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Dr. Thomas James, better known as Drill Finger, is a major antagonist of the TV show Henry Danger. He is a mad/evil dentist who enjoys ruining people's teeth or Rip out kids' teeth and sell them to senior citizens for a profit with his right drill index finger. He was first mentioned in the episode "Substitute Teacher", and a supporting antagonist of later episodes "Danger & Thunder" and "Double Date Danger". 

Three years ago (prior to the events of "Substitute Teacher") he took all the teeth out of the mayor's mouth. He was later arrested by Captain Man, as he was taken away he vowed to "Take care of Captain Man". After three weeks past, he was released from jail and was in Nebraska dumping megatons of sugar into the water supply to give people cavities (the action was done offscreen). Meanwhile, Captain Man, Kid Danger and Charlotte Page were dealing with mistaking the new student Ortho and his father as the supposed son of Drill Finger and the villain himself.

In "Danger & Thunder", he was one of the villains present in the meeting the Toddler had made about destroying Captain Man, and his sidekick Kid Danger. When trying to figure out who called the meeting, Drill Finger guessed the The Three Muchachos. He disappeared when Man had broken the lights of the lair.

Avoiding capture, Drill Finger returns in Double Date Danger to help Noelle pull out Jasper Dunlop, Piper Hart and Kale's teeth. He was defeated by Captain Man and Kid Danger when Captain Man broke his "drill finger" and started calling him "Finger", which he complains isn't as good a name. He was then taken to jail.


  • Though not proven, Drill Finger may be the very one that gave the Phone Shark his sharp metal teeth.
  • Drill Finger is 6'2" and weighs one-hundred and eighty-five pounds.
  • While Drill Finger's mugshot in Substitute Teacher shows him with perfect hands, in "Danger & Thunder", he is given a drill on his left index finger.
  • Drill Finger and Jeff are the only villains who make an appearance in Henry Danger: Motion Comics.
  • Noelle might be Drill Finger's daughter.
    • If Noelle is Drill Finger's daughter, he's likely Sharona Shapen's brother. However, due to his last name being James, it's likely he's Sharona's step/half brother.
  • Drill Finger name might be a reference to Auric Goldfinger, a villain from the James Bond film respectively titled Goldfinger.
  • In the cartoons, Drill Finger's mouth and eyes are visible and his mouth can move.


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