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No one is perfect, Starscream, but like his departed twin, Dreadwing understands honor.
~ Megatron's thoughts on Dreadwing.
Betraying my kind is not the same as accepting yours.
~ Dreadwing after declining the request from Optimus Prime that he join the Autobots after betraying the Decepticons.

Dreadwing is a supporting antagonist in Transformers Prime who appeared as a major antagonist throughout Season 2. He was a high-ranking Decepticon commander and the twin of Skyquake who briefly became Megatron's first lieutenant.

He was voiced by Tony Todd, who also played Candyman in the franchise of the same name, Grange in The Crow, Captain Darrow in The Rock, Earl Jenkins in Smallville, King Deucalion in Minotaur, Shadow in Shadow: Dead Riot, Benjamin Juma in the 24 franchise, The Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Zoom in the Arrowverse, Darkseid in the DC Animated Movie Universe and Luther Thompson in Scream.


Starscream: I'm sure that even your beloved Dreadwing isn't perfect.
Megatron: No one is perfect, Starscream, but like his departed twin, Dreadwing understands honor.
~ Starscream and Megatron about Dreadwing.

Like his brother, Dreadwing goes by a code of honor. This code includes loyalty to leaders which, in their case, is Megatron. Dreadwing is a proud, but humble Decepticon, knowing how to respect his enemies such as Optimus Prime, deciding not to be done with him until the next time they meet again after teaming up with the Autobot. His loyalty to the cause of the Decepticons saw him quickly be promoted to lieutenant following his disobedience to his master's orders to save him from an Autobot ambush.

Much like Skyquake, Dreadwing can easily get angry but seems to have more control over his emotions. His restraint had limits however, when he found out what Starscream had done to his late twin and that Megatron was planning to cover it up, Dreadwing became so bitter that he betrayed his side by offering the Forge of Solus Prime to the autobots and attempted to kill Starscream for his actions, refusing to obey Megatron when he tells him to stop, which ends up causing his downfall.


Dreadwing is large and powerful even by Decepticon standards. He is even more powerful than his brother Skyquake since he has better speed in activating weaponry against the Autobots. He has a strong desire for bombs and explosives.

Although thousands of light years away, Dreadwing felt his brother's awakening on earth just like his death. Saddened by Skyquake's death, Dreadwing decided to go to the blue planet to find out what happened to his twin.

Making his debut in Loose Cannons, Dreadwing trades fire with Wheeljack who hasn't stopped hunting him since the Decepticon slaughtered several of his fellow Wreckers. When Team Prime arrives as reinforcements, Dreadwing manages to escape by scanning Agent Fowler's jet. Once inside himself, Dreadwing activates a signal to attract the attention of the Nemesis. On board, he renews his loyalty to Megatron while also telling her why he came to Earth.

In Crossfire, Megatron tasks Dreadwing a mission to eliminate Airachnid, who Megatron no longer has any trust in. Under the pretext of searching for an energon mine, Dreadwing and Breakdown take Airachnid to a secluded location to do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, Breakdown's impulsiveness ruins the duo's element of suprise, allowing Airachnid to counter her would-be executioners. She restrains Dreadwing with a web attack, where he orders Breakdown to set him free, but the Decepticon instead chases Airachnid and ends up being slaughtered by her. Later, Dreadwing quietly follows Megatron to a cave despite his orders where he saves his master injured by an Insecticon from being captured by the Autobots. Upon returning to the Nemesis, Megatron at first appears to berate him for disobeying his orders to help him but then states that Dreadwing will make an excellent first lieutenant.

In Triangulation, Megatron sends Dreadwing and a vehicular squadron to Antarctica to retrieve another Iacon relic. Arrived on the frozen plains, Dreadwing confronts a renegade Starscream also in search of the relics. Although attempted to kill him on the spot, Dreadwing just takes Starscream prisoner to deliver him to his master later. Once at the coordinates, Dreadwing discovers that the relics are already there. Optimus shows up soon after and it comes to the exchange of gunfire. All the Vehicons are killed and Dreadwing ends up buried in an avalanche. The Decepticon later exfiltrates the snow before tracking down the Autobot at a research base. There, he accuses Starscream of having no real honor due to his unwillingly assisting Optimus. As another battle between the two Colossi begins, Starscream recovers the relic found to be indestructible Cybertronian armor and attempts to kill Optimus and Dreadwing. The two are eventually forced to help each other, exploding the ice beneath the renegade. Dreadwing decides to let Optimus go but promises that next time he will finish him off.

During Megatron's interrogation of Starscream (who wanted to re-join the Decepticons), Dreadwing discovered that Starscream had revived Skyquake as a Terrorcon (basically the transformers version of a zombie) and now wonders another dimension endlessly. As Megatron told Starscream to not tell Dreadwing about this, Dreadwing felt betrayed by Megatron, and thus betrayed the Decepticons by stealing the Forge of Solus Prime, an ancient relic, from the Decepticons and gave it to the Autobots.

Despite his betrayal to the Decepticons, Dreadwing denied Optimus Prime's offer of joining the Autobots, saying that betraying his kind does not mean siding with the other. When he returned to the Decepticon base, he tried to destroy Starscream in an attempt to avenge his brother, but was then commanded by Megatron to stand down. He disobeyed, and right before he could kill Starscream with his blade, Megatron shot him in the back with his own cannon, leaving a large hole through his chest, killing Dreadwing.


  • Seaspray (attempted)
  • Roadbuster (possibly)


Dreadwing: Lord Megatron, I live to serve.
Megatron: Rise, Dreadwing. Loyalty such as yours is a rare commodity.
Dreadwing: Mine runs deep and true, yet it is not loyalty alone that brought me here. I seek confirmation of the demise of one whom I considered a brother.
Megatron: How did you learn of his passing?
Dreadwing: My twin and I shared a split Spark. We're metal, but two halves of the same life force. Even across the galaxy, I sensed when he emerged from stasis on his planet and when his Spark was no more.
Megatron: It is true. Skyquake perished at the hands of the Autobots, though not, in fact, under my watch.
Dreadwing: Then by the pit, every last Autobot on this accursed world will pay.
Megatron: The Autobots will be punished for their crime, and many others, how and when I see fit.
Dreadwing: But master...
Megatron: Conflicting agendas will only result in chaos and failure.You would be wise to remember that, Dreadwing. You are under my command now, and as such, you must follow my lead.
~ Dreadwing reunited with his master, Megatron.
Dreadwing: You command no one, deserter.
Starscream: Skyquake? B-but you're...
Dreadwing: You mistake me for my brother, who is one with the Allspark, as you are, no doubt, aware, former commander Starscream. Were it up to me, I would end this here and now. [Handcuff Starscream] But it is my duty as first lieutenant to Megatron to render all traitors to my lord and master for due punishment.
Starscream: First lieutenant?! That's my post!
~ Dreadwing capturing Starscream in Antarctica.
Dreadwing: Starscream. I regret to inform you that you will not live to spread your wings ever again. [Shoot with his canon but miss Starscream]
Starscream: Dreadwing, what has gotten into you? Wait. This is about Skyquake, isn't it? I thought we had put that behind us!
Dreadwing: So had I!
Starscream: Casualties are an unfortunate consequence of war! But I assure you, your twin met his end with great honor!
Dreadwing: Which you disgraced by raising him from the dead !
Starscream: Oh, you know about that. There must be something I can do, some form of reparation I can offer to alleviate your anguish!
Dreadwing: Your spark will suffice!
~ Dreadwing attempts to kill Starscream for desecrating Skyquake's death.



  • Dreadwing is the fifth Decepticon named to die in Transformers Prime.
  • Dreadwing is the third and last second in command of Megatron. The others are Airachnid and Starscream.
  • He and Skyquake were sharing half of the same Spark, which made Dreadwing feel his brother's death.
  • Dreadwing appears as a boss in the non-canon Transformers: Prime The Game. He is dispatched to retrieve Thunderwing Fragments and then confronts Bumblebee before finding himself buried in rocky rubble.


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