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You need to pay, but I never kill anyone. You know why? Because even the lowest piece of trash can make me money. Humans are assets. It's wasteful to kill them.
~ Drakken explaining his philosophy.
See? It was a learning experience, right? You want to dream about being heroes? Going on adventures? Fine. But there are some people in the cosmos that that you just shouldn't mess with. Get the message?
~ Drakken asserting his dominance after defeating Shiki and his friends.

Drakken Joe, also known as the Dark Alchemist, is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series Edens Zero, serving as the main antagonist of the entire Sakura Cosmos Saga. He serves as an unseen antagonist of the Guilst and Digitalis arcs, a minor antagonist of the Sun Jewel arc, and the main antagonist of the Belial Gore arc. He is renowned as the most notorious crime lord in the Sakura Cosmos underworld and is one of the six members of the Oración Seis Galáctica, a group of criminals with the ability to destroy entire planets.

He is a ruthless and greedy loan shark who managed to extend his own life exponentially. He originally operated on the planet Norma for a few years until moving to the tourist planet Guilst, where his activities would transform the planet into a lawless hive of criminals. Over the years, his influence over the criminal underworld would grow and he would build up and become CEO of a huge crime syndicate full of notorious criminals, like Spider, and his own special forces, the Element 4.

He was voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in Japanese and Armen Taylor in English. Taylor also voiced Risotto Nero in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.


Drakken Joe is a tall bearded man with spiky hair. He wears a white coat above his attire, which is a white jacket, a blue shirt underneath, black pants and black shoes.

He is currently a shriveled old man, gaining wrinkles, light-colored hair, and losing his muscular physique after his Life Support Device been sent to reverse by Hermit when he was defeated by Shiki.


Unlike preceding villains, such as Illega, Jamilov and Kurenai Kougetsu, Drakken Joe has a calmer attitude and doesn't kill people as callously as them. Even so, he's still a threat, and is an even bigger threat than them. He is shown to be very greedy, seeing money as the most valuable thing in the cosmos, and he makes a hobby out of extorting people for their money and torturing them, rather than killing them, if they don't pay back in time.

His greed also extends beyond money as he extorts people out of their life too, desiring an immortal life. He has a sadistic side to him as he is seen laughing at the misfortune of other people, such as when he laughed after destroying some medicine meant for Weisz, and mocking his pain after having his arm cut off. Ultimately, despite his philosophy on not killing, he has shown to be willing to kill people if they don't submit to him.

He became far more crazy after being weakened by his own machine, being less calm and becoming more obsessed with his goals as well as randomly killing his allies.


Drakken Joe grew up in a planet where people live for only fifteen years, which wasn't enough for him, so Drakken built a machine to make himself immortal and make friends. As time went on, Drakken became obsessed with keeping his immortality, rather than making friends.

Drakken Joe first appears after Jamilov's defeat torturing a man with a heavy bottle and then breaking the man's jaw. After this, Drakken talks to Jamilov but has Jamilov executed for failing and dropping his name. During the Edens Zero's fight with Sun Jewel, he sabotaged Kurenai's machine, not because of his goodness, but due to his grudge with her.

Later, he has his first elite set to infiltrate the ship, but they fail, with the two robots self-destructing themselves and the other member being captured. He later has his other elite sent. First being Laguna, who almost manages to capture Shiki's team, but is defeated by Weisz. Second being Fie, who seriously injures Weisz, but is avoided by Shiki's team. The third being Sylph, who manages to capture Rebecca, but is confronted by Shiki only to be saved by her brother Jinn who decides to fight Shiki. Meanwhile, Sylph fights Homura. Drakken meanwhile has Rebecca captured and reveals he tortured Labilia. Then, Rebecca is greeted by the fourth and last elite member Daichi, who proceeds to torture Rebecca until Laguna arrives and captures Rebecca himself. Meanwhile, Sylph defeats Homura, while Shiki and Jinn fought to a draw until Drakken arrives, who defeats Shiki himself. During that time, Fie arrives, takes out Sibir, and captures Weisz. With the entire team captured, Drakken destroys the medicine for Weisz before proceeding to cut off one of Weisz' arms despite Rebecca's pleas. When Shiki starts to resist him, Drakken shoots Shiki in the head and then imprisons Shiki's three allies. Then, he proceeds to extract Rebecca's Cat Leaper, but Cat Leaper proves to be too strong and rewinds time to go back short before Drakken's group arrived. In timeline 30, Drakken informs the Element 4, who fight off the Four Shining Stars and are ultimately defeated by them. He later tries to capture Rebecca but ends up confronting Shiki. He almost defeats Shiki but is confronted by Weisz. After Weisz is about to get his arm cut off for the third time, Shiki saves Weisz, and they both team up. Shortly after, Drakken's machine was turned against him and Drakken lost control about his powers, turning into a big kraken monster. It was also revealed Drakken stole Kurenai's laser to wipe out Blue Garden. Drakken then proceeds to kill his henchmen on a control room that would fire the laser and almost kills Shiki until Shiki gets his superform, ready to fight Drakken. Shiki manages to overpower Drakken, reads Drakken's past, which distracts Drakken for a short time. Shortly after, Shiki finishes Drakken off.

Defeated, Drakken grows old, but makes an attempt to drain Weisz of his youth, but is too weak to stand up and is at Weisz' mercy. Weisz attempts to shoot Drakken despite Shiki's protest, but Weisz is unable to bring himself to actually kill him as Sibir explains that Weisz appreciates the value of life, and Drakken is then taken into custody and has not many time left to life.

Powers and Abilities

Drakken Joe is a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica, a group of criminals renowned for their ability to destroy entire planets.


  • Alchemist: Drakken Joe is a master in alchemy after practicing it over centuries. He uses Ether Gear to convert matter into anything he wishes, such as turning an Ether shield into gas or a space ship's metal hull into scrap paper, allowing it to be easily breached. He is also capable of imbuing weaponry with his alchemic powers, enabling others to use his abilities in various ways, and creating unique weapons from his Ether Gear, like a petrification ray. Drakken can also apply these changes of matter to his own body, allowing him to change his arms into different materials for offensive or defensive purposes.
  • Overdrive: Drakken Joe is an experienced user of Ether Gear, allowing him to push his Ether past its critical point and activate Overdrive. In Overdrive, the composition of his body changes. His Ether lines spread across his body and he gains a more monstrous appearance with crystalline features. When Drakken completely activates his Overdrive, his physiology undergoes a complete change. His body transforms into a gargantuan dark-skinned beast with white Ether lines covering his body and a reptilian tail, while his hair becomes white and more crystalline.


  • Longevity: With the help of a machine and his own Ether Gear, Drakken Joe is able to absorb the life force of people that live around him. He uses this energy to fuel his own lifespan, extending it far beyond any normal human lifespan and giving him the appearance of being unaging. He is rumored to have lived for more than two hundred years. After the Life Support Machine was sent into reverse by Hermit, Drakken Joe rapidly aged to his true appearance and became a withered, elderly man.


  • Before "DJ Zombie" was revealed to be Drakken Joe, there were some clues to "DJ Zombie" being Drakken Joe.
    • "DJ" are Drakken's initials.
    • One of Drakken Joe's nicknames is "Undead Joe".
    • DJ Zombie cut off old Weisz' arm in the past, like Drakken Joe did to Timeline 29's Weisz. He also did it because Weisz stole DJ Zombie's money, something Drakken values.
    • DJ Zombie turned Guilst into a criminal organization.
  • His scene where he cuts off Weisz's arm and kills Shiki has similarities with Negan's debut scene where he kills two people as a punishment. One of the people present even resembles Negan.


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