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It's the end of the track, Skylander!
This drill-bot is on the scene!
I'll knock you forward and back
with a robo attack
'cause you're messing with the wrong machine!
~ Drill-X introducing himself.

Drill-X is one of the main antagonists of Skylanders: Giants, serving as the final boss in the eleventh Realm of the game.

He was voiced by Alex Ness, albeit with his voice heavily modified.


Drill-X's full appearance.

Drill-X is a massive robot with a single, very large arm at the end of which is his main weapon and reason behind his name, a giant drill. He has a round face with round eyes and prominent thick metal eyebrows, as well as a mouth full of rectangular teeth.

He holds a machine of some kind on his back which produces dark smoke, with tubes and gears attaching it to his main body, and walks around with four legs which help him grasp surfaces and climb up the various platforms in his oil rig.


You don't stand a chance, Skylander!
Even though you won that round...
'cause my power won't drop
and my drillin' won't stop
until the City of Arkus is found!
~ Drill-X gloating.

Drill-X's reason to sing, seen in the manual.

Drill-X enjoys expressing himself through song and is rather prideful on his power, especially his massive and destructive drill, even when the odds are stacked against him and the likelihood of being so close to defeat exists.

He seems to be pretty loyal to Kaos, making the search for the Lost City of Arkus his top priority until the Skylanders tresspased on his Realm, at which point they gained Drill-X's full attention and were the next victims to his drill and wrath. The feeling is however not mutual, since Kaos quickly dismissed Drill-X's death.


Drill-X's debut.

At some point, Kaos either recruited Drill-X or ordered someone to build him. Drill-X became a valuable member of Kaos' army and likely one of his strongest minions and generals, becoming the ruler of Drill-X's own Realm, the oil rig known only as "Drill-X's Big Rig".

Drill-X was tasked to find the millennia-old Lost City of Argus under Kaos' orders so his master could gain control over the Arkeyan army, since Drill-X was the most valuable member in his army for the mission given his drilling abilities. Drill-X came close and might've even succeeded, until the Skylanders arrived to his Realm and stopped him.

What did you do, Skylander?!
You've just won the final round!
I can't keep the beat
and I'm feeling defeat
and my systems are all shutting down...
~ Drill-X's last words.

Powers and Abilities

Hold on, time out, Skylander!
There's something up with my drill.
But you better watch out,
you'll be down for the count
when I show you my smashing skills!
~ Drill-X improvising by using his broken drill as a club instead.

Drill-X's super heated drill

Befitting his gigantic size and metallic exterior, Drill-X is very strong and tough. His giant drill is very dangerous, able to go through thick metal floors with little effort.

If the drilling isn't efficient enough, Drill-X can resort to using his drill like a club, super heating it into a scolding piece of rotating metal or use laser guns he has access to from his back.





  • "Drill-X" is likely a reference of the dubstep musician Skrillex.
  • Drill-X is the only boss in Skylanders: Giants who has a health meter.


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