Drip Tiberius Rat

Drip Tiberius Rat

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Drip Tiberius Rat (often shorted simply to "Drip") is one of the central villains of the anthropomorphic webcomic Jack — he is a blue anthropomorphic rat who is a very twisted and evil character, in-keeping with his role as the embodiment of Lust and one of the seven Sins.

Drip was a serial killer in life, having a troubled past involving abuse at the hands of a mother he is implied to have killed — from this abuse grew a dark and perverted soul, Drip would kill and torture many people and in death he became even worse.. Drip is foul-mouthed, abusive and due to Jack being a mature title he has committed some extremely depraved acts (though his most vile acts are usually censored in some fashion, yet sometimes it is what a reader *doesn't* see that frightens them more).

Drip and Jack have an extremely antagonistic feud, fueled not only by Jack's protective nature (despite his role as Grim Reaper and "Wrath") but also due to Drip having sexually abused a young cub Jack had tried to save and grown attached to, breaking Jack's promise that he'd never allow harm to come to the boy and also making Jack question the nature of salvation if innocents are allowed to suffer (this act is even worse when it was revealed later that the cub Drip violated was his own son).

In retaliation for this deed Jack absorbed Drip's body into his own and beheaded the Sin, keeping the disembodied head alive so that Drip could not regenerate — however Jack must continually struggle to keep Drip from breaking free and although technically imprisoned within the Reaper Drip can still interact with the world via his head (it is rather confusing, the comic explains it a little better).

Like all characters in the Jack universe (with the exception of Dr. Kane) Drip is an anthropomorphic animal (in his case a blue furred rat) — yet unlike the normal "funny animals" of cartoons and other media he is portrayed very much as a monster and could never be mistaken for a "cutsie" character in design or purpose.

Another notable trait of Drip is that like all Sins he suffers a curse, in his case he is unable to feel any gratification for his sins while in Hell — though he still portrays a sadistic personality and regularly taunts and abuses everyone he comes across.