he became an outcast, until Drakath appeared and gave Wolfwing the power to make both Vampires and Werewolves into Chaotic Werepyres, so Wolfwing could stop the conflict between the two races, making him the first of Drakath's Chaos Lords to not be completely evil, just misguided.

Wolfwing started to chaorrupt the Lycans, sending them at Queen Safiria's castle, in order to keep her away from his plans, sending some of his Werepyres to Lore every night, looking for a dragon, that would serve as his chaos beast.

The Hero was then summoned by Shadowslayer Z, who explained the situation to the Hero, and asked for his/hers help in order to unite the Vampires and Lycans, so they could stand a chance against Wolfwing. The Vampire queen denied the Hero's proposal, deciding to belive the Lycans were the enemy, while the Lycans revealed what they knew about Wolfwing's plan, even though they still decided to continue with their war with the Vampires.

The Hero eventually met Edvard (parody of Edward, from Twilight) Queen Safiria's number one general, who revealed himself as a treacherous traitor, and tried to stop the Hero from stopping the war. He eventually failed, and escaped, but that was enough to convice the Werewolves and Vampires of the threat Wolfwing represented. While both sides helped slowing down the Werepyres, the Hero fought against Wolwfing's chaos beast, the Dracowerepyre, and eventually defeated it.

The Hero, finally met Wolfwing, who asked the Hero the purpose of those unnecessary wars between the Lycans and Vampires, and how turning them all in one only species was making things worse. The Hero answered that the wars wouldn't stop if Wolfwing transformed both Lycans and Vampires into Werepyres, because there would still be war in the rest of Lore. Wonlfwing then decided that he wouldn't just change Darkovia, but all of Lore into Werepyres, led by him, to stop all conflict. The Hero has to fight with Wolfwing, who enters berserk mode once his hp is lowered to 10,000 or less, getting more aggressive (being faster, and doing higher damage).

Once the Hero defeats Wolfwing, the Chaos Lord asks for the Hero to finish the job, there the player can choose between two altenatives. Evil : Kill Wolfwing / Good : Convince Wolfwing to join you. It doesn't matter wich one the player chooses, because in the end, Wolfwing gets hit by a white arrow, that was shot by Shadowslayer Z, that makes Wolfwing explode into a pile of purple dust, while the Hero argues with Z about what she just did, and how Wolfwing just didn't want to be alone. In the end, both leave the cave, but once the moon shines upon Wolfwing's dust, it is possible to see two shiny orange eyes opening once again.

The Sixth Lady of Chaos

The Hero heads to Mythsong, a place where everything is music (with a lot of references to artists, like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and many others). The Hero stars doing quests for a lot of NPCs, trying to learn more about the new Chaos Lord. Once he finises his quests for Don Giovanni, he explains who is the chaos lord. The new Chaos Lord's name is Discordia, a once-brilliant musician who wanted to create the perfect song, that would make anyone who hear love it. Drakath appeared to him, and offered a shortcut, giving him chaos powers, so he could finish the song faster. Discordia started to create an army of music pirates, and attack Mythsong.

The Hero then fights a war against Discordia, and eventually meets Kimberly, the singer of a band called "One Eyed Doll" who helps him battle against the Chaos Lord. Once the Hero defeats Discordia, he reveals that he wasn't actually a Chaos Lord, and that he was just being mind-controlled. Discordia then reveals that the real Chaos Lady is, in fact, Kimberly.

Kimberly then calls her music pirates to stop the Hero, who defeats all of them, so Kimberly takes a plastic dinosaur out of her pocket, and then uses her powers of rock to create a time portal, sending the Hero one billion years in the past, making him fight against Kimberly's chaos beast, Pony Gary Yellow.

Once the Hero defeats Kimberly's chaos beast, he jumps into Kimberly's air show, and starts to fight the music pirates once again, later fighting Kimberly's band members as well, Junior, the drummer, and Mr. Socks, the Bassist. Once both are defeated, the Hero finally gets to fight Kimberly, who unlike all other chaoslords, doesn't have a special move.

Once Kimberly is defeated, she reveals that she ALSO wasn't working for Drakath on free will, and that Drakath had played a tune inside her mind, making her become one of his Ladies of Chaos, but still telling the Hero she WAS chaotic, and might as well try to take over the world someday, inviting the hero for her flying concert.

The Seventh Lord of Chaos

The Seventh Lord of Chaos is called Ledgermayne. It was originally just a mass of mana floating in the Ether, until Drakath decided to give it life, and make it one of his Lords of Chaos, and a perfect weapon, since Ledgermayne couldn't be harmed by physical attacks, and also could control the magic of his opponents.

Drakath told Ledgermayne to summon his chaos beast, the Mana Golem, wich resulted in many problems with the magic through Lore, calling the Hero's attention. Once the Hero met Ledgermayne, he tried to attack him, but failed, thinking it was just an illusion. Ledgermayne decided to deactivate the portal. Drakath told Ledgermayne that his decision wasn't going according to their plan, and insisted that he should re-open the portal.

The hero started to plan on a way to defeat Ledgermayne, building the supreme arcane staff. Ledgermayne tried to warn Drakath about the Hero's plan, but since Drakath never really cared about his Chaos Lords, he decided to ignore Ledgermayne, until he was betrayed by Ledgermayne, who said he wasn't a good leader, and proceeded to stop Drakath from destroying him with his powers.

Ledgermayne then made a plan to use the Mana Golem to drain all the magic in Lore back to the Para-Elemental Plane, and then seal it forever, destroying all life on Lore in the proccess. He appeared and tried to stop the Hero several times, while Drakath was also secretly helping the Hero.

Once the Hero reached the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic, he destroyed the Mana Golem, making Ledgermayne extremely angry, deciding to finish the Hero once and for all.

While fighting with Ledgermayne, the Hero had to eventually run to some shiny circles, so he could get some small amount of his hp recovered. If the Hero didn't run to the circles, he would suffer enormous damage from Ledgermayne. Once defeated Ledgermayne shows that he still can kill the Hero, who uses the ultimate arcane staff against Ledgermayne, and fails. Ledgermayne starts preparing one last attack on the hero, but then Drakath interferes, and replaces the energy of the shards of the Chaos Focus Gem on the staff with his own chaos energy, destroying Ledgermayne. After a brief talk, the Hero says that he would never help Drakath, who simply responds, with a smirk: "You already have.".

The Eighth Lord of Chaos

The Eighth Lord of Chaos is called Tibicenas, once a normal Djinn, but then he decided to use chaos magic in order to overthrow the Djinn King Efreet, and became a Ghul Djinn, being forever banished from the Djinn World. Drakath finds him, and makes a deal with him, using a ring to summon him, and giving the ring to the mage of the Sandsea known as Zahart, who uses the Djinn's power to start summoning the next chaos beast, the Chaos Sphinx.

The Hero, alongside Zhoom, the ranger, decide to stop Zahart and Tibicenas, by finding a Djinn to themselves, and for that they ask the help of Sek-Duat, the immortal pharaoh, who betrays them later, but is tricked by an illusion to think he has gotten the lamp. Once with the lamp, the Hero and Zhoom ask for help to the Djinn named Saahir, who tells them the story of Tibicenas, and how he couldn't stop him.

The Hero and Zhoom eventually break into Zahart's fortress, and defeat the Chaos Sphinx, but when Zahart tries to ask Tibicenas to teleport them out of there, Zhoom hits the ring with an arrow, and destroys it, freeing Tibicenas from Zahart's control. Once freed, Tibicenas transforms Zahart into a slave, and procceeds to enter the Djinn Realm, to fight Efreet once again. The Hero arrives just on time, and helps Efreet, earning the right to make a wish to him. Tibicenas arrives and kills Saahir, telling the Hero that he wouldn't die forever, since Djinns are immortal, but then the Hero asks Efreet to remove all of Tibicenas' Djinn powers, leaving him only with his chaos powers.

The Hero then starts his fight with Tibicenas, who is one of the most difficult chaos lords, being able to steal hp, cannot be stunned, and goes into berserk mode, getting more agressive, once his powers reach 5,500 or less, being able to do Claw Swing, that leaves his opponent with 1 hp, no matter how much is left.

Once defeated, Tibicenas explodes, with Efreet thanking the Hero, and granting his wish of goin back home. The Hero then leaves Zhoom in charge of the Sandsea, and then leaving for another adventure.

The Ninth Lord of Chaos

The Ninth Lord of Chaos was called Krellenos, he was a Troll prophet in Bloodtusk Ravine, a place where there was a never-ending war between Trolls and Horcs. Krellenos was hired by Drakath to cause mischef and chaorruption, complicating the war between both races, and lowering the chances of peace between both.

He started chaorrupting some animals, and even his own brother, who died later. The situation in the Ravine was getting out of control, so Empress Gravelyn, of the Shadowscythe, and King Alteon, of Swordhaven sent their greatest generals. Tibias for the Shadowscythe, and Cynari for Swordhaven. The alliance took control of the situation, but quickly lost it when the Chaos Twins started manipulating the minds of the generals, and Krellenos started chaorrupting them. After a war between the Trolls and Horcs vs the Alliance, the alliance left the Ravine, but not before the Twins captured Tibias and Cynari.

Krellenos then reveals himself as a chaos lord, chaorrupting the Arashite ore, that links both tribes, and then summons his chaos beast, the Naga Baas, that is quickly defeated by the Hero. After this, Krellenos is attacked by his sister, who kills him, and steals his chaos powers.

The Ninth Lady of Chaos

After killing her brother, Khasanda took her brother's chaos power, and summoned Drakath into the Dream Nexus, a place created in the border of her dreams. Once Drakath arrived, Khasanda tried to attack him, but then Drakath evaded her attack, and chained her down. After this, Drakath left and let the Hero finish Khasanda for him.

During the battle, Khasaanda can block the first hability the player uses (except auto-attack) for most of the battle. She cannot be stunned, and once her hp is down enough (between 15000-20000), she is able to reduce the player's damage to 0 and counter all of his attacks (causing all the damage the player would cause to her) for a limited amount of time.

Once the Hero defeats Khasaanda, they both realise how their fight was pointless, and decide to team up and defeat Drakath together, saying that "Drakath has made many mistakes, and he will make more, so I will be there to make sure that he does". Khasaanda then leaves, without Drakath knowing she has survived, and "She Who Answers" takes the Hero back to the Horc and Troll tribes, when they decide to finally make peace. The Hero then leaves, awaiting for the next time he would meet Drakath.

The Tenth Lord of Chaos

Iadoa was a renowned Chronomancer and professor who left to explore time prior to the events of AQWorlds. According to Lim, Iadoa had been missing for decades, and the academy thought he had squinched himself. However, Iadoa returned, having been Chaorrupted by Drakath, and using his new Chaos powers to mess with the 2011-2012 New Year's celebration. He planned to stop time itself and prevent the New Year from coming by messing with the lab clock, the dropping ball, and the hourglass. After fighting his army of Chaos-Saw Sneevils, Chaos Rhino Beetles and Chaorrupted Polar Bears, and fixing the lab clock, the Hero and Lim defeated Iadoa, who retreated and was never seen again for awhile. The Hero used his gauntlet to shatter the hourglass to set everything back to the way it was before Iadoa's arrival.

Later, the Hero was visiting the Library of Time where they learned about the timelines of AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest that combined together to form AQWorlds, and got to see what the future would've been like had they failed to stop the "conqueror" from attacking and conquering Lore after having been freed from its prison by Drakath. After learning everything, the Hero meets Iadoa once again, recognizing him as the "over-loud, caricature of a Chaos Lord" that they met as the new year begun. Iadoa took the Hero to a time void where he explained that he had foreseen their future as well as Drakath's and taught them that those who welcome Chaorruption are unimaginably enhanced and those who don't are forced to bow by it. He afterwards took the players back to the Time Library and explained that Drakath's fate was tied to that of the Hero, meaning their actions would depend on if and/or when Drakath would succeed in opening the Chaos gate. The Hero knew that Iadoa would try to kill them at some point in the future, and Iadoa told them that everybody has a choice, and his choice was to teach them while he was still himself. He instructed the players to head to the northern-most portal.

After the Hero defeats the Unending Avatar within the mouth of Vaxt Ahas in the Time Void, Iadoa arrived to show the Hero the day that Galanoth slew the Dragon of Time, resulting in the three timelines merging together to form the Hero's reality. According to Iadoa, the merging of the timelines caused everybody to be reborn, including Drakath and his master. Iadoa then led the Hero into the details of their destiny.

Iadoa continues to teach the Hero, with the assistance of his golems, but also starts to slowly lose control of himself. Eventually, the Chaos Twins arrive, and start manipulating Iadoa's golems, making them loyal to Drakath, starting a war in the Chronospan. Eventually Iadoa falls to chaorruption, hearing the whispers of his chaos beast, the Kathool Atchoo, and decides it is the time to fight the Hero once again.

Once the Hero defeats the Kathool Atchoo, they go to the center of the Metafold to fight Chaos Lord Iadoa one last time.

Iadoa is probably the most difficult Chaos Lord, he cannot be stunned, and can use Temporal Prision, that stuns the Hero for 21 seconds. If the player doesn't have the items "Chaotic Hourglass" or "Dragonoid of Horus" in the inventory, Iadoa can use the skill Astral Shift, that causes 1000-2000 damage.

Once the Hero defeats Chaos Lord Iadoa, Lucretia (one of his golems) tries to attack him, while the Twins appear. Iadoa kills Lucretia, and then tries to attack the Hero, who throws the hourglass at Iadoa, killing him. The Twins leave, and Golem Warlic confronts the Hero about what just happend, then Iadoa contacts them, and explains that he is currently in the Time Void healing himself, free from Drakath's control, and that his golems are now free to live their lives. Golem Warlic then tells the Hero that he/she might meet a past version of Iadoa, or Iadoa himself, once he is healed in the Time Void.

The Eleventh Lord of Chaos

The Eleventh Lord of Chaos was called Maximillian Lionfang. He was a great general at King Alteon's army, and was searching for a cure for chaorruption. The King sends the Hero to the Thunderforge, so he can help Lionfang find this cure. After the Hero helped Lionfang, he starts to read a scroll from an ancient race called the Darkblood, that tells that there is a weapon called "The Tears of the Mother", that according to legends, were the last tears of the Queen of Monsters when she was still human. Lionfang then decides that the Alliance between Swordhaven and Shadowscythe was over, but then the Hero confronts him, saying that both sides needed to work together to stop Chaos. Lionfang, enraged, attacks the Hero with his whip, and escapes.

Some time later, most of the heroes of Lore (including King Alteon, Warlic, Artix, Twilly, and J6) and the Empress Gravelyn explains that she received a letter from Lionfang, telling her he captured all heroes of Lore, and is trying to make them become "good" again, through torture. After this, Gravelyn sends an army of undead soldiers to the Golden Onslaught Tower (Lionfang's fortress). Once the Hero defeats Lionfang, and frees all the others, Lionfang tries to attack Gravelyn, only to be stopped by Alteon himself, who tell him he is disappointed with Lionfang's arrogance. Lionfang the jumps through the wall, and falls on his pit of poison. While there, he thinks about what he did, and starts to wonder if an alliance between good and evil is actually possible, but then the Twins appear, and convince Lionfang that there was no way of good and evil coexist, and that evil had to be exterminated.

After this, Lionfang becomes a secondary villain, having an appearance on 2010's Frostval, trying to steal the spirit of Frostval. His brother, Xavier Lionfang, also makes an appearance trying to poison King Alteon, as the "Silver Man".

Lionfang finally returns with his own chaos saga in 2013, after escaping from some undeads, he enters on a portal to Drakath's throne room. There, the Champion of Chaos explains that Chaos is neither good, nor evil, yet both a the same time. Drakath then tells Lionfang that he can go with his plan of defeating him with the Darkblood weapon, but he had to spread some chaos for him. Lionfang accepted and became one of Drakath's Lords of Chaos.

A few months later, Lionfang returns as the Eleventh Lord of Chaos, attacking the city of Falguard, capital of the Darkblood. During the attack, the Golden Onslaught soldiers (now called Chaonslaught) kill many of the Darkblood, while Lionfang attacks the Primarch, chaorrupting him, and leaving it to fight against the Hero, as he escaped to the Death Pits and killed Logash. Eventually the Hero (with the help of Logash's spirit) reached the end of the pit, but Lionfang had already obtained the Tears of the Mother, and teleported away. Logash then tells the Hero that the REAL Tears of the Mother were near by, so the Hero got them and tried to give them to King Alteon, who refused, saying it was too selfish to use the tears all for himself.

Eventually, one of King Alteon's spies, Sir Valence, found Lionfang's new fortress, the Venom Vaults, where he was training his chaos beast, the Chaos Manticore. The Hero killed the Manticore, making Lionfang extremely angry, but he spared the Hero's life, since the Hero had the actual Tears of the Mother, and Drakath would kill him if he tried to use the false ones against Drakath. The Hero then reveals he had hidden a tracking device on the Tears, and decided to chase after Lionfang into his new secret base, The Storm Temple.

Once the Hero arrived, Madra, the new Primarch saved the Hero's life, telling them that she knew he would die if he climbed the mountain alone. The Hero then infiltrates in Lionfang's Storm Temple and witness a conversation between him and Drakath, with Lionfang using the Tears of the Mother on him, and failing, as the Tears boil away, making Drakath burst in laughter. Lionfang, infuriated, decides to fight the Hero, and kill him once and for all.

Lionfang is a difficult boss fight, since he cannot be stunned, and has some skills such as Curse of Chaos, that applies a DoT that increases in strength the more the attack is used ; Essence Draining, that stuns the player for a few seconds, as Chaos Lord Lionfang absorbs power with Power Shift , and after this, Power Drained is applied, causing the player to take more damage.

Once the Hero defeats Lionfang, he asks if Drakath is going to kill him for using the fake tears on him. Drakath then explains that he isn't a regular Chaos Lord, he was re-made as the Avatar of Chaos by Chaos herself, and the Queen of Monsters is his master and mentor, so he couldn't be affected by the Tears. After the explanation, the Storm Temple starts to rain down, since the Tears entered in contact with the chaos clouds that kept the place together, unmaking the fortress. The Hero and Drakath escape, but Lionfang falls all the way down, and is never seen again. (That was until 2015's Lords of Doom event, in wich the Mysterious Stranger brings Lionfang back, as a Lord of Doom, but it is uncertain if it is actually Maximillian, or a clone).

The Chaos Finale

After the 12 Chaos Lords are defeated, the Hero heads to Mount Doomskull to defeat Drakath before unleashing the 13th Chaos Lord. Eventually, after fighting countless monsters, they reach the top of Mountain where they start a fight against Drakath. However, before the fight begins, Drakath promises that whoever the winner will be, he will reveal the identity of his 13th Chaos Lord. The battle starts fiercely then ends with Drakath winning. He then prepares to kill the Hero, when they reminds him about his promise. Drakath then laughs and shockingly chooses the Hero as his 13th Chaos Lord, turning them into the final Lord Of Chaos with 4 forms to choose from.

However, after revealing the 13th Chaos Lord's true identity, Drakath killed the Hero similar on how he did to Sepulchure, the hero was sent to Death's realm. Later, the Hero defeated Death, becoming the new Death. So the Hero returned to Lore to put an end to Drakath. After a very long fight, Drakath had to turn into a Prime Chaos Champion to end the fight, but instead of fighting, he entered the Chaos Lord portal to free the Mother of all Monsters. Also entering this portal, the hero managed their way to Drakath. This time, the hero won. Since all the Chaos Lords and the Champion of Chaos were defeated, The Queen of All Monsters broke free, sucking up Drakath's power.



  • Drakath is similar to Darth Vader from the Star Wars Franchise as both wear black armor, both wear a cape, both turned to the dark side and both were fallen heroes.
  • Drakath is similar to Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars Franchise as both are tyrants, both take down the father of the heroes, both wield dark powers and turned a hero into the dark side.
  • When the player finally completes the Chaos Saga, they can obtain the currently hardest in-game armor, Drakath's armor.
  • Drakath was claimed by the Queen of Monsters to be her son in the ending of AdventureQuest Worlds 1st main saga.


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