Fighting amongst ourselves would be ridiculous... Our power increases greatly when we work together.
~ Dread Joker R to Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis.

Dread Joker R is a minor antagonist in Mega Man Star Force 3 and serves as a major antagonist in the Post-Game Mission. He is a R created by Sirius from the original Dread Joker


Post-Game Mission: Sirius/R and RR

In the mission, a EM Being named Sirius, attacks Planet FM and employs an army of reconstructed Wizards and EM Humans, whose identities are mostly distinct from their originals.

After Mega Man achieve the Black Hole Server, he is confronted by Acid Ace R and Dread Joker R. They however, different from the originals, as these two get along very well than the original ones.


Geo Stelar: Ace, too, huh? But you're not the Ace that I know.
Acid Ace R: I am Acid Ace R. I was created by Sirius, and gifted with an almost infinite amount of power by this server. You must be quite the warrior to have defeated all of the other "R"s. But you will not be able to do the same to us!
Geo Stelar: "Us"...?
Omega-Xis: No way... Is he here, too!?
Dread Joker: Why yes I am.
Geo Stelar: !!
Dread Joker R: I am Dread Joker R!
Omega-Xis: Interesting... So even in these "R" forms, you guys still come in a two-pack, huh? But where's the sibling rivalry that we all love?
Fighting amongst ourselves would be ridiculous... Our power increases greatly when we work together.
Acid Ace R: Well Said. I mean, Sirius did trust us to protect the final path to where he is! We're pretty awesome!
Geo Stelar: *sigh*
Dread Joker R: I'll do the honors first if you don't mind, Acid Ace.
Acid Ace R: No worries, Jokey. I'll watch from the sidelines. If anything goes wrong, I'll be right there to help.
Omega-Xis: It looks like we have to deal with both of these losers in a row...
Geo Stelar: This is going to be one tough battle... But we have no choice!
~ Dread Joker R and Acid Ace R to Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis.

Powers and Abilities

Dread Joker R has the same abilities like the original Joker.

  • Gigaton Building: Dread Joker R strikes the ground, summoning two black towers from the ground and a third from the air above the primary target. The towers not directly attacking may limit the target's movement. The towers can be destroyed via an attack with the Break attribute.
  • Gigant Swing: Dread Joker R jumps in front of Mega Man and swings his fist like a maul. The attack consists of two such strikes.
  • Dread Lazer: Dread Joker R's signature attack, and the only one he has ever used outside of combat. He rears back, summoning as much Noise as he can, and then fires it in a massive beam that cracks every panel on the field and strips away Mega Man's HP bit by bit if he gets caught in it, though Mega Man can block it with his shield.
    • This attack is featured in the DreadLazer Giga Card, which is equivalent to the V3 instance of the attack.
  • Million Kicks: Dread Joker R pauses a moment to activate the attack, then moves up to the player's position and unleashes a total of 24 kicks throughout Mega Man's row.
  • Break Time Bomb: Dread Joker R pauses a moment to activate the Battle Card, and then places a Break Time Bomb on a random panel. The explosion cannot be avoided or blocked, so the bomb must be destroyed.
  • Destroy Missile: Dread Joker R fires off a constant stream of missiles at the player that will travel down the row he is on when they were launched. These missiles can be destroyed while in flight.
    • The attacks "Million Kick", "Break Time Bomb", and "Destroy Missile" each correspond to the Giga-class Battle Cards "MilliKick", "BrkTmeBmb", and "DestrMissl"
  • Super Armor: Dread Joker R cannot flinch, and therefore cannot be knocked out of his attacks.





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