Drake Sypher, or just Sypher, is an enemy of the Loonatics and a part-time supervillain.

He is voiced by Phil LaMarr who also voiced Mad Jack and Hector Con Carne.

He has the ability to absorb major ablilities from any person or animal he touches. Not only super-powers, but also the natural abilities of living creatures. The disadvantage is if he's touched again your powers will come back to you. Sypher was on the Acmetropolis basherball team and stole the abilities of head player, Trick Dayley, to gain spotlight. He stole the Loonatics' powers for personal glory, resulting in them using exo-suits to take back their powers and defeat him. Sypher worked alongside with Massive, Weather Vane, and Mastermind, aiding Optimatus in his attempt of defeating the Loonatics in the two-part season 1 finale, "Acmegeddon". Naturally, the other villains didn't trust him, when Optimatus revealed he was going to destroy Acmetropolis, Sypher and the other villains tried and failed to stop him. He is a selfish glory hound only interested in himself who would sell his own mother for the spotlight. He is also power hungry, desperate to keep his stolen ability's, and stated he hated being powerless like those he had absorbed.



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