"Betraying my kind is not the same as accepting yours!".
~ Dreadwing after declining the request from Optimus Prime that he join the Autobots after betraying the Decepticons.

Dreadwing is a supporting antagonist in Transformers Prime who appeared as a major antagonist throughout Season 2. He was a high-ranking Decepticon commander and the twin of Skyquake who briefly became Megatron's first lieutenant.

He was voiced by Tony Todd, who also played Candyman in the trilogy of the same, the voice of Zoom in The Flash TV series, The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Grange in The Crow, Captain Darrow in The Rock and Shadow in Shadow: Dead Riot.


Dreadwing is large and powerful even by Decepticon standards. He is even more powerful than his brother Skyquake since he has better speed in activating weaponry against the Autobots. He has a strong desire for bombs and explosives.

Like his brother, he goes by a code of honor. This code includes loyalty to leaders which, in their case, is Megatron.

During Megatron's interrogation of Starscream (who wanted to re-join the Decepticons), Dreadwing discovered that Starscream had revived Skyquake as a Terrorcon (basically the transformers version of a zombie) and now wonders another dimension endlessly. As Megatron told Starscream to not tell Dreadwing about this, Dreadwing felt betrayed by Megatron, and thus betrayed the Decepticons by stealing the Forge of Solus Prime, an ancient relic, from the Decepticons and gave it to the Autobots.

Despite his betrayal to the Decepticons, Dreadwing denied Optimus Prime's offer of joining the Autobots, saying that betraying his kind does not mean siding with the other. When he returned to the Decepticon base, he tried to destroy Starscream in an attempt to avenge his brother, but was then commanded by Megatron to stand down. He disobeyed, and right before he could kill Starscream with his blade, Megatron shot him in the back with his own cannon, leaving a large hole through his chest, killing Dreadwing.


  • Dreadwing is the fifth Decepticon named to die in Transformers Prime.
  • Dreadwing is the third and last second in command of Megatron. The others are Airachnid and Starscream.


  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed Autobots
  • Seaspray
  • Roadbuster (possibly)



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