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Drifty (real name: Wendrif Menkins) is a minor antagonist in season 1 and a supporting antagonist in Season 2 of the Starz TV series Power. He is a gang leader of the Haitians.

He was portrayed by Jamie Hector.


Drifty always sat around candles and he is a gang leader of the Haitians. He is a drug dealer and works under Ghost and Tommy. He doesn't really like the other dealers who work for Ghost.

Drifty first appears in the seventh episode of season 1. Tommy asks him for information about Pink Sneakers. Drifty tells Tommy she was once hired by the Florida branch of the RSK.

Drifty is seen with Dre and Kanan when Kanan gets all the organizations together to take down Ghost and Tommy.

When Tommy and Lobos are arrested and Ghost's lover Angie finds out who Ghost is, Ghost closes in on everyone. Drifty gets shot in the back of the head by Ghost along with Serbian drug lord Vladimir in the beginning of the 2nd season episode finale as Drifty knew too much and may rat on Ghost.


  • Drifty's real name was revealed in the 2nd season finale during the Felipe Lobos interrogation scene.


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