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The Draygon has an armor-like hard shell which gives it a lot of defensive strength.
~ The manual's description of Draygon

Draygon is a major antagonist and boss in Super Metroid, being a huge grotesque crustacean-like creature. It is one of the four Space Pirates that Samus Aran must face in order to enter Tourian. It seems to be an adult Evir, having some around it that may be its offspring.


Samus Aran battles this creature in the watery wastelands of Maridia. Being a large sea dwelling beast, Draygon's weakness is both electricity and has the sweet spot on its stomach, as it has a large crustaceous shell covering every part of its body but that. Draygon attacks Samus by spitting goo, swimming at her at high speed or by grabbing her and attacking with its stinger tail. Defeating the water beast causes Evir to appear and bury Draygon into the sand. A room opens up that rewards Samus with the Space Jump ability.


  • Despite appearing as an amoral mindless animal, it is assumed that Draygon is an intelligent high-ranking space pirate like Ridley and Kraid.
  • The player guide of Super Metroid refers to Draygon as a mutant reptile.
  • Similar to how most Super Metroid faced creatures have growls taken from the Godzilla films, Draygon's yell is similar to that of Anguirus.
  • Draygon is the only one of the five main bosses in Super Metroid that only appeared in that game.
  • In the demo of Metroid Prime, Draygon's sprite can be seen in the scan description for the Parasite Queen.
  • If Samus can activate the Speed Booster before or during Draygon's battle, performing a Shinespark into Draygon's stomach will kill it in one hit.
  • Draygon is assumed by some fans to be female, believing it is the mother of the Evirs seen in its room. However, the Super Metroid Players Guide refers to it as a male.


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