The Druidon Tribe are a band of monsters that seek to conquer Earth and the main antagonistic faction of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Druidon Tribe was originally created by a mysterious being known as Eras.

In the Mesozoic era, the Druidon Tribe reigned over Earth with terror but were opposed by the Ryusoul Tribe and their Kishiryu. At some point their master Eras was sealed within the Earth's crust. When a giant meteor collided into Earth, the Druidons fled into space without their leader to escape the extinction event, leaving the other Earth tribes to fend for themselves.

65 million years later, the Druidon Tribe returned in present day in a bid to re-subjugate Earth, having grown stronger due to enduring harsher environments in space. To eliminate the major obstacle that had stood in their way the first time they invaded Earth, the Druidon general Tankjoh attacked the Ryusoul Temple with a Dragon Minosaur and killed the three Masters, leaving their successors to take up the mantle of defending Earth.

Tankjoh was later destroyed by the combined power of the five Ryusoulgers, causing Wizeru to step to lead the Earth invasion in following numerous conquests across the universe. However, after Gachireus showed up Wizeru left out of annoyance for his fellow general, leaving Gachireus in charge. After Gachireus was destroyed and his soul fled out into space, Wizeru returned to lead the invasion, though they were eventually joined again by Gachireus when he was done regenerating his body. Throughout their invasion, the Druidon forces were assisted by the mysterious Gaisorg, though the invasion leaders were unsure of what his true loyalties were.

Eventually, after a repeated string of failures, Pricious arrived on Earth to take command of the invasion, with his arrival being heralded by Uden. After forcibly taking command of the Druidon forces from Wizeru and Gachireus, Pricious began a scheme to resurrect Eras by getting the Ryusoulgers to draw the Ryusoulger Calibur, causing their master to begin her reawakening.






  • Druidon Tribe is the first evil organization in Super Sentai series that its leader neither appeared, alluded nor mentioned in the first episode ever since Zangyack Empire from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Their leader is finally revealed in Episode 40 when Pricious reveals Eras is their master.
  • All of its generals, plus Gaisorg (despite not being a member) and with the exception of Kureon, shares a chess theme.
    • Now that Eras, the known revealed leader of Druidons, is a female and in accordance to the organization's chess theme, that makes her the queen. According to the theme of chess there might be a co-leader of Druidons who might be in the position of King.


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