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Ray: Drex had it all. Bravery, extreme fighting skills, hot mom.
Henry: Ray!
Ray: Well, not as hot as yours.
Henry: Ray!
Charlotte: So, why wasn't Drex the perfect sidekick?
Ray: Oh, well, I found out that Drex... has a dark side.
Henry: Dark how?
Ray: Evil, mean, tardy, chewed with his mouth open, never flushed, and he was violent, cruel and dangerous and one-day Drex and I... (sighs) we just had it out.
Charlotte: You guys fought?
Ray: Oh yeah.
Schwoz: It was horrible.
Henry: But... I mean you won, right?
Ray: Barely.
Charlotte: Barely? But you're like, the best fighter in the whole world.
Ray: (chuckling) Oh, no. If I wasn't indestructible, believe me, I would have been, y'know... destructed.
~ Captain Man describing Drex's evil side and origin, revealing he would have died if he was never indestructible.
You know. I always thought this would be harder, Henry. Oh, and one more thing, I was always the better sidekick.
~ Drex's last words before he was kicked off the blimp in Henry Danger.

Drex Stinklebaum is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's live-action series, Henry Danger, as well as the overall main antagonist of the franchise. He is the former sidekick of Ray Manchester/Captain Man, before Henry Hart/Kid Danger, who turned to a life of crime, and is a powerful and the greatest threat the heroes have ever faced; more so than any other villain in the show. Drex has also proven to be the heroes' worst and longtime nemesis, surpassing every villain the heroes have faced, and the only villain whoever succeeded in nearly all of their goals. This headstrong supervillain is Henry Hart/Kid Danger's archenemy.

Throughout the years, he would develop a hatred for Captain Man and swear vengeance on him and his new sidekick and his new archenemy/rival Kid Danger. He also gained super-powers in his own right and hoped to surpass his mentor, Captain Man as an equal and be a formidable opponent for his rival Kid Danger, as well as destroy those who stand in the way of his goals.

He was portrayed by Tommy Walker.


Drex was Ray Manchester's/Captain Man's original sidekick, working with him only for a few months, nine years before Henry Danger took place, however, Ray said they never fought crime together, either due to Ray's refusal, or that the opportunity didn't present itself to Drex, despite the fact he was his sidekick. Whether "Drex" is his real name or a secret identity is unknown. He seems to be an expert at setting up booby traps, as they are always undetected by the Man Cave's gadgets.

When Drex became a criminal, because of his extensive training under Captain Man's wing, he was nearly too powerful for even the Captain himself to stop him. But somehow, he was defeated and soon arrested before spending time in prison until many years later. Drex's personal grudge and desire to kill Captain Man went far as he froze himself and waiting a hundred million years and went back in time to make sure Ray was never indestructible.

He also hopes to surpass and replace his mentor for his own goals, going as far as denying him the day he received his powers and Drex getting them instead. He has ultimately proven that he seeks to erase Ray/Captain Man from existence and wipe the memory of Swellview's citizens from ever knowing their true savior.

Henry Danger

Hour of Power

Drex was the sidekick of Captain Man about nine years before he became a criminal. Ray stated he didn't let Drex fight crime despite the fact he was his sidekick. Captain Man even states that Drex could have killed him if he was never indestructible. Later Drex was arrested and put in prison.

Drex imprisoned.

It was Bring Your Daughter To Work Day at Swellview prison, and one girl accidentally released Drex and blamed on her age and that she didn't know any better. Drex meets Henry (Kid Danger) and Ray (Captain Man) in Schneider's Bakery where he beats up two criminals, traps Ray in an unbreakable helmet and his hand in a wooden box, and humiliates Kid Danger by spanking him and singing a song that parodies "Oh Da Doo Dah Day". Later he comes to Junk and Stuff to find where the Man Cave is and Jasper tricks him into taking him to the playground. Fortunately, Kid Danger is able to defeat Drex with his new superpower (super fast reflexes) before Jasper gets hurt and humiliates Drex the way Drex humiliated him at the bakery. Schwoz blasts Drex with a beam that leaves him braindead, and he is brought to the Man Cave where Henry is on the news spanking Drex. The episode concludes with Captain Man, Henry, Jasper, Charlotte, and Schwoz singing around Drex.

Back To The Danger Part 1 & 2

While still being contained in a storage room for the past year. Drex escapes the containment unit when Vice Mayor Willard announces a 10-second power outage. Jasper shoots silly string at Drex, who escapes and crushes the can with his hand. Drex traps Jasper in duct tape and uses the Time Jerker's Time Portal to go back in time to stop Captain Man from becoming indestructible. He also sets one of the blasters he stole on a timer and points it at the portal to self-destruct. Henry and Ray go down to the storage room and try to stop Drex. However, Drex jumps through the time machine. Henry and Ray follow him through the machine, as the large blaster Drex had set up fires at the time machine, destroying it.

Drex becoming indestructible.

The heroes see Drex nearby buying a snow cone, and they are about to apprehend him, but they're stopped by security. Henry and Ray bring the officers behind bushes and knock them out, but when they return, they see that Drex has left to get to Glass Tech.

Drex dresses as a scientist and stops Ray from becoming indestructible at age 8. Drex used the Densitizer to become indestructible himself. It works, however, the side effect turned his left hand into a monster hand with sharp claws. After defeating Henry and the now destructible Ray, Drex destroys the Densitizer with the blue laser gun he stole and attempts to destroy Ray and Henry, but the heroes are brought back through time and Schwoz tells them that as long the time portal is activated, the changes made in the past or future will not affect the present. Captain Man and Kid Danger (who are 20 minutes older) travel back to before Drex became indestructible, but they were too late. They warn themselves to save Carl and everyone in the building. Drex becomes confused at this ordeal; but his goal is the same. They succeed in making Ray a superhero again. Captain Man and Kid Danger are sent back to the Man Cave, where Drex is trapped in time prison. To make sure he will never be seen again, Captain Man and Kid Danger send Drex 100 million years into the past, getting him out of their hair once and for all.


Due to the heroes changing the timeline, Drex survives from the Cretaceous period well into the Ice Age, where he froze himself and was discovered years later by S. Thompson on cold Mount Swellview.

S. Thompson was showing Mrs. Shapen where Drex was but he escaped and scared them off.

At Swellview Mountain, he meets Bigfoot, who was using his hairdryer to defrosting a caveman. Drex had been using Bigfoot's electric generator, so Bigfoot lets Drex know that.

Drex in prehistoric times.

However, Drex reacts by making a threatening gesture that he was going to hit him. Bigfoot does not fear him and even mocks him, but when a group of cavemen appears unexpectedly, he decides to just leave the place.

Fran meets Drex in a bathroom at the Nacho Ball. He was with two cavemen finishing up his look. Fran tells Drex that she was in a hurry to use the bathroom, so Drex and the cavemen leave.

The Beginning of the End

Making his striking comeback, the former sidekick turned villain surprised Captain Man by setting up a trap in the Man Cave, leaving him tangled in a vine and knocking out Schwoz and Bose with his stun laser he quickly stole from Ray's belt after capturing them.

Captain Drex

Drex telling his cavemen "stories" of Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Drex has tied up Captain Man, Bose, and Schwoz in the Man Cave. They ask how he was able to arrive in the present-day after they sent him 100 million years in the past. Drex explains that he had frozen himself and waited until climate change thawed him out. He had an army of cavemen that he had trained to hate Captain Man and Kid Danger by blaming every bad thing that happened to them. Schwoz accidentally blurts out that Drex can send Ray 100 million years into the past just like he and Henry did to him, causing Drex to think of ways to get revenge on them.

At the Man Cave, Drex is trying to think of ways to get his revenge on Captain Man. He then gets the memory wiper and challenges Schwoz to modify it so that it would work on everyone in Swellview. Offended, Schwoz accepts the challenge. Kid Danger arrives in his uniform and easily takes out Drex's Cavemen. Drex zaps Kid Danger with a laser gun, and he falls to the ground, and Drex orders the cavemen to sit on him.

Drex sending Ray one hundred and one million years into the past.

Schwoz comes out with the upgraded and new memory device capable of wiping the memories of everyone in Swellview. Schwoz then accidentally reveals that the memory wiper would only work if it were attached to an aircraft, like a plane or a helicopter. Schwoz refuses to help Drex further until he took Bose as a hostage. Drex explains his plan: he would erase everyone’s memories of Captain Man in Swellview so that no one would remember who he was. Then, Drex would take a gumball and become the new Captain Man. Kid Danger tries to fight him, but loses due to his indestructibility and the loss of his superpower a while back. Drex takes the Time Ray and zaps Captain Man back in time one hundred million and one years ago. He takes the memory wiper in order to tarnish the town's memory of Captain Man. Drex then takes Bose as a hostage so that Schwoz can help him operate the Memory Wiper.

Drex destroying the Time Ray.

The Fate of Danger Part 1 & 2

Drex is at Planes-a-Plenty, trying to get a flying vehicle that can get him into the sky. However, the employee there says they don’t have any planes since it was planes graduation they were all in the sky, but they have a blimp, and they needed to wait for the blimp to be inflated, much to Schwoz and

Drex fighting the pre-powered Danger Force.

Bose's amusement and Drex's disappointment. Sleeping for hours as they waited for the blimp to be inflated, the employee notified Drex his blimp was ready to board. Miles, Mika, and Chapa decide to go to Planes-a-Plenty to try and stop Drex from executing his evil plan but all four of them were easily defeated. Drex tied up Schwoz and the kids. Kid Danger is about to shoot Drex with the Omega Weapon, but a caveman tackles him. The kids and Schwoz break free, and they fight the cavemen as Captain Man fights Drex. Kid Danger gets the Omega Weapon, and Captain Man orders him to shoot. Kid Danger objects, saying he would be taking Captain Man’s indestructibility along with Drex’s. Captain Man tells him to do it anyway, and Kid Danger fires the weapon. Drex and Captain Man are blasted

Drex defeating the Danger Force.

back, and neither are indestructible anymore; however, his deformed claw hand from before the transformation remains. Drex gets on the blimp to fly away and erase everyone’s memories of Captain Man.

Kid Danger and Captain Man go after Drex by paragliding toward his blimp. They land on top and begin to fight Drex. Captain Man realizes that the fight on the blimp is his perfect fight with him fighting with him and Dwayne fighting the Bad Guy. As they take down Drex, Henry knocks the Memory Wiper off the blimp destroying it as it falls down a thousand feet. Miles then appears, with one of his cavemen, as he discovers he can teleport. This distracts them allowing him to knock Kid Danger nearly off and allowed him to gained the upper hand against Captain Man. Drex throws Captain Man off of the blimp. Kid Danger then tackles Drex, but was easily beaten because he doesn't have his super-fast reflexes and with half his mask ripped off. Captain Man soon arrives back onto the blimp, having caught the drone Jasper sent up. Captain Man throws Drex off the blimp, as he struggles to grab on using his claw-hand and tears a hole in it, before falling down a thousand feet to his death. However, Jasper caught Drex with the drone and sent him straight to jail before he could hit the ground.

Danger Force

An Imposter Among Us

Drex first appears when Rick Twitler in Mika's body encountered Drex, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray in a cell. Drex, Tiny Ray, and Chest Monster discovered that Rick was inside Mika controlling her and Drex argued with Rick about who was Captain Man's arch-enemy. Rick explains his master plan of how he used the video game to control Mika and planned to follow his plan to leave all of Swellview in darkness. Rick went through with his plan to fool the Danger Force by leaving Drex, Chest Monster and Tiny Ray locked up.

A Danger Among Us

When Ray and Chapa were hunting the other members of the Danger force, Drex offered to help, but Ray rejects Drex's help using a baby voice, revealing that Drex hates it when people talk in baby voice. Drex threatens to rip his tongue out if he continues to speak in a baby voice, but can't because he was in a cell. Later, when the Danger Force discovers that the helper monkey has Rick's conscience, they followed him to the room where Drex was being held, but the room was dark, when Mika asked "Wait, Drex is locked here? ", Drex, now released from the cell turns on the light and says "I was." Drex manages to trap Ray in the cell and starts running the members of Danger Force who were. Drex runs to the main room and Mika arrives there with a baby voice and ends up defeating him and he along with Ray and Danger Force are sent into space by the Cyborg Rick.

A Cyborg Among Us

Drex was tied to Volt's chair, mocking Captain Man. So when the Man's Nest was almost colliding with the satellite where Rick's virus was, Captain Man suggests using Drex to not destroy the Man's Nest since Drex is indestructible. He asked Mika saying she was "The Nice One" but she refuses. When Drex crashes into the satellite, he gets infected by the virus and starts infecting Captain Man, ShoutOut, Volt and Schwoz. After Volt has eliminated the virus from those infected with its rays, Drex, along with Mika and Chapa, is taken by Cyborg Rick to an unknown place.

A Henry Among Us

Drex goes to a tower where Rick held Volt and ShoutOut captive. Drex threatens Twitler into throwing him out of the tower, but stopped when Twitler convinces him to spare his life if he helps him get revenge on Henry. Drex ambushes Captain Man, Henry, Brainstorm and AWOL and has a brawl with them. Drex is about to scratch Captain Man's face like he did in the blimp, but is surprised that he is indestructible again, allowing Captain Man to knock him out cold. A brainwashed ShoutOut and Volt knock Captain Man, Henry, AWOL and Brainstorm unconscious and take Henry and Drex to the tower. When they take Henry to the tower and use his force field power and use it in he new plan to control the internet, Captain Man, Brainstorm and AWOL rescue Henry. They battle and get kicked by Brainstorm. Captain Man finally frees Henry and begins to battle Drex and Rick. Captain Man throws Drex off the tower. It is told by Schwoz that Drex is no longer in Swellview and is finally defeated. However they are all still worried that Drex was still free. Henry figured out that Drex could be anywhere in town or Dystopia. Henry agreed to take care of Drex and before leaving, shared a hug with Captain Man. When Twitler's robot body escaped, Schwoz began to chase him while the Danger Force laughed and Henry was nostalgic for the old days before leaving for Dystopia.

Powers and Abilities

  • Indestructibility: Goes back in time to the very spot younger Ray became indestructible. However, it came with a side effect; his left hand turned into a monster-like paw with sharp claws. Drex was able to withstand Henry's super-fast punches, but he can still be knocked down by being (like Captain Man) who is stronger than him and his powers can be drained by the Omega Weapon. After being blast with the Omega Weapon Drex lost his indestructibility but still had his left monster hand. However, Drex regains his indestructibility confirmed in An Cyborg Amoung Us .
    • Left Clawed Monster Hand: After becoming indestructible, there was, unfortunately, a side effect which his left hand became a monstrous lizard hand/paw with sharp claws that can hurt normal beings. Even after the Omega Weapon blasted him he still had it. This led to his downfall during his final battle when Ray kicked him off the blimp, he attempted to hold on but cut a hole in the Blimp and ended up falling a thousand feet (he would of died if Jasper didn't caught him with his drone).
  • Enhanced Strength: Even when he was not indestructible, Drex is also abnormally/superhumanly strong for a regular human, as shown when he smashes through the Junk N' Stuff door, breaks one of the tables in Junk-in-Stuff, destroys the Time Ray with his bare hands, and easily lifted Henry off the ground during their fights, with no problem at all. It likely his physical strength rivals Kid Danger, but he may not be as strong as Captain Man, but it's likely that Drex' physical strength rivals Captain Man before he became indestructible, so when Drex became indestructible he becomes way stronger than Captain Man.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Even when he was not indestructible, Drex supported rather easily the attacks of his enemies, as shown when one of the robbers punched him and when Jasper punched him he showed no sign of pain. Despite this Drex is not fully indestructible as Ray, as Henry was able to use his Hyper-Motility to enhance his own physical strength to knock Drex down until he became indestructible. He seems to lose this physical ability after he was shot with the Omega Weapon as he was punched down by Kid Danger and felt pain, but it's likely Drex isn't durable enough to withstand hits from people who rival or surpass his strength, suggesting Kid Danger rivals his abilities and Captain Man surpasses his strength.
  • High Intelligence: Drex seems to be an expert at setting up booby traps that none of Captain Man's gadgets can't detect, has some stealth skills to sneak up or pass people without them noticing, puts what people loves against them, can speak and understand cavemen, successfully gather an army of Cavemen by manipulating and lying to them about Captain Man and Kid Danger being the cause of all the bad things that happen to them, and even tricked Schwoz into upgrading the memory wiper to erase an entire city's memory. A great example of his intelligence is he was smart enough to freeze himself on a glacier on top of Mount. Swellview and wait for climate change to thaw him and his cavemen out.
  • Superior Fighting Abilities: Ray stated that Drex was a more skilled fighter than him, as he was trained by Captain Man himself. He knocked out two bandits with ease and was able to stand up to Ray and Henry in combat taking them both at the same time while being indestructible and later holding his own against them when he wasn't indestructible anymore. This makes Drex one of the heroes most dangerous foes they have ever faced. However in A Danger Among Us, all four members of Danger Force were able to take on the indestructible elite fighter Drex. Although, Drex had been neglecting his exercise routine due to being locked in a prison cell.
  • Time Travel (briefly): Using the Time Jerker's Time Machine/Portal, Drex traveled to 1989 to prevent Ray from becoming indestructible. He set one of the Laser Guns he stole from the Man-Cave to face the portal for it to self-destruct. However, Schwoz, Charlotte, and Jasper were able to fix it and pick Ray and Henry up before Drex destroyed them. In Captain Drex, Drex used the Time Ray/Gun to send Ray 101 million years into the past and destroyed it so Henry wouldn't use it to get Ray back.


  • Box Helmet (formerly): In Hour of Power, he created an indestructible box-like helmet made of Neutronium to trap Ray's head and could only be opened by a special electronic key because it had 5 different thermal-magnetic locks. Drex had an Electronic Key before he was defeated by Kid Danger. It's unknown if Schwoz still has it after he used it to remove the Neutronium Helmet.
  • Laser Gun: In Back to the Danger, he used two laser guns he stole from the Man Cave, one small one he used to destroy the Densitizer by making it vanish in thin air, and he put the big one on a shelf to destroy the Time Portal. He possibly lost this when he was zapped into the past, as it was seen various times after the two parter. In Captain Drex, he later uses the same small blue blaster (he possibly got from the weapons self) to knock out Henry in the Man-Cave when his Cavemen couldn't take him out and be easily defeated.
  • Time Jerker's Time Machine/Portal: Using the Time Jerker's Time Machine/Portal, Drex traveled to 1989 to prevent Ray from becoming indestructible. He set one of the Laser Guns he stole from the Man-Cave to face the portal for it to self-destruct. However, Schwoz, Charlotte, and Jasper were able to fix it and pick Ray and Henry up before Drex destroyed them.
  • Laser Remote (briefly): At The Beginning of the End, Drex used Ray's laser remote after he captured him to knock out Bose and Schwoz with a stunning laser. In Captain Drex he used the Laser Remote to summon a weapon shelf.
  • Time Ray: In Captain Drex, Drex used the Time Ray/Gun to send Ray 101 million years into the past and destroyed it so Henry wouldn't use it to get Ray back.
  • Memory Wiper (formerly): Drex tricked Schwoz to modified the Memory Wiper to erase an entire city about Captain Man but it has to be attached to an aircraft and Schwoz needed to calibrate it and put in the access code. Henry kicked the Memory Wiper off the blimp destroying it in the process.


  • Arrogance: Drex's only and greatest weakness appears to be his arrogance. In Back to the Danger: Part 2, when he was fighting Ray as Captain Man he didn't seem to notice Henry denzitizing 8-year-old Ray, nor did he ever change his plans with 20 minutes older Henry and Ray came in dressed as Captain Man and Kid Danger. This allows him to think he is unstoppable since when he fought Henry the fourth time and when the pre-powered Danger Force were fighting him, he easily gained the upper hand due to his indestructibility.
  • Omega Weapon: According to Rick Twitler, he designed an Omega Weapon that can drain Captain Man's powers. It was also shown it can also take away Drex's indestructibility, though he still had his claw hand. Ray said Schwoz did some test and told him it would take a week before he gets his indestructibility back, but even the was effect is temporary it took longer to regain to his indestructibility this could be because of his side effect


Kid Danger: I mean what's going on? Who would've just rigged that...
(the heroes realizing that Drex came in.)
Captain Man: You.
Drex: You.
Kid Danger: Who?
Drex: (pointing to himself) Drex.
~ Drex's introduction to Henry.
Drex: Aw, poor Ray. Did you want a nut cluster?
Ray: You know I did... tease.
~ Drex taunting Captain Man.
Mmm, what a nice pie. Share a slice with me?
~ Drex with a pie.
Henry: Both of you, on the ground.
Drex: You just love the ground, don't you? Hello idiots. Would either of you morons like to share my pie?
Robber 1: He called us morons.
Robber 2: Yeah, I heard. And I don't like your attitude.
Drex: Well then, do something.
(burglar punches Drex, only for Drex to sustain no injury and Drex attacks him, defeating him)
Drex: Scary, almost dropped my pie. Now, where were we? Ah yes, you and I were about to fight.
~ Drex beating up two robbers.
So Captain Man, before I spank your boyish sidekick, some pie?
~ Drex offering Captain Man some pie.
Drex: Now, old friend, I have a gift for you.
(Drex reaches into the cabinet and pulls out a box as Captain Man struggles in the nut cluster trap
Captain Man: What is that, some kind of crazy box with a wide hose bottom?
Drex: Why don't I show you?
(Drex lowers box onto Captain Man's head.)
Captain Man: No, n-don't Drex! Don't do it Drex! No, I mean it!
Kid Danger: (holding up the glove) I got it.
Captain Man: DREX!
~ Drex lowering the indestructible blindfold onto Captain Man's head.
Hang on, we have a customer!
~ Drex pretending Henry is a customer.
Child: Get him Kid Danger!
Drex: You heard 'em, get me.
~ Drex telling Kid Danger to fight him.
Well, you certainly showed that table.
~ Drex after Captain Man break a table.
Drex: (singing) Spanky, spanky, spank your butt, doo dah, doo dah, spanky spanky spank your butt, oh da doo dah day!
Kid Danger: Dude, stop!
Drex: Hey, make sure you get this on video.
Kid Danger: No, no, don't do that!
Drex: Wait, where was I? Oh yes. Spank your butt all night, spank your butt all day, spank your butt 'til it's red and sore, wow, I hate your face!
~ Drex humiliating Kid Danger after winning their first fight.
Drex: Where is he?
Jasper: Woah, you're Drex.
Drex: Where's Captain Man?
Jasper: Captain who?
(Drex smashes a table.)
(Jasper: Oh gosh. Hey... (flickers store emergency switch)... nice to see yah! Can I help yah find something?
Drex: I know that Ray Manchester owns this place, so where's Captain Man? Where's the Man Cave?
Jasper: Uh, I'll tell you where it is.
(Jasper punches Drex)
Jasper: So you say you're looking for the Man Cave?
Drex: Where's the Man Cave?
Jasper: Uh, it's uh, in... Swellview Park.
Drex: Where in Swellview Park?
Jasper: Uh, at the... playground, under the... twirly whirly.
Drex: Twirly whirly? Alright, you're comin' with me!
Jasper: Why?
Drex: To show me the "twirly whirly".
~ Drex kidnapping Jasper.
Jasper: Drex? Where did you go? And where's my Can of Loony Whiz?
Jasper: Ah. Hey gimme that back. Oh god.
~ Drex after escaping imprisonment.
Well this has been fun. See you some other time
~ Drex escaping to the past.
Younger Ray: Hey daddy. Daddy. Daddy Whoa.
Drex:Hey little Ray.
Younger Ray: Who are you?
Drex:Dr. Night-Night.
Younger Ray: Huh. What do you mean Dr...
~ Drex knocking Younger Ray out.
Ok let's rewrite some history
~ Drex rewriting Captain Man's history.
I'm back
~ Drex telling the viewers he returned from the past.



  • It is surprising that Drex was arrested, as the police ran away from him in fear as soon as they saw him because he was too dangerous to be apprehended.
  • The song Drex used to humiliate Kid Danger parodies the song "Camptown Races".
  • Drex is easily the darkest villain on the show since he used the Time Jerker's Time Machine/Portal to go back to when Ray became indestructible, and tried to prevent Ray from getting densitized, preventing him from becoming a superhero, and putting the entire city in danger, and free for the villains to take over.
    • He also has no redeeming qualities, has a vicious and evil personality, and is likely, the evilest and most powerful villain Kid Danger and Captain Man have ever faced. With Ray even admitting that he would have been killed by him if he was not indestructible. He is also the only villain to succeed in nearly all of his goals.

External Links

  • Drex on the Dangerverse Wiki


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