The Dreaded Patrick is a supervillain from Patrick's dream as a superhero and the main antagonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants videogame Creature from the Krusty Krab in the level "Starfish Man To The Rescue".

He was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, who also voiced Patrick Star himself.


In Patrick's dream, he is dreaming about comic book world where every residence is a starfish like him. Patrick woke up in his dream after hearing a radio report, saying that the Dreaded Patrick is attacking Bikini Bottom. Patrick becomes Starfish Man after hearing this and leaves his rock. Sadly, Dreaded Patrick's minions find him in his evil lair and shoot him into space. This continues into the level "Rocket Rodeo", and Patrick eventually returns home just in time to team up with Mermaid Man and save SpongeBob from the Giant Plankton Monster. Fortunately Dreaded Patrick got trapped by a donut shaped asteroid.


The Dreaded Patrick looked identical with original Patrick except he wore a green shirt that had yellow cape, a blue belt, yellow gloves and a cape. He also has hair.


Much like Patrick, Dreaded Patrick is dimwitted, but is actually far more cunning, smarter, serious, and more sinister than the latter. Dreaded Patrick also capable to formulate various evil plans as well. He also quite proud of himself, as whenever he showed up, he had an urge to place a poster of himself, so that he may recruit new people for his army and/or to admire himself.


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