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Drakonis (Tiamat in the original Japanese version), the Crimson Dragon, is a major villain in the RPG video game Legend of Mana, serving as the primary antagonist and final boss of the Dragon story arc. He was destroyed and sent to the Underworld, but he took over Mavolia (the Mana counterpart of Hell) and seeks to return to the world of Fa'Diel and take over both realms.

He is a counterpart of sort of the Dragon Lord, who has similar aspect, dark powers, personality and knack to manipulate people to regain power.


Drakonis was an extremely powerful Dragon King, who threatened Fa'Diel long in the past, but was destroyed, probably during the great war that nearly depleted the power of Mana that sustains the world.

Although great dragons are wise and noble servants of the Mana Goddess (though they can be terrifyingly dangerous, as in the Mana Beast's case), this one was so evil he could take over Mavolia and become the Archdemon. Yet, the reason behind his demonic nature is never explained, perhaps excessive greed or evil influence.

He is extremely greedy and power-hungry, trying to make everything his own, including people's power and skills by making them his servants willingly or not. He is also cruel, ruthless, relentless, haughty, hateful, wrathful, violent and vindictive.

While he most often appears collected, regal and quite sarcastic, he flies in violent rages when things do not go the way he wants. He is a skilled manipulator who offers Faustian bargains to distressed people, but he is far too arrogant to ever consider his foes as a threat, despite having already been destroyed.

Role in the Game

The story takes place nine hundred years after a war that destroyed the Mana Tree (either the events of Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, or a disaster specific to the game). The different species populating the world waged centuries of gruesome wars for the control of the artefacts holding what remained of the Mana Power.

Drakonis' human form

Despite being dead, Drakonis rules Mavolia and resurrected and enslaved the beastman Larc as his main agent. He covets the Mana Crystals to open Mavolia upon the world to take over both.

Larc uses blackmail and manipulations to force the heroes to kill Akravator the Sky Dragon, Jajara the Bone Dragon and Vadise the White Dragon (guardians of the Mana Crystals). They kill the first two, but Vadise and Larc’s sister Sierra explain them Drakonis' plot and they set out to defeat him.

Using the power of the Mana Crystals and the souls of his many victims, he turns the Land of the Dead into the hellish realm known as the Flames and raises his castle from Mavolia to the outside world.

Later, he turns Larc into a centaur-like monster and forces him to battle the heroes. Fortunately, Sierra, helps the heroes to storm Drakonis' castle and to put an end to his blight him once and for all.

With Drakonis destroyed for good and his soul sealed in Mavolia for eternity, the three Dragon Lords are resurrected and his evil is undone. Alas, Larc's is condemned to spend a thousand year in Mavolia to keep him sealed. Later, the heroes eventually purge the regrown Mana Tree from Evil and restore the world anew.

Boss Battle

Battle against Drakonis

Drakonis is huge and immensely powerful, but he is not that hard to defeat with enough preparation. He can bite the heroes, swallow them, breathe fire streams, release a circular wave of green energy rings, jump to crush them, conjure lava from the ground and fly away to land with enough force to shatter the ground.

The heroes must retaliate by pummelling without end with both weapons and magic. Avoid attack him with Fire, and go for Water and Earth instead.


  • Drakonis' original Japanese name, Tiamat, is that of the Primeval Goddess of Oceans and Mother of All Things of Mesopotamian Mythology, who waged war against creation and was defeated by the Warrior God Marduk.
  • Tiamat in turn inspired the recurring boss and summon from the Final Fantasy series, of which the World of Mana series was originally a spin-off.


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