Dromedons are a race of camel-like Creatures of Grimm from the American animated webseries RWBY, first appearing in the 2019 novel RWBY: After the Fall.


Like other Grimm, Dromedons were created by the God of Darkness in an attempt to rid the world of life, and remained even after he and the God of Light abandoned Remnant.

Dromedons are native to the kingdom of Vacuo, wandering the deserts. One is attracted by negative emotions amplified by August Caspian's Semblance to the settlement of Feldspar, and attacks the settlement with a horde of other Grimm. Fox Alistair of Team CFVY fights it; due to him being a Vacuo native, he knows to attack the head to prevent it from spitting venom at him. He also knows that the hump is the weak point, and strikes it to make it explode.

Powers and Abilities

Little is known about Dromedons, but it is known that they can spit a potent venom from their mouths that does damage upon contact.


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