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Now, I should explain to you that when I say, "Am I right?" it's a rhetorical question because I'm always right!
~ Drell to Sabrina and her aunts.

Drell is a major antagonist in the first season of the sitcom Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. He is a powerful witch and Head of the Witches Council, until the council underwent major changes and modernization. Drell is feared for his short temper and powerful magic. He is the ex-fiance of Hilda Spellman.

He was portrayed by the famous magician and Penn & Teller: Bulls#&t! co-host Penn Jillette.


As Head of the Council, he presided over a type of governing senate which included himself, Skippy and Cassandra. Drell dated Hilda Spellman on and off and was once engaged to her, but left Hilda at the altar. He is known to send Hilda a pot roast when he's calling off a date, and half a pot roast when he is going to be late. Hilda finally build up the strength to stand him up on a date and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Drell has a pet mole named "Moley" and is very sensitive about people staring at him.

When Sabrina used her magic to do three good things on her friends, Drell summoned her before himself and the Witches Council and ordered Sabrina to undo her spells in 24 hours or she would face the terrible consequences for interfering with mortals' lives.

When Jenny was accidentally transported to the Other Realm, Drell discovered she was a mortal and turned her into a grasshopper. When Sabrina followed her in, Drell gave her the grasshopper in a jar, until Sabrina found a loophole and convinced Jenny it was all a dream and returned to the mortal world.

When Sabrina kissed Harvey and transformed him into a frog, she and her aunts went to the Other Realm to see Drell where he administered the Test of True Love to try and reverse him back into human. Sabrina took the test and passed each of the rounds, encouraging Hilda to take the same test to see if she was still in love with Drell. As it turned out, Hilda wasn't really still in love with him anymore, and ended the relationship for good.


  • Drell only appeared in Season 1, though presumably remained Head of the Witches Council until Season 6, when a new Witches Council was shown onscreen.
  • Drell once sued himself and was represented by Sabrina's stepmother Gale.


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