Drex had it all. Bravery, extreme fighting skills, hot mom.(Henry: Ray!)Well not as hot as yours.(Henry: Ray!)(Charlotte: So, why wasn't Drex the perfect sidekick?)Oh, well, found out that Drex… has a dark side.(Henry: Dark how?)Evil, mean, tardy, chewed with his mouth open, never flushed, and he was violent, cruel and dangerous and one day Drex and I… (sighs) we just had it out.(Charlotte: You guys fought?)Oh yeah.(Schwoz: It was horrible.)(Henry: But… I mean you won, right?)Barely.(Charlotte: Barely? But you're like, the best fighter in the whole world.)(chuckling)Oh, no. If I wasn't indestructible, beleive me, I would have been, y'know… destructed.
~ Ray describing Drex's evil side and revealing he would've died if he wasn't indestructible.

Drex is the former sidekick of Captain Man before Henry Hart who turned to a life of crime, and the main antagonist of the episodes "Hour of Power" and "Back To The Danger" parts one and two. He is Captain Man and Kid Danger most dangorous foe.

He was portrayed by Tommy Walker.


Drex was Ray Manchester's/Captain Man's original sidekick, working with him for a few months, 9 years before Hour of Power takes place; however, Ray said he never saw much action out on the field. Whether "Drex" is his real name or a secret identity is unknown. He seems to be an expert at setting up booby traps.

He has blond hair, and wears a blue headband with a knot behind his head. He also wears either a ragged yellow-gold or dark blue vest with what appears to be street gang clothes.

When Drex became a criminal, because of his extensive training under Captain Man's wing, he was too powerful for even the Captain himself to stop him. But somehow, he was defeated and soon arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before spending time in prison until many years later.

He also hoped to surpass and replace his mentor for his own goals, going as far as denying him the day he received his powers and Drex getting them instead. While not shown, he may have also intended to erase Ray from existence.


Hour of Power

He was the sidekick of Captain Man about 9 years before he became a criminal. Captain Man even states that Drex could have killed him if he weren't indestructible. Later Drex was arrested and put in prison.

In the episode it was Bring Your Daughter To Work Day at Swellview prison, and one girl accidentally released Drex and blamed on her age and that she didn't know any better. Drex meets Henry(Kid Danger) and Ray(Captain Man) in Schneider's Bakery where he beats up two criminals, traps Ray in an unbreakable helmet and his hand in a wooden box and humiliates Kid Danger by spanking him and singing a song that parodies "Oh Da Doo Dah Day". Later he comes to Junk and Stuff to find where the Man Cave is and Jasper tricks him into taking him to the playground. Fortunately, Kid Danger is able to defeat Drex with his new superpower(super fast reflexes) before Jasper gets hurt, and humiliates Drex the way Drex humiliated him at the bakery. Schwoz blasts Drex with a beam that leaves him braindead, and he is brought to the Man Cave where Henry is on the news spanking Drex. The episode concludes with Captain Man, Henry, Jasper, Charlotte and Schwoz singing around Drex.

Back To The Danger

Part One

Drex escapes the containment unit when Vice Mayor Willard announces a 10-second power outage. Jasper shot silly string at Drex, who escapes and crushes the can with his hand. Drex traps Jasper in duct tape, and uses the Time Jerker's time portal to go back in time to stop Captain Man from becoming indestructible, and sets the portal to self-destruct.

Part Two

Drex dresses as a scientist and stops Ray from becoming indestructible at age 8. Drex used the Densitizer to become indestructible. It works, however the side effect turned his hand into a monster hand. Drex destroys the Densitizer, and attempts to destroy Ray and Henry, but the heroes are brought back through time and Schwoz tells them that as long the time portal is activated, the changes made in the past or future will not affect the present. Captain Man and Kid Danger travel back to before Drex became indestructible, but they're too late. Captain Man and Kid Danger are sent back to the Man Cave, where Drex is trapped in a time prison. Henry sends Drex 100 million years into the past, getting him out of their hair once and for all.


Hour of Power

(Kid Danger: I mean what's going on? Who would've just rigged that…)(realize that Drex came in as he cracks his knuckles)(Captain Man: You.)You.(Kid Danger: Who?)(points to himself)Drex.
~ Drex's introduction to Henry.
Aw, poor Ray. Did you want a nut cluster?(Ray: You know I did… tease.)
~ Drex taunting Captain Man.
Mmm, what a nice pie. Share a slice with me?
~ Drex with a pie.
(Henry:(points dart-shooting glove at robbers) Both of you, on the ground.)You just love the ground don't you? Hello idiots. Would either of you morons like to share my pie?(Robber: He called us morons.)(Other robber: Yeah, I heard. And I don't like your attitude.)Well then, do something.(burglar punches Drex, only for Drex to sustain no injury and Drex beats them up)Scary, almost dropped my pie. Now where were we? Ah yes, you and I were about to fight.
~ Drex beating up two robbers.
So Captain Man, before I spank your boyish sidekick, some pie?
~ Drex offering Captain Man some pie.
(steals glove from Henry's hand)(Captain Man: That's why.)Hey, fetch boy.(grunts as he throws glove)(Kid Danger: (points at Drex)You will show me respect.) Yawn.(locks door)
~ Drex throwing Kid Danger's tranquilizing dart-shooting glove out of the bakery.
Now, old friend, I have a gift for you.(reaches into cabinet and pulls out a box as Captain Man struggles in the nut cluster trap)(Captain Man: What is that, some kind of crazy box with a wide hose bottom?)Why don't I show you?(lowers box onto Captain Man's head)(Captain Man: No, n-don't Drex! Don't do it Drex! No, I mean it!)(Kid Danger: (holding up the glove)I got it.)(Captain Man: DREX!)
~ Drex lowering the indestructible blindfold onto Captain Man's head.
Hang on, we have a customer!(opens door)
~ Drex pretending Henry is a customer.
(Child: Get him Kid Danger!)You heard 'em, get me.
~ Drex telling Kid Danger to fight him.
(Captain Man:(breaks nut cluster trap from table)Kid? Where are you kid?)(Kid Danger makes noise within the cake batter)I'm afraid he's a little battered and bruised right now.
~ Drex saying a word play but meaning it literally
Well, you certainly showed that table.
~ Drex after Captain Man break a table
Kid Danger ran out the door.(Captain Man: Hang on Kid I'm coming!)
~ Drex telling Captain Man to leave the bakery.
(singing)Spanky, spanky, spank your butt, doo dah, doo dah, spanky spanky spank your butt, oh da doo dah day!(Kid Danger: Dude, stop!) Hey, make sure you get this on video.(Kid Danger: No, no, don't do that)Wait, where was I? Oh yes, that's right. Spank your butt all night, spank your butt all day, spank your butt 'til it's red and sore, wow I hate your face!
~ Drex humiliating Kid Danger after winning their first fight.
Where is he?(Jasper: Woah, you're Drex.)Where's Captain Man?(Jasper: Captain who?)(smashes table)(Jasper: Oh gosh. Hey…(flickers store emergency switch)…nice to see yah! Can I help yah find something?)I know that Ray Manchester owns this place so where's Captain Man? Where's the Man Cave?(Jasper: Uh, I'll tell you where it is.(punches Drex)So you say you're looking for the Man Cave?) Where's the Man Cave?(Jasper: Uh, it's uh, in… Swellview Park.)Where in Swellview Park?(Jasper: Uh, at the… playground, under the… twirly whirly.)Twirly whirly? Alright, you're comin' with me!(Jasper: Why?)To show me the "twirly whirly".


  • It is surprising that Drex was arrested, as the police ran away from him as soon as they saw him.
  • The song Drex used to humiliate Kid Danger parodies the song "Camptown Races".
  • Drex is easily the darkest villain on the show, since he used The Time Jerker's Time Machine to go back to when Ray became indestructible, and tried to prevent Ray from getting densitized, preventing him from becoming a superhero, and putting the entire city in danger, and free for the villains to take over.
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