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The Drow are recurring antagonists in the Skylanders series.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures

The Drow kiddnapped Cali and later fought against the Skylanders, only to be defeated. The Drow were later seen garding the Eternal Air Sourse, defending it from the Skylanders and preventing the recreation of the Core of Light. Some of the Drow Witches were seen in the Badlands, ready to fight against the Skylanders along with Shadow Knights and Lava Kings, defending Kaos.

Skylanders: Giants

The Drow were seen in Rubbletown, lead by a Goliath Drow named Brock, and ready to fight against the Skylanders once again. After his defeat, Brock opened up an area rumble challange to the Skylanders. A pirate ship of ghost resembling Trolls and Drow was also seen boarding the Dread Yat, only for the Skylanders to defeat them.

Skylanders: Trap Team'

Brock returned to open the areana rumble to the Skylanders once again.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Kaos turned some of the Drow into a subgroup known as the Dark Drow and used them as his warriors after taking over Skylands. The Dark Drow went to fight against the Skylanders to prevent them from stopping Kaos' plans. a Dark Drow known as the Dragon Hunter later went to race against the Skylanders in his Scale Bitter machine.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Some Witch Pitchers were seen roaming around in the secret hideout that at one point belonged to Nightshade.

Skylanders Academy

A Drow known as Berserker has appeared in the Skylanders Academy cartoon series, in three episodes as a foe to the Skylanders.


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