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The Second Coming's Drawings are minor characters in the Animator vs. Animation series, appearing as the tritagonists of Animator vs. Animation IV. They are a series of animations drawn by The Second Coming to help it destroy the Animator's computer.


After the Animator's feud with The Chosen One, he is careful not to let any of his animations turn against him again. When he sees The Second Coming playing with Green, Blue, Red, and Green, he ends the figures so they cannot do damage. This angers The Second Coming and causes the two to fight through both the computer and the Animator's iPhone.

After the battle returns to the animation program, The Second Coming manages to make a makeshift laser gun and destroy the Animator's cursor, forcing him to have to get a new one through the long way on his keyboard. When he returns, he finds that The Second Coming has drawn a series of its own animations with the pencil tool, including a realistic strong man, a hungry alligator, a destructive woodpecker, and a rough giant humanoid. The woodpecker pecks at the window and eats icons, the giant punches the program, and the strong man breaks the window and feeds the pieces to the alligator. The Second Coming draws itself a pair of bird-like wings and begins flying around, observing the destruction its minions are causing.

The Animator selects all of The Second Coming's animations and goes to delete them. However, he notices how good the animations really are, and how they are, in fact, better than his own. He especially realizes this when he sees The Second Coming draw a very detailed horse. The Animator decides to sit back and admire the drawings until the giant grabs his cursor and begins punching it, causing him to have to delete the drawings and capture The Second Coming.

The Animator helps The Second Coming see the error of its ways, and the stick figure agrees to help him animate. The Second Coming teaches the Animator new tricks, and the two draw a magnificent animation of a winged horse together.