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That Drowzee sure is a nice Pokémon, isn’t he? I'm impressed. With more and more bad Pokémon around... it's hard to do good deeds.
~ The partner Pokémon on Drowzee after meeting him for the first time in Treasure Town.
If you keep being difficult, it will mean big trouble for you!
~ Drowzee threatening the young Azurill.

Drowzee (jap.: スリープ, Surīpu) is a minor antagonist in the Pokémon spin-off game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

He is a wanted criminal who kidnapped young Azurill to Mount Bristle in order to retrieve a supposed hidden thief treasure from a small hole located at the peak of the mountain and is fought as a boss character at said peak by Team Poképals and later arrested for his crimes.


Azurill's kidnapping

Drowzee makes his first appearance in the third chapter of the game. He is seen by Team Poképals talking to the two brothers Marill and Azurill. Marill is telling Team Poképals that the two brothers lost an important item some time ago and that Drowzee apparently has seen their lost item somewhere and offers his help in finding it. The two brothers and Team Poképals are very happy about this seemingly selfless offer, and Drowzee suggests beginning the search for the item immediately, to which the brothers agree. As they are about to leave, Drowzee accidentally bumps into the main character and politely apologizes for this and proceeds to leave Treasure Town with the two brothers. Shortly after, the main character starts having a dizzy spell followed by having a vision about Drowzee threatening a scared Azurill screaming for help in a mountainous area. Shocked by this, the main character tells their partner about said vision and wants to rescue the endangered Azurill. Their partner, however, finds it hard to believe that such a nice Pokémon like Drowzee would be capable of such a vile act, telling the main character that they were probably just daydreaming and they both head back to the guild where their friend and fellow guild member Bidoof is waiting for them.

Drowzee's wanted poster.

Arriving at the guild, Bidoof helps the team to find a lawbreaker they can arrest as it is part of the training in the Wigglytuff Guild. After taking a look at the wanted posters, the partner sees a familiar face on one of the posters and comes to the shocking realization that the Pokémon depicted on the wanted poster on the top left is none other than Drowzee. The two heroes take action immediately and start their hunt for Drowzee to save Azurill. On their way, they encounter Azurill's older brother Marill, who lost track of his younger brother and Drowzee leaving Azurill alone with the criminal. After asking where they went, Marill escorts the exploration team to the foot of Mount Bristle.

At the peak of the mountain, Drowzee decides to drop the act of the benevolent and caring Pokémon and reveals his true intentions to the confused Azurill who is still looking for his lost item. He tells Azurill that behind him is a small hole in which Drowzee can't fit in where supposedly a trove of thieved treasure is hidden and Azurill should squirm himself into said hole to retrieve the treasure, and if Azurill follows Drowzee's orders he will help Azurill to get out of the dungeon and reunite him with his brother. The young Azurill however starts panicking and tries to run away from Drowzee, but the latter catches up quickly to Azurill and tries to calm him down at first but gets increasingly more impatient as time goes on and starts threatening the terrified Azurill who is crying for help.

Drowzee's arrest.

Shortly after that, Team Poképals shows up to rescue Azurill from the fiend. At first, Drowzee is terrified that an exploration team has caught up to him, but once the main character's partner starts trembling in fear, the experienced criminal realizes he is dealing with two newbies and starts feeling more confident in taking the team out. Unfortunately for Drowzee, Team Poképal overpowers him in battle and is later arrested by primary officer Magnezone. He gets escorted away and Azurill gets united with his brother Marill.


I did a rotten thing to that little Azurill way back when... I don't know if doing this would ever make up for it, but... If it would help Azurill even a little... I don't know how useful I can be, but... I'd be glad to help, if you'll let me.
~ Drowzee showing remorse for his actions and offering his help.

Later during the events of the post game plot, the young Azurill needs the help of Team Poképals once more. Marill's brother is trapped in a nightmare and the guild members are out of ideas until Bidoof asks if it is somehow possible to enter Azurill's nightmare, to which Chatot replies that there is a way. In order to enter Azurill's dream, they need to get into contact with Drowzee, since he possesses the ability to enter other’s dreams. Team Poképals asks Magnemite about Drowzees whereabouts and tells them that due to good behavior and vowing to never break the law again, they let him go and is now at Mt. Travail studying the art of self-discipline.

Drowzee warping Team Poképals into Azurill's dream.

At the mountain peak, Team Poképals find Drowzee and informing him about Azurill's situation. Drowzee, who expresses deep remorse for the horrible things he has done to Azurill, is ready to help the little Pokémon in any way he can and returns with Team Poképals to the guild where he warps them into the nightmare of Azurill. Inside the nightmare, Team Poképals encounters Cresselia who wants to physically remove the main character and his partner as they are causing, according to her, the distortion in the fabric of space resulting in the destruction of the world. However, before she can take the opportunity a worried Drowzee enters the nightmare forcing her to flee. After that, Drowzee brings the two out of Azurill's nightmare because there he senses something dangerous about this dream.

Near the end of the game, Azurill awakens from his nightmare and he together with Marill thank Drowzee for his efforts and taking care of Azurill while he was still trapped in the nightmare to which Drowzee replies that it was the least he could do. He is later seen together with Marill and Azurill in Treasure Town and rooting for Team Poképals on their last mission against the true villain.


In the third chapter, Drowzee appears to be a kind and compassionate soul who is willing to help two Pokémon finding their lost item out of pure kindness. However, this turns out to be nothing but an act, and he is actually a selfish and greedy criminal who is willing to even use a small child to get what he wants revealing his deceitful and manipulative nature.

That being said, he is not without morals, and is later shown of being capable to feel genuine remorse for his actions (especially towards the young Azurill) and manages to redeem himself by offering his help without any ulterior selfish motive behind it. Marill and Azurill also appear to have forgiven the former criminal for the things he has done to them.

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Drowzee on Bulbapedia


  • Drowzee kidnapping the baby Pokémon Azurill might be a reference to the generation three Pokédex entry about Hypno, Drowzee’s evolution: “It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.”
  • The existence of the treasure Drowzee was looking for at Mount Bristle is never confirmed.
  • Outside of kidnapping Azurill, it is unknown for what other crimes Drowzee was wanted for.


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