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Don't lie. I know all. You saw a pathetic, powerless creature, hated and feared... that's always been your nightmare, hasn't it? (Mr. Snake: Yes, but then Wolf...) That wolf hasn't changed anything. The world still sees you as a loathsome snake. But let me tell you a secret. You shouldn't fear nightmares. You are the nightmare. You are the Dark Lord of Serpents, and it is time to accept it. Sound good?
~ Splaarghon to Mr. Snake.

Dread Overlord Splaarghon is the secondary antagonist of the Bad Guys series of books.


Although Splaarghon is extremely serious in a lot of what he's doing, he has been shown to have a fun side, playing heavy metal guitar, and saying that it "sets the mood". He does appear to be a coward, seeing that Agent Fox knows the fact that he'll run as far away from her as he can. He also appears to like Mr. Snake a lot.


Dread of the Underlord

Splaarghon first appeared by calling out to Mr. Snake, and telling Mr. Snake that his life was not going the way it should, and that Mr. Snake isn't following his destiny correctly. Mr. Snake was acting confused, and then Splaarghon showed Mr. Snake a door, and then told him to open it. Mr. Snake then opened the door, and Splaarghon transformed Mr. Snake. Later, when Shadow Squad G arrived at where the top took place, tSplaarghon made Mr. Snake turn on his friends. Mr. Snake made all of his friends turn evil, and then Agent Fox turned them all back to normal, much to the Splaarghon's annoyance. He made Mr. Snake tell Shadow Squad G that they have an hour to decide if they join Splaarghon or not. Splaarghon then told Mr. Snake that they had one hour to decide.

The One?

After Mr. Snake woke up from his nightmare, Splaarghon told him that he shouldn't fear nightmares. He sent out Mr. Snake to destroy Agent Fox and her friends. He later took a break while sending Mr. Snake for Shadow Squad G, and because Mr. Snake was unable to catch up to them, Splaarghon started to scold Mr. Snake. He later thought to himself that Mr. Snake wasn't good enough, making Mr. Snake have a potential to betray Splaarghon.


Mr. Snake

Do this and you will be my favorite.
~ Splaarghon bribing Mr. Snake to hunt down Agent Fox

Splaarghon seems to have an extreme liking to Mr. Snake. His underlords often doubt the abilities of Mr. Snake, leading Splaarghon to get angry with them.


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