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We all work for the lord.
~ The Drug Reverend to Sam Burke.

The Drug Reverend is a minor antagonist in Todd McFarlane's Spawn's Season 2. He is a drug dealer and leader of a small gang whose showed up to push drugs into Rat City. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Colors of Blood".

He was voiced by Michael McShane.


Arriving at Rat City

The reverend and one of his worshipers, Earl, are seen walking down the streets. He offers kids money to work and sell drugs for him. Sam and Twitch pulled over and roughs up the reverend for messing and recruiting kids to sell drugs. The reverend is later seen selling drugs to the riffraff. While selling drugs, a homeless man sees what they are doing, they see him and chasing after him. After Donnie and Sticks corned the homeless man, they rough and killed him.

Vengeance and Demise

Later, the deceased bum is carrying and walked by other homeless to his grave. They started talking about needing their guardian angel to protect them, but Spawn watches and feels that they don't need him. Gareb confronts Spawn about the satanic drug pushers and begs for help, but tells them that he doesn't kill for anyone now. As Spawn watches the alleys, he sees the reverend's gang Donnie and Earl humiliating the homeless by making their women dance for them. As one of the bums had a enough, Donnie kills the homeless woman for "disrespecting" him.

This made Spawn furious and acted, he kills the satanic worshipers and injured the reverend leader. Spawn leaves him to the homelesses, who dragged him to the sewers to bury him in the water with their loved lones.


He is a calm, but ruthless and satanic gang leader. He seems to possessed a deep religious belief, but possibly just an act for his drug dealings. He also has shown he does not about the homelesses' lives, but shown to care about his fellow gangsters.



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