Official artwork of Druaga.

Druaga is the main antagonist in the Tower of Druaga series.

Druaga is a large demon with green skin, eight arms, and four legs. He has yellow eyes and wears a horned helmet and an armor breastplate. He is capable of shooting deadly spells and teleporting through walls. Druaga dwells in the Tower of Druaga, located in the fantasy kingdom of Babylim.

In The Quest of Ki (the prequel to The Tower of Druaga), it is shown that Druaga has taken control of a very tall tower. This tower was built by the Sumer Empire on the orders of the emperor Balarant, who had conquered Babylim. It came to be known as the Tower of Druaga. This was accomplished after Druaga stole the fabled Blue Crystal Rod from heaven. The maiden Ki, charged by the goddess Ishtar, ascends the tower to retrieve the Blue Crystal Rod. On the 60th floor, however, Druaga finds Ki. Druaga holds Ki as his captive and turns her to stone. He splits the Blue Crystal Rod into three rods: green, red, and blue.

In The Tower of Druaga, Ki's beloved Gilgamesh (also known as Gil) climbs the Tower of Druaga. But the tower is infested with Druaga's minions, among them Druaga's chief lieutenant Succubus, who guards the Blue Crystal Rod. Gil manages to recover all three rods and reaches the 59th floor. Here Druaga sends three personifications of himself, which Gil defeats. Druaga then fights Gil himself. However, Gil manages to slay Druaga, and proceeds to rescue Ki.

Druaga also appears in various spin-off games of the series, including Namco x Capcom, as well as the 2008 anime based on the games.

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