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This powerful sorceress once turned Kirby into a rolling pink ball and Dream Land into a world made of paint. Her name is awfully similar to that of Claycia's, but no one knows for sure if the two are related.
~ Drawcia's figurine description in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Drawcia is a villainous sorceress and the main antagonist and final boss of Kirby: Canvas Curse. Her name is a pun on "draw".


Drawcia is a lavender-colored witch with silver hair and a yellow mouth hidden underneath her robe. She wears a purple hat and a purple robe with a blue and yellow pattern on the end of each drape. She also has a pink ascot, held up with two yellow shoulder pads. Only one of her eyes is visible, which is blank yellow. The second one only appears as Drawcia transforms into her soul form.

As Drawcia Soul, she takes the form of a massive circular pink blob with five blank yellow eyes and a gaping yellow mouth.


Drawcia is a sorceress whose true form was that of an unknown painting. She had stolen an artifact called the Magic Paintbrush in order to fulfill whatever twisted dreams she had. Kirby fought her three times throughout the game to save his world (the first happens during the introduction). The first time Kirby fought her, she turned him into a ball which rendered him helpless to stop her from turning Dreamland into a painting. She could also be fought as either a Waddle Dee, a Waddle Doo, King Dedede, or even Meta Knight. She has a way to make enemies come to life by using a Power Paintbrush.

Drawcia Soul

When Kirby defeated Drawcia the second time he fought her, this is what she turned into: a massive five-eyed blob. In this form she had more attacks which one of them might have been from the Marx battle in Kirby Super Star and another few might have actually been the inspiration for some of Marx Soul's attacks in Kirby Super Star Ultra, most of which used brute force rather than her feared magical powers. They consisted of her releasing Para Matter that could be tapped so she would take some damage, splitting into many rainbow colored fragments and attempting to crush Kirby from above, using her new form as a ball and trying to hit Kirby with her new form by bouncing or a fiery tackle.

Once defeated, Drawcia was sucked back into her portrait, which then shattered to pieces in a flash of light.



  • Drawcia is the first female villain of the Kirby series; all her predecessors were either male or genderless. This was later followed up by Queen Sectonia.
  • She is also the first antagonist to be an artist. The next is Yin-Yarn, while the third is Claycia.
  • Drawcia has a sister named Paintra in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is unconfirmed if Vividria in Kirby Star Allies is a relative to Drawcia and Paintra.
  • Drawcia is the first final boss in the series to have a "Soul" version.
  • Drawcia has a figurine in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, which can be unlocked after collecting gold medals from all stages.
  • Void Termina's core has a similar attack in Kirby Star Allies where it bounces around the stage, retreats into the background, then tries to stomp on the player. It is called Sprint.
    • Void Soul (in the Ultimate Choice if the difficulty level is set to Soul Melter or higher) has a similar attack called Deadly Bound, where he splits into four. Void Soul and his duplicates share their appearance, which prevents the player from seeing which Void Soul is real, but the clones share their health bar with him. Void Soul and his clones then smash the stage one (two in Soul Melter EX) at a time and Void Soul can also use Void Termina's core's version in Soul Melter EX, but with water to slow down the player.


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