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This unnamed taxi driver is the serial kidnapper and rapist who is the protagonist of the five-episode hentai anime Kojin Taxi (also known as Sex Taxi).

Physical appearance

He has brown hair and blue eyes and wears a golden earring on his right ear. He is mostly seen wearing his cab suit, including a dark green tie and a cap, or naked. His taxi is remarkably bright and magenta-colored, number 12-59.


He has a strong sadistic nature and frequently exhibits an evil grin and makes sarcastic comments. He is totally merciless, not appearing to show any trait of remorse for the hideous acts he commits. However, in the last episode, he acknowledges that he is not a good person and should not be seen as such.

Modus operandi

In a process he calls "hunting", the driver learns about the lives of his potential victims until he gets three pieces of evidence to blackmail them. Leaving them with no choice, he forces the girls to become part of his personal "collection".

He takes advantage of the fact that people who ride a taxi never suspect that the driver pays attention to what they are saying or doing. He, however, is very attentive to his clients and has hidden equipment in the car that he uses to record their phone conversations. He also stalks them into their private lives to, when given the opportunity, photograph or record them in compromising behavior with his high-quality Pekonax digital camera.

He seems to move regularly from town to town in order to start new seasons of "hunting". In the town shown in the anime, he used an abandoned school that was going to be demolished soon as the kidnapping site, although it is possible that he used other places in previous towns.


He kidnaps and rapes a total of eleven women in the anime. He also "shares" his victims with other men at some points.

Name Description Blackmailing method Episode captured
Yukiko Muroi Yukiko Muroi Hitomi's older sister Recorded her affair with her boss in the taxi 1 (flashbacks)
Hitomi Muroi Hitomi Muroi Yukiko's younger sister Recorded her conversation with her suggar daddy 1 (flashbacks)
Katsumi Housho Katsumi Housho Famous model Kept a picture of her having sex with her girlfriend Natsumi (Natsuko Takamizawa) that she left behind in the taxi 1 (flashbacks)
Natsuko Takamizawa Natsuko Takamizawa Katsumi's upper-class girlfriend Kept the picture of her having sex with Katsumi that Katsumi left behind in the taxi 1 (flashbacks)
Satsuki Satsuki Honor student and archery club member of the prestigious Seika college
  • Photographed her stealing items from a store (Friend Mart)
  • Filmed her smoking a cigarette with a friend in the backseat
  • Took a page from her father's business documents
Sena Uchiyama Sena Uchiyama Volleyball club member of Seika college, Rena's green-haired twin sister
  • Photographed her beating Rena's love interest
  • Photographed her beating the girl who bullied Rena
Rena Uchiyama Rena Uchiyama Tennis club member of Seika college, Sena's pink-haired twin sister
  • Photographed her vandalizing the car of Sena's advisor
Misaki Manabe Misaki Manabe A swimmer who is persuaded by her boyfriend to get her rival competitor out of her way by unfair methods
  • Photographed her sabotaging her rival's swim suit
  • Photographed her boyfriend Tani and her having sex
  • Recorded Tani and her planning to spread rumors about a scandalous affair between her rival and the coach
Yuki Natsume Yuki Natsume A talented cheerleader whose father owes money to an agiot
  • Photographed her wet while cheering
  • Kept one of the pictures of her fellow cheerleaders naked that she sold to an internet bidder
  • Kept the loan agreement that proves that her father owes money
Nanami Nanami An innocent nurse
  • Photographed her injecting medicine into an elderly patient to save him
  • Kept the medicine she left behind in the taxi
  • Recorded a doctor and her agreeing to kill a patient with medicine in order to inherit his property
  • Photographed her having sex with the doctor in a parked car
Kyoko Kyoko A traditional, mature woman who has an affair with a famous vocalist of a popular band
  • Recorded her having sex with her lover in the backseat
  • Recorded her phone conversation with her executive director to have sex with him at the Junmai Hotel for 20 million yen


While doing his regular activity in the two last episodes, he realizes that the police are investigating the cases of the missing girls and that he might be on their aim. He promises to a little girl that he will allow her to use the front seat next time. Shortly after he kidnaps and rapes Kyoko, the same girl rides his taxi again and says that he is a good person because he kept his promise. She then asks if she can seat in the front every time. To the girl's disappointment, he denies it, saying that he will be leaving town forever. Upon reaching the end of the road, the girl leaves and he proceeds to move to another town to resume his "hunting". It is ambiguous if the police catch him afterwards or no.

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